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They said it was just a social thing and the same as showering together after football in the school gym.

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They also "air dry" after showers by walking around in towels, sometimes watching TV or goofing off for hours while in their towels. When going out, they get naked in the bathroom, fixing their hair, shaving, brushing their teeth, etc. It's like a big nude fest with them and their friends.

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While I'm glad they are comfortable with their bodies and who they are, it still bothers me somewhat. Am I being a prude in thinking this is unusual or inappropriate? Dear Stumped: I see nothing inappropriate about what your sons and their friends are doing.

Nor do I want to label you a prude.

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You are just not as comfortable in your skin as your sons and their "jock" friends are. Is it possible that they take after their mother? Dear Abby: My best friend and I do everything together and I love her, so when she showed up at the gym in booty shorts, I didn't say a word, even though they don't flatter her one bit.

Heck, there's a mirror on every wall, so she must have liked what she saw, and it's none of my business. When she wore them to a school sporting event, my husband accused me of being a "bad friend" for not telling her that her rear view was getting the wrong kind of attention. Some of the other parents in the bleachers were snickering.

I guess if the situation were reversed, I'd want my best friend to give me a hint, but I'm not exactly sure how to do it. Am I wrong to just keep my mouth shut and mind my own business?

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Teen daughter questions dad's insane nudity rules. A teenage girl has appealed to the internet for help, as she questions her dad's insane rules about her nudity in their family home He poses as a year-old guy online and tricks young women into sending him naked photos. He does this constantly, like it's an addiction. He's not had a job for 15 years because it's all he does. He has never touched me, but he's made creepy comments to me since I was young. I also try to never be alone with him. He does things like rub his crotch in plain sight of me and "accidentally" pull Photos of Mostly Dads, Mostly Naked. John C. Fry, a.k.a. Tank's Takes, specializes in the substantial, the hairy, and the grizzled. But there are some smooth younger types thrown in like Estimated Reading Time: 1 min

Lily just wants to shower in peace - but her dad keeps coming into the bathroom and seeing her naked. Picture: iStock Source:istock.

When Lily questioned her dad about why he felt the need to walk into the room while she was naked, he tried to justify his actions. As Lily listened in complete shock, her dad outlined the following four reasons why his behaviour was OK:. After that Lily was lost for words, unsure exactly how she should respond - so she turned to for some advice.

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Despite his attempts to justify it, Lily was still uncomfortable with it. There were also several dads who chimed into the discussion, sharing how they have approached the nudity issue with their own daughters. One father, with one and three-year-old girls, said that he planned to stop bathing around five years old.

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