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in: Galleries. View source. History Talk 0. watch Do you like this video? Play Sound. Hero Overview. Kari get's sick while T. At age 5, [9] Kari is a bit taller.

She wears a dress with three buttons in the top of the back, socks, and shoes, all of undetermined color. Her pajamas are a buttoned shirt with short sleeves and shorts, all of undetermined color. ByKari is around the same height T. She wears a pale yellow sleeveless shirt with two white buttons, a pale pink neckerchief, hot pink pants with white socks and red and white sneakers. She gives her whistle to Gatomon when leaving the Digital World.

The Fate of Two Worlds.

Her pajamas are a beige buttoned shirt with long sleeves and pants. She is usually barefoot while in her pajamas.

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Home Away From Home. On March 4, [11]she wears a pink dress with long sleeves and a white collar with red borders and ribbon attached to it, cream colored stockings, and brown shoes. Our War Game! On Maywhen Gennai summons her back to the Digital Worl she wears a sleeveless peach shirt with a white collar, pink shorts, yellow shoes with white soles, and a very similar whistle to the one she gave to Gatomon.

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Fusion Confusion. ByKari is much taller than before. During the spring and fall and when she is in the Digital World, she wears a sleeveless white and pink turtleneck shirt, pink fingerless opera gloves with an oval cut from the top of the palms, yellow shorts with a brown belt, white socks, and pink and gray boots with black soles.

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Digimon Adventure During summer, she wears a pink sleeveless top with three red lozenges on the chest, a yellow bandana around the neck, a pink wristwatch on her left wrist, a black and red wristband on her right wrist, purple shorts with a brown belt and a pocket for her camera, white socks, and white and yellow sneakers with a wing motif.

Big Trouble in Little Edo. During winter, she wears a long sleeved pink sweater dress with red pockets and collar, yellow tights, and brown boots.

Outside, she wears a white beret and a red scarf. A Very Digi-Christmas While in Hong Kong, she wears her scarf around her waist. Digimon World Tour, Pt. On March 25,she wears a pink dress under a blue denim jacket, yellow pants and pink shoes. Revenge of Diaboromon.

InKari wears an Odaiba Middle School uniform with a green long-sleeve sailor fuku. In the chaotic battle against the Kuwagamon at the Haneda airport, Kari wears a white long sleeved button shirt with a large, dark-blue collar, a light-blue skirt with frills, and brown short boots. During the battle against Alphamon, Kari wears a light blue long sleeve shirt, a dark cream colored skirt with two pocket in each sides, dark blue thigh high socks, and white shoes.

She also wears a necklace with a gold heart serving as her pendant. In summer, she wears her summer Odaiba Middle School uniform-a short sailor fuku with green strips and blue trim. In the cover art for Digimon Girls Festivalthe eight-year old Kari has the bangs of her hair splitted by a red hairclip, and wears a yellow party dress with white buttons in the chest, orange skirt and sleeves, and a yellow scarf.

Much like T. She always looking for the best side of people and doesn't fight but can be serious in drastic situations. Kari is also selfless, as she would put the safety of others before her own and doesn't want to trouble others.

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Her relationship with Yolei allows Kari to be more expressive, true to her heart, and overcomes the power of darkness as her friends are always there for her. As a young child, she is prone to illness, but grows out of it.

A memorable part of the Digimon Movie, to a great!

As a teenager, Kari is whimsical, but is still a down-to-earth person. Kari is shown to have a unique connection to light and darkness, which seems to be related to her associated trait of her crest. She is empowered by the powers of light on one hand, but very susceptible to the powers of darkness on the other, leading her to be empowered by light and weakened by overwhelming darkness. Her stronger willpower after forming friendship with Yolei allows her to overcome this negative ct.

Kari is very close to Tai and hero-worships him for his kindness and strength well into adolescence. Tai and Kari used to share a room, but sometime between Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02Tai has moved to another room. Dark Gennai noted that Kari's connection to Tai and her 'sensitive' nature made her easier to 'break', and the shock from Tai's apparent death caused her negative emotions to influence the creation of Ordinemon.

Name used in Japanese materials.

congratulate, magnificent

Officially romanized in Digimon Adventure: Official Encyclopedia II. Kari is the second and youngest child of Susumu and Yuuko. One night that year, she witnesses an egg emerge from the family's computer.

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The next day, the egg starts to roll around the house and she chases it until it stops in her room and hatches into a Botamonwhich Kari plays with by blowing her whistle while the Botamon uses his "Bubble Blow".

She feeds chocolate to Botamon and he digivolves into Koromonand Kari gives Miko's food to him, which the creature retributes with a hug. Miko then starts fighting Koromon to take his food back and wins. After their mother comes back home, Kari talks to Koromon and introduces herself and Tai to him. At night, Kari wakes Tai, noticing Koromon is strange. Koromon digivolves into Big Agumonwhich Kari rides around the city while her brother chases after them.

Agumon destroys a soda machine and Kari tries to get as many cans as possible, and then goes after Agumon.

She wonders why he's not talking to her anymore. Agumon tries to burn a truck that almost hit him using his "Pepper Breath", and later tries to attack a bus, which Kari begs for him to not do. A gigantic Digi-Egg then appears above the city and hatches into a Parrotmonand Agumon tries to fight it.

Tai finds them and tells Kari to run away. As Parrotmon attacks, Agumon digivolves into a humongous Red Greymon in order to protect Tai and Kari, and the girl cries seeing him fight. Parrotmon manages to leave Greymon unconscious, and Kari tries to wake him up with her whistle, but because of her cries, she's unable to blow it properly, and Tai blows it.

Greymon wakes up and defeats the Parrotmon, and both are sucked back into the Digital World. At dawn, Kari calls for Koromon at the battle's remains. Digimon Adventure This event caused the siblings to be chosen to be among the new DigiDestined.

The Ultimate Clash The destruction created by the battle caused it to be labeled a terrorist attack, and the Kamiya family moved away from the area. Return to Highton View Terrace.

At age 5, [9] Kari was stricken with severe pneumonia. While their parents had left the two of them at home alone, Tai attempts to cheer her up by taking her to the park to play soccer, but she collapses while playing.

She was taken to the hospital for weeks and nearly died, and when their mother gets there, she slaps Tai for endangering Kari.

When Kari finally came home, she actually apologizes to Tai for not playing soccer correctly, only focusing on her own guilt; this caused Tai to feel outrageous guilt for endangering her life, and stuck with him for years.

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My Sister's Keeper. When the original seven DigiDestined are transported into the Digital World from summer camp, Kari isn't with them, as she had been at home with a summer cold. However, she is reunited with Tai after he and Koromon are sucked into the Real World through a dimensional warp following his victory over Etemon. He only stays for a short while, and has to leave when he realizes that the Digital World is in bad shape and needed his help, much to Kari's regret.

Kari reunites with her older brother again when he and the other DigiDestined return to the Real World to pursue Myotismonwho is seeking the eighth DigiDestined child.

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None of them are aware that Kari is the eighth DigiDestined, and that the eighth Digivice ended up in the Kamiya residence. However, this realization is delayed after Meeko, the Kamiya family's cat, plays with the Digivice and accidentally loses it to a crow.

The Eighth Digivice The next day, while Kari chases Meeko in the park, she runs across Gatomonone of Myotismon's henchmen, and instantly recognizes her as a Digimon.

  Profile. Hikari is the younger sister of Yagami Taichi, a fellow Chosen Child. She is a sweet, gentle and generous person. She always finds the best in people and avoids fighting whenever possible. She also tends to put others' wellbeing and happiness before hers. She is partnered with Tailmon and bearer of the trait of Light   Images of Kari Kamiya from Digimon Adventure series. 1 Digimon Adventure 2 Digimon Adventure 02 3 Digimon: The Movie 4 Digimon Adventure tri. Reunion Determination Confession Loss Coexistence Future 5 Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna 6 OthersVideo Duration: 3 min Alternate Official Toei art for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. Sprites and models. Model from Digimon Masters. Screenshots and scans. Kari's Digivice when digivolving to Ultimate in Digimon Adventure. Yolei and Kari's D-3s when DNA digivolving in Digimon Adventure 02

She treats the catlike Digimon with kindness and invites her into her house. Gatomon, realizing that Kari is no ordinary child, figures she should kill her, but can't bring herself to. Gatomon Comes Calling With the help of her good friend, Wizardmonwho finds the eighth Digivice that night, Gatomon remembers that she was looking for someone, and realizes that she was looking for Kari. After she reunites with Kari, Gatomon and Wizardmon go to fetch Kari's Crest of Light, but Myotismon discovers that Gatomon is the eighth DigiDestined's partner, and holds her captive to try to find the eighth DigiDestined.

The Eighth Child Revealed. When she realizes what's happening, Kari turns herself in to stop the pain Myotismon's minions are inflicting. City Under Siege In the final showdown, Myotismon attempts to kill Kari by attacking her with his Grisly Wing, but Wizardmon steps in and takes the blow for her, sacrificing himself. Kari's grief leads to the activation of the Crest of Light and the Digivice to glow, and Gatomon Digivolves into Angewomon.

Using the power bestowed to her by the other Digimon, Angewomon shoots an arrow through Myotismon's heart. Wizardmon's Gift However, when the fog fails to disappear, it's apparent that Myotismon isn't gone for good. When Myotismon returns as VenomMyotismonKari and T.

act on Gennai's prophecy by having Angemon and Angewomon shoot arrows of light through the hearts of their big brothers, Tai and Matt. This causes Agumon and Gabumon to warp digivolve to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Kari accompanies the seven other DigiDestined when they go back to the Digital World. While she is in the Digital World, Kari begins to hear a mysterious spirit that no one else can communicate with. When Tai and Matt get into a major fight, the spirit takes control of Kari's body and ends the fight, explaining to the DigiDestined more about why they were chosen and about the past of the Digital World.

The Ultimate Clash. After leaving Puppetmon 's forest, Kari's illness catches up to her, and Tai frantically searches for medication for her in Machinedramon 's city. My Sister's Keeper Underneath the city, Kari watches with horror as the enslaved Numemon are beaten by WaruMonzaemon.

Empowered by the powers of light, she leads a revolt, helping the Numemon by deposing WaruMonzaemon. The grateful Numemon sacrifice themselves against Machinedramon to buy the DigiDestined precious time, and Kari decides to honor them by making grave marks for them.

The Crest of Light. While fighting against PiedmonKari, T. and Patamon were the only ones left after Piedmon turned everyone else into keychains. However, when T. and Kari found themselves falling to an almost certain death, T. Kari brings him something he forgot, extracting payment in the form of sweets from him at the same time, and the sight of a cute girl reinvigorates his team. Kari asks T. if he can go Tai's game, but he explains he's already taking a friend to Matt's concert.

Kari figures out that the friend is a girl, and the two tease each other about relationships before parting ways. Kuwagamon passes above Kari, causing a strong wind blow, and enters in a distortion in the sky.

On Sunday, Kari tells Tai she can't go to his match because of a friend's birthday, while a news report discusses the mass blackouts that have occurred recently in Kanto.

I don't Digimon, Naruto or any Final Fantasy games (Well, I do own a copy of FFXII and XIII and Digimon World and Rumble Arena 2, But you know what I mean) Note: This story takes place around five years after the final battle with MaloMyotismon. There is going to be OOC in this story. Age of Characters: Davis and Kari 18 Yolei 19 Sora 21 Mimi 20 Check out our digimon tri kairi selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Kari Kamiya is one of main characters from Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Adventure tri. and Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution is Tai's younger sister, and the eighth chosen child. She holds the crest of light. Her partner digimon is Gatomon. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Kae Araki, later voiced by Mao Ichimichi in Digimon Adventure tri. and returned

The battle leaves Tai behind until he gets a call from Kari about the location. He begins to tell her to head there but stops upon remembering the destruction the fight caused. He is then called to by Nishijima, who is wearing a black suit as opposed to his previous almost causal wear, just as Kari is also approached by the suited men.

Greymon begins to lose. At the lowest moment, the other DigiDestined appear, all with their partners. As Greymon degenerates, two more Kuwagamon appear, so the DigiDestined broke up into pairs to prevent escape. Before Kuwagamon can attack the defenseless team, Alphamon's arm emerges from a portal and gives it back through. In the aftermath, the DigiDestined now begin to question the circumstances, as they all had been drove to the airport by a very professional group, who is also taking care of the post-handling of the matter with the same professionalism.

They are then escorted home without asking answers, though Mimi reveals that she's returning to Japan for a while. The next morning, the events are being reported on the news with an aura of fear, but Tai and Kari's mother reassures the partner Digimon.

Throughout the whole day, the DigiDestined hear about the injuries caused by the battle, including those who wish that all of the monsters would disappear. After school, the DigiDestined meet underneath a bridge to discuss the situation. Izzy begins an ate on the situation, including the fact that the gate to the Digital World has been closed for last year. The group decides to return home.

The girls decide to get a meal together, met part way by their Digimon. The DigiDestined, save for Matt and Joe, meet the next day at Izzy's office, where he helps out his American friend's firm. Tai ates the others on the Infected Digimon.

Digimon naked kairi

Izzy then displays his new development: a virtual cyberspace that allows the Digimon to evacuate in a hurry through monitors connected to the internet and also allows them to communicate via text.

They decide to meet again on Saturday. The DigiDestined spend the day finding and then meet Meiko, who is looking for her cat. They help out, and though they fail, they have fun together. They chose out Odaiba's ferris wheel when Matt joins them, and the others force the two into a single car to sort out their differences. They wouldn't get very far into their conversation when Tai then puts on the goggles and sees a massive distortion in the sky.

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DigiDestined attack to protect them. Meiko introduces Meicoomon as her partner, revealing her status as a DigiDestined, and is immediately greeted into the fold. Mimi arranges a large trip to Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari to welcome Meiko to the team as well as try to help Tai and Matt fix things up.

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Meiko almost arrives late due to her indecision in what to wear to make a great impression, needing no help from Meicoomon, while Mimi has to retrieve Tai and Kari herself. They bring their Digimon partners and, despite being told to lay low, get into their normal hijinks while under the supervision of Himekawa, Nishijima, and their organization. Mimi distracts the men in the dressing room, Sora, Meiko, and Kari rush in to rescue the two.

Kari slips and is saved by a fully naked T. With their trip a success in that Meiko is welcomed into the group, though Tai and Matt remain at odds, they return to their homes. Kari, who was eavesdropping, realizes that Joe's doubts about being a DigiDestined are identical to Tai's, and she confronts him about it only to be refused.

Tai then arrives with Leomon, who informs them of the terror the infection has unleashed on the Digital World.

He decides to help them as best he can between the worlds. The fighting builds up desperate, so Kari marches off to stop Joe. She confronts him about his fears and doubts, telling them that what really matters is that he and Gomamon were chosen to be partners together.

Reunited, everyone wonders what has happened to Ken to make him take the persona of the Digimon Emperor again. As the fully reunited DigiDestined discuss their next plan. Meicoomon tears Leomon apart to the DigiDestined's horror, though Himekawa has a smirk unseen by the others. The DigiDestined try to deal with what they just witnessed. and Kari try to find Ken Ichijouji, who appears to have become the Digimon Emperor once again but cannot find him. Meiko revisits to school and is reunited with the others who have called an emergency meeting.

Kari gets a call. When she answers it, she hears a sound that puts her into an hypnotic daze. In her daze, she confronts the Digimon partners as Patamon confesses his infection and tells them of a last resort plan to rid the world of the infection by a "reboot". Before she can elaborate beyond that it would require a good victim, she passes out. Himekawa helps her and reveals that the voice was Homeostasis, a power that works to keep the balance and akin to a immortal.

After school, Kari saw Gatomon, Gatomon ask her go to Mall, Kari and Gatomon share ice cream and take pictures, which Gatomon is happy but Kari look sad and worries about her. The others fight off the infection just long enough to force them all back into the distortion as the reboot occurs. All of the DigiDestined break down into tears at the loss. DigiDestined cannot help but remember their partners even as they return to their daily lives.

Everyone decides that they're sick of waiting. With the resolve to move forward, they resolve to make their way into the Digital World. As the others tell Nishijima and Himekawa their plan. tells them where they're meet and meets up with the others. Using the power of their Crests as well as Ken's D-3 and D-Terminal, they are able to force a portal to the Digital World, through which they enter.

In the Digital World, the DigiDestined admit something feels off. They're interrupted by Alphamon and Hackmon, clearing Mega-level Digimon, fighting. They escape and then hear a familiar whistle. They follow the sound to see their partners playing around in their In-Training forms. Nyaromon and other Digimon do not remember them, but the DigiDestined decide to befriend them from scratch.

As the DigiDestined try to rekindle their friendship with their partner Digimon, they briefly come across Meicoomon, who has retained her memories despite the reboot. Later that night, Kari and DigiDestinds are suddenly attacked by Machinedramon, whose attack disperses the DigiDestined and Digimon across the Digital World. Dark Gennai is thwarted by T. and other DigiDestineds, who come to their aid. Dark Gennai reveals that the reboot was all part of King Drasil's plan to create a new world order where humans and Digimon no longer interact with each other.

Kari, Tai and Matt manage to strengthen their bonds enough to digivolve their partners and defeat MetalSeadramon.

Hikari's crest of light activates

The DigiDestined manage to return to the Real World but are persecuted by the people. With Daigo's help, the DigiDestined and their partner Digimon hide in their school to avoid the media. The DigiDestined try to console Meiko during their stay. The next day, a rampant Meicrackmon confronts Meiko near the school. Jesmon intervenes and his attack results in Meicoomon digivolving to Raguelmon. Homeostasis possesses Kari and warns the DigiDestined not to interfere.

When Jesmon takes Raguelmon to the Digital World, the DigiDestined, their partner Digimon, and Daigo pursue them. They arrive in a desert area of the Digital World, where Alphamon joins the fray. As the situation deteriorates, Homeostasis possesses Kari and warns the DigiDestineds not to interfere.

When Jesmon takes Raguelmon to the Digital World, the DigiDestined, their partner Digimon, and Daigo Nishijima pursue them. Six of the Digimon return to their In-Training forms as a result of Alphamon's attack, leaving only Omnimon, Raguelmon, Alphamon, and Jesmon. Meiko falls into despair and asks the DigiDestineds to destroy Raguelmon. Tai resolves to carry out her wish despite the objections of the other DigiDestined.

During the battle, a fissure opens, Tai and Daigo Nishijima fall from the cliff.

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In the aftermath, Raguelmon is incapacitated near Tai's goggles.

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