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Forget partying in Da Club. Check out what 50 Cent is about to receive for his birthday Edit Delete.

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Everything about her still looks natural, including her boobs. There were no signs of breast implants then. Even without any plastic surgeries, she already looks beautiful. ByCiara has released her second album Ciara: The Evolution. The album was again a huge success, reaching the number one spot on the US Billboard Worldwide sales of the album hit a fever pitch high of 2 million copies. Watch her perform the single in a music video below still she looks to have nothing altered on her face and boobs yet :.

In MayCiara released her third album Fantasy Ride. The hotly anticipated album did not disappoint as it was her first top ten album in UK and Canada.

Her music video for Love Sex Magic suggests that she has bigger boobs somehow. Check out her video below:. After proving herself in the musical arena, Ciara dabbled in some acting projects.

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She appeared in 2 movies in Watch the video below where Ciara greeted her fans and signed lots of autographs for them. And you can see in this video that Ciara has used clever makeup colors to make her nose look sharper:. Despite giving birth as recent asCiara went ahead with her month long Jackie Tour on 3 May Jackie is her lowest selling album to date, selling only 25, units in its first week.

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Watch a video in where Ciara spoke about her Jackie album. The interview is held after her childbirth.

But you have to admit that Ciara looks much better after childbirth! How incredible is that? Best of all, Ciara looks very natural still.

Enrique Iglesias - Takin' Back My Love feat. Ciara

Whether she did anything to her face, only she knows. But you cannot deny that she looks better with age:.

This is due to the drastic change of her nose shape. In her early years, pictures show a more rounded nose with bigger nostrils. this is not a good look at all for ciara.

or anyone else who feels the need to take their clothes off to feel better about their self. When I was in college for my 1st degree Jealous Niggas, the Majority being Upperclassmen, were going around spreading rumors that I was Gay True Story So I would go and F-U-C-K Their ,the ONES spreading these vicious LIES, Girl-friends And I would F-U-C-K them WELL.

On other sites I keep reading "it was done tasteful and classy" LOL, ok yeah right, when did bending and ass popping out become classy and tasteful. I pray for my generation. Image is just TOO imporatant than character to them.

You should have image, but damn your character is everything. And this was did on poor judgement. I'm just waiting for someone to be like "you wish you had a body like that," and No I don't lol.

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I understand some people believe all publicity is good publicity but CiCi needs someone in her corner to tell her the truth and give her good advice.

I am no hard core fan but she does have a few songs I like. Its not a good look for her at all. It proves nothing other than her SCREAMING at the TOP OF HER LUNGS for attention.

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CiCi if you are reading take a moment to review your goals, DECIDE ON who your target fan base is and decide on what you want to do not what someone else perceives of you stay true to yourself and F the HATERS!

i am in no position to judge her choice. even though i am not a huge fan of the pictures especially the bent over oneit's really not a big deal i have seen worst and i would still support her as long as the music is good. she shouldn't have had to done this to prove anything to anybody.

Ciara is a man nude

people make up rumors everyday and as long as she's in the industry people will continue to make them up. She still looks like a dude who's just hiding his peter.

She's been tryin way too hard lately. You should have seen her MTV red carpet interview.

This chick was brand new-ascent and all. Sandra, I know you've hated on Bey in that past, but you have to admit, at least she still keeps it She sounds a looks like she's straight from Houston and is proud about it. She can kick it with the best of them a talk with her southern drawl and entertain with her thick thighs and is still highly respected in the industry.

Ciara, on the other hand is like Tina when she ventured off to her new life in the UK and forgot about Anna Mae Bullock.

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Night and Day. Plus Ciara can't sing so she can't afford to front like Tina. I'm trippin.

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I take back what I said about Tina. Tina's an icon, Ciara's a peon. Not a very good move! Where is her pr person?

Not a good look at all! Who cares if people think she is a man! If this was her reasoning for doing this spread naked then I would say she's really late about it. Although doing this when she first came out wouldn't have helped her career either, but it would have made more sense.

At this point I say let it go I haven't heard anyone say that about her in a long time anyway Morn' Fam WOW Is that the reason?

  Ciara Gets Criticized for Her Nude Pregnancy Photo. yet y'all still find a way to be mad at Ciara & Russell." We talking about a man who intentionally skipped out on baby Future's birth to do   Ciara may be waiting for marriage to have sex with her Seattle Seahawks quarterback boyfriend Russell Wilson, but at least they can dance. And with Ciara, that's no lame cha cha

I'm almost happy, I thought your boyfriend told you too. WOW so if somebody tells her "you can't jump into an empty pool head first and get up, Is she gonna do that?

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She should have went to Playboy it's my understanding they're allowing Lil Kim a spread, if they let her do it why wouldn't they let ciara This girl is clearly screaming for attention!!!!!! I don't believe she did this to prove that she is not a man because those rumors are soooooooooo old. I believe she did this because she is whorish.

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She is letting her Scorpio out, that's her dark-side. The "Not My Goodies" phase was just a front. Her whole image and voice has changed.

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She recently called herself "a Playboy Bunny. I saw that too and was thinking "WHY is she talking like that? Amulet Says: I believe she did this because she is whorish.

apologise, but, opinion

Well to me the pics are not cute I have seen much better from Ciara and this aint it. If she was going for the sexy look she should look somewhere else because she has no shape at all so her body actually comes off looking like a young teenage boy dressed as a woman. I'm sorry but I must be honest.

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Keyshia Cole did a spread for Vibe and she was topless on the cover but that cover looked more tasteful than Ciara's did. Toni Braxton even did a cover nude for Vibe back in the 90's for those that can remember that far but it's all in how you do it.

  Perhaps Ciara had a point to prove to those who think she was originally a man to begin with. With her new set of boobs, it make her much more feminine to dispel all such nonsensical rumors. It is hard to imagine Ciara being a man after she attained her sexy curves and beautiful bustline   A source close to Ciara told me the vicious rumors made Ciara cry. "They said I was a man! It doesn't get any worse than that," said Ciara in the October issue of VIBE where she bares it all for the second time in her career - the first time was on the cover of 50 Cent's CD which she claimed was not her. Posted in Books, Photos   Photos of Ciara nude have leaked online, as this singer reportedly posed in nothing but body paint as a gift for her on-again/off-again boyfriend's big day.

Being sexy is more than posing naked anyone can do that but not everyone can exude sexiness without even trying. And I know some of ya'll get tired of Bey but that girl can exude sexiness in a photo without even trying hard hence her Vibe cover where she had on clothes and still looked better than Ciara.

  Ciara is almost as well known for her relationship ups and downs as she is for her music. Perhaps that's why over the weekend she was inspired to   Ciara has a new editorial in the pages of Vogue Paris. She's doing a sexy and edgy photoshoot with animals and male models. Check out the black and white I'm just waiting for the sex tape or nude pics to leak she screams desperate next! Login to post comments; by Ebz am - May 24, ' Kudos to anyone making a   Sexiest Pictures Of Ciara. Ciara is a colossal figure in today's pop culture. She is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and model. As a child, she moved around a lot before ultimately settling in Atlanta, Georgia. It is here that she joined the girl group Hearsay. Following this, she made another move to further her [ ]
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