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However, Klein found out that the young man's antics were driven by a deep fascination in special effects, so instead of arresting young Belleci, he made some rounds, talking to the kid's neighbors, teachers, parents and, of course, young Tory himself.

Klein sat down with the Belleci family, and talked with them about the best ways to harness the boy's interests in ways that didn't lead to people calling Belleci learned his lesson, and says that Klein's understanding and direction came at an extremely important time.

As Belleci explained, "He was very instrumental in my life, because had I been arrested, I'm sure my life would have gone in another direction completely.

It's hard to imagine a show with a more inherently and willingly absurd premise than MythBusters, which revolved around absurd myths and urban legends. However, leave it to Tory Belleci to find a way to top that.

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As Wired tells us, inthe myth-busting rascal found himself hosting a show called Flying Anvils, where the entire premise was to see how high the contestants could send an anvil flying with controlled black powder explosions. What's more, this wasn't just some strange show a drug-fueled TV executive had slapped together as a vehicle to test out Belleci's solo star power.

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He was actually just a celebrity host for the National Anvil Shooting Championship, an actual redneck sport that Belleci says dates back years. If you think that blasting pound anvils feet in the air for sport sounds amazingly dangerous, Belleci certainly agrees with you. Throughout his Wired interview about the show, the man you'd expect to be somewhat jaded after personally testing countless weird myths comes off as totally impressed and intrigued by the weirdness of it all and the dedication of the contestants.

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According to Belleci, one guy actually though not particularly shockingly got injured during the rounds, and then called from the hospital, urging everyone to finish the competition. After the show ended, Belleci said it was "one of the craziest events" that he'd ever witnessed and that he couldn't wait to go back next year.

You may be aware that before his tenure as a MythBuster, Tory Belleci worked many years as a successful special effects guy. However, you might not realize just how sought-after he was. For example, he's worked on the first two episodes of the Star Wars prequel series.

He's built models for several movies in the Matrix trilogyand his website features a picture of him working on the control tower of Zion, the human bastion in the films. His model builder resume also includes Terminator 3: Rise of the MachinesStarship Troopers pictured aboveand Galaxy Questalong with some less revered but no doubt equally labor-intensive works such as Van Helsing and the version of Peter Pan. His resume also includes work outside model building. As part of the art department, he was the set designer for 's Scooby-Doo movie, and he was also the props guy for Bicentennial Man.

Remember, all that was before most people ever heard of the guy through his MythBusters gig. Talk about work ethic. You could say that MythBusters was in the cards for Tory Belleci pretty early on.

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According to The Good 5 Cent CigarBelleci was introduced to fire at a very young age by his father, who taught him how to make a Molotov cocktail. Belleci was still a child when he built a flamethrower that worked so well, he accidentally set a part of the family's house on fire.

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As The Monterey County Herald writes, young Belleci also got into explosives and learned how to make homemade bombs. The final component of good myth-busting - the showmanship element - came when he witnessed his father preparing their house for Halloween.

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Belleci became so enamored with the creepy decorations that he started making his own. Before long, he had taken over, and the creepy contraptions that he created were so gross and realistic that his dad had to tell him to "cool it.

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He just used to scare me. Despite his demonstrable success as a TV host, Tory Belleci has struggled to replicate the achievements of his most famous show after he left it behind. According to Gazette Reviewhis first post- MythBusters show was Thrill Factor, where he and Kari Byron took their scientific approach to amusement park rides.

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Sadly, the show only received a single season inbut still, it did way better than their science-themed prank showPrankensteinas that one was never even picked up although Byron is apparently still holding out hope.

The Build Team's most recent effort, White Rabbit Project, wasn't much luckier. InBelleci confirmed on that Netflix chose against renewing the show for a second season.

One of the weirdest cases in Belleci's cancellation portfolio was Punkin Chunkina popular pumpkin destruction-themed Science Channel Thanksgiving special that he hosted for several years. According to CNNthe show was Shark Week -level popular and even topped ratings monsters such as The Apprentice, but thanks to the obvious safety risks that come with a bunch of people building ballistas that can send large pumpkins flying over 4, feet, the production was plagued by injuries.

A lawsuit by a volunteer who got injured in an ATV accident led to the event being cancelled in both and And just as they were gearing up to return ina producer almost died when an air cannon exploded.

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These days, Tory Belleci is most famous as a TV personality, but he's also dabbled on the other side of the camera, and we're not talking about his special effects career. Yes, Belleci has also written and directed, which to be fair, came as a side effect for his film school studies.

But nevertheless, it's a big enough point of pride that he's included it in the biography on his website. To date, Belleci's biggest foray into writing and directing is Sand Troopera post-apocalyptic short film he made as his senior thesis.

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The short - which credits him with his full name, Salvatore Belleci, and features some pretty neat rudimentary special effects - takes place in a post-apocalyptic desert where a lone soldier tries to infiltrate a mysterious facility. We won't spoil anything here, but if you ever find yourself in a Mad Max - inspired wasteland, it's probably best to avoid petting mysterious mice.

Usually, the closest MythBusters veers to a tragedy is when a joke misfires or a particularly cool myth everyone's excited about turns out to be a visually unimpressive dud.

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However, according to Entertainment Weeklythis changed in when Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara ended up in the middle of Los Angeles' LAX airport when a gunman opened fire inside Terminal 3. Their trip to Science Channel's annual Punkin Chunkin competition in Delaware soon turned into full-on panic, as they ended up in the thick of things.

Belleci described the situation as his "worst nightmare," as he was at a gate only a little way from the shooter, and everyone was running his way when the first shot rang out. What's more, there seemed to be nowhere to go.

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So for what Belleci describes felt like "an eternity" but admits was probably just a few minutesthey were trapped in the area. Eventually, someone opened the doors and let them out on the tarmac.

Since Belleci and Imahara were separated at the time - Belleci was in the middle of the madness, while Imahara had been chilling at a nearby Virgin Lounge - they didn't really have time to communicate with each other.

Salvatore Paul "Tory" Belleci burst on the entertainment scene as the gung-ho daredevil member of the MythBusters Build with his co-hosts Kari Byron and Grant Imahara, he gained fame field-testing the scientific veracity of all sorts of myths and legends until , when the laws of the entertainment industry took their toll and, as Business Insider puts it, the members of Build Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins View the profiles of people named Christian van de Tory. Join Facebook to connect with Christian van de Tory and others you may know. Facebook gives View the profiles of people named Christian Tory. Join Facebook to connect with Christian Tory and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power

However, they still managed to contribute, as their live tweets of the incident were among the first reports to emerge from the scene.

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