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Needs must. And blackmail is such a happy lubricant. Art is hard. Especially when the paints you are using look like they are from an elementary schooler's book bag. But this stud is not about to give up. He would rather throw all his supplies around instead. To get some inspiration, he calls Xeena Mae over. She is a nude model, but she assures him, he can do whatever he wants to her. She takes everything off at his request, and his easel begins to wiggle right away.

He runs a brush-up and down her back before getting her on her hands and knees and slapping her ass red. This man is good with his colors! He holds her nose while she licks his da Vinci dick and then throat fucks her like it is an avant-garde performance piece.

Finally, he cums on her face and then rubs it into his latest art piece. According to him, all he needed was to add a little more of himself to his art.

In reality, he needs to get a day job! Bella Wilde is a parole officer and has tracked down one of her parolees - Christian Wilde - to an abandoned chicken ranch outside the city.

She knows what kind of dastardly deeds Christian is capable of, but she still enters the dirty shack all alone. Soon, she's at the mercy of his big daddy dick! Today, in Part 2 of 'Looking For Big Daddy Dick,' Bella is chained and blindfolded to a wooden cross, naked and exposed! She tries to warn Christian that he is only making things worse for himself by doing this to her, and he will surely end up back in the clink! But he ignores he, and stuffs her Sheriff's Department badge in her mouth to shut her up.

He gets out another leather flogger - this one short and hard, so it stings against her pink breasts, exposed stomach and swollen pussy. She can't see when the leather bites at her nipples and clit and it drives her crazy! Christian fingers her pussy while he presses the vibrator firmly against her clit. It's almost too much for Bella, she happily announces she is a cum slut in return for permission to cum. She screams and moans with delight. Christian is only warming up. He attaches wooden clothespins to her flesh.

From her abused nipples to her sensitive thighs. The pain is intense, but Bella is chained to the cross, she has no choice but to feel every throb of intense sensation. Christian makes a zipper up and down each side of her sexy body. Now that she's a whimpering jellyfish, he puts her on all fours and fucks her doggystyle, then rolls her onto her back and continues fucking her while using the even bigger flogger on her tender thighs and swollen clit.

She can only whimper incoherently when Christian fucks her deeper and harder.

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Whimper until he chokes her into cumming. Bella got was she was looking forthat Big Daddy Dick! Watch: 'Looking For Big Daddy Dick, Part 1'. In Part 4 of Kink's exclusive, four-part series, 'The Power of Suggestion,' we land in the world of Avery Black and Oliver Davis. Avery and Oliver were among the first naughty couples to follow the Reverend Tommy Pistol and his scandalous church. And like his other followers, they had to make a video for him, so he would have the power to shame them publicly.

The video they made was - in Avery's own words - 'filthy and degrading. Featuring bondage, spanking, hitachi, choking, throat fucking, rough sex, and a facial finish all to prove their devotion to a man that, frankly, may not deserve it. In Part 3 of Kink's exclusive, four-part series, 'The Power of Suggestion,' we peer in on the lives of Kenzie Taylor and Seth Gamble.

It seems the Reverend Tommy Pistol has caught himself two more converts! Kenzie and Seth desperately want him to tell them the secrets of the universe, but first they must give the good Rev something in exchange - the filthiest sex tape they can make!

How else does one show their devotion to a church, after all? Seth Gamble pounces on an unsuspecting Kenzie as they sit on their living room couch. He roughly slaps her huge tits and flawless faceand she fucking loves it! She gives him a messy, frantic blowjob before he dunks her head in a bucket of water.

With a wet rag on her face, she promises her undying devotion to Tommy Pistol. Seth then fucks her from behind while flogging her ass.

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He then flips her over so he can watch her face as she cums hard. Seth then unloads all over Kenzie's slutty pussy, then pushes his cock and his cum deep inside her. Featuring choking, spanking, flogging, throat fucking, face sitting, a vibrator, rough sex and waterboarding. Since he has been a bit tardy with his latest batch of scenes, he asked us to republish a classic one from years past.

We selected this particular scene because it features Julia De Lucia, whom some of our members may remember from Public Disgrace. Julia de Lucia is a very dirty little girl. She didn't lose her virginity until she was 19 and she's clearly been making up for lost time. She's got a body for porn and she absolutely adores rough sex. Her favorite thing's choking but she's not averse, as we'll see, to a damned good spanking and one or three merciless bouts of deepthroat facefucking as well.

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She takes it too. The facefucking comes next. Again I don't hold back and again she soaks it all up. And the rest of the scene pretty much plays out at that level of barbarity. The more I destroy her the more she loves it. I fuck her hard, stick her knickers in her mouth and wrap bondage tape over it, make her squirt again and again and again, and give her a really good Ozzy facefucking so for the last couple of fuck positions her face is covered in her own spit, mascara everywhere.

The works basically. And then at the end, when she tries to dribble the cum out of her mouth after I've just spunked into it, I scoop it all back up, order her to swallow it, and, after a second or two's hesitation, she does. Then after the pics, I fuck the whore some more and cum up her cunt. Value for money. Christian Wilde is a free man doing what he likes to do best - jacking off to porn - when Bella Wilde breaks into the dirty shack he's been temporarily calling home.

Bella's his parole officer and she's tracked him to an abandoned chicken ranch outside the city.

She's not happy that he left the halfway house without permission and she's ready to put him on an ankle monitor as punishment. But Christian ain't listening. He knows why she came here alone. She's looking for some big daddy dick, some face slapping, some spitting, and everything Christian can give her! He grabs her by the neck and sits her down on his stained mattress. He rubs her warm crotchit's wet already. He slaps that ready pussy. Bella wants her slutty holes filled, and it's obvious.

He slaps her ass and her tender thighs. She's a woman in bliss! Christian pulls down Bella's panties and jams his tongue in her ass. He slaps it, then licks her pussy and asshole. A helpless Bella agrees they are Christian's holes to fill and fuck and he pleases. On her knees, Bella's face is in his crotch.

She bites at his hidden cock, this dirty little slut can't wait for him to pull his pants down!

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Once she's at it, she greedily fills her mouth with his cock and sucks on it hard and slow. Christian slaps Bella's bare breasts and hard but tender nipples. He puts the vibrator against her panties, but she needs daddy's permission to cum.

Until then, and ever afterward, she is his play toy! Stripped naked and chained to the bed, she sucks his cock. Christian wants more of that big round ass so he fastens a ball gag on her mouth to muffle any screams.

You never know who else might be snooping around the old chicken ranch. Out comes a big leather flogger. Bella feels the sting against her bare ass and dirty feet.

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Nowhere to run, she has to take it, and she takes it good! Even when the leather bites into her exposed titties. Christian eats out her soaking wet pussy. She has to answer to him now. Let her put in her report how swollen he made her clit. Christian delivers the big daddy dick to his parole officer. All the torment was worth it.

He uses her like a whore, reminding her she's only meant to take cock. She can't even talk, only moan and gasp and scream like the little whore she is!

Darcie Belle's boyfriend was preparing for a big day at work. It did not go so well, so he called her up from work letting her know he would need to relieve some stress when he got home. Darcie prepared herself mentally and physically for what she was about to endure. She waited for him nude in the hallway with her ass and pussy spread wide open. He then dragged her by the hair to the living room where he maliciously slapped her with his cock and fucked her.

She was treated like a good-for-nothing sex toy, and the worst part is that she actually seemed to like it. Latex-clad Elise Graves uses metal cable and giant cable crimpers to adhere Tony Orlando to her bedroom floor.

He is attached by the neck, balls, wrists and ankles. This creates a conundrum for Tony as he must choose to relieve his bothersome balls or neck pressure.

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Elise torments him with glee. Mercy West eventually joins the party, resulting in double the trouble for Tony. Tickling, teasing, face sitting, orgasms and more.

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Super sexy!!! You had to come back for more, didn't you? When you have the opportunity to watch Casey Kisses and Kylie Le Beau in the privacy of their own home it's not something to ignore, even when they let you know they think you're a loser.

Those words stung, didn't they? It hurt to be called that by the women your worship, but at least they let you watch and now you're back for more. These two creatures are hot with lust for one another and the only part you play is to be laughed at and ignored. You realize you don't care, if this is the best it's ever going to get you can live with it. At least they acknowledge your existence, that's a win, isn't it?

Casey promises she is going to do to Kylie everything you wish they had done to you. She takes a leather crop to Kylie's natural breasts. The crop hits her pussy and stings her ass.

Oh, that sweet ass. You watch Kylie absorb the pain. She does whatever Casey commands. So willing to submit and be punished. Kylie's pussy is getting wet through her panties. You can almost taste it. You would let Casey do that to you if she would only give you the chance to let her beat you, to choke you like she chokes Kylie. Kylie calls you a loser before taking Casey's cock.

The bigger her cock grows the more Kylie begs for it to fill her mouth and throat. Kylie asks to be used. That's all you ask.

I slapped her boobs and spat in her mouth, making her all wet and horny. I wanted to see the full potential of her blowjobs and check the depth of her throat. Once again, she didn't disappoint me. The chick gave me an amazing head, choking on my rod, drooling all over it uncontrollably Watch Bambi Black in 'Knotted Nympho',Ivory Logan in 'The Choke And Poke',Nicole Rey in 'Master Lets Loose On Docile Servant',Kiki Minaj in 'Kiki Minaj Sluts Choking On Cum Porn Videos! - sluts, choking, on, cum, sluts choking on cum, hd, cumshot, facial Porn - SpankBang. Register Login; Videos. Trending Upcoming New Popular; 35m Probably get banned for this. 34m Cali Carter My Friends Hot Girlfriend. 44m My wife latina hot friend (shoud l

Casey climbs on top of Kylie for a She face fucks Kylie while licking her pussy. Kylie's mouth is so warm and open for cock. She takes it balls deep with a smile. Her pussy takes Casey's cock. Hard and deep. Sweet Kylie taunts you.

You'll never make her pussy this wet. Casey slaps and chokes Kylie while pounding an orgasm out of her. Casey rolls her over and fucks her from behind. She makes Kylie moan and scream. She's really begging for that deep dick devastation.

Now she's back on Casey's rod. Why does Casey tease you? Of course, you wish you were sucking that cock next to Kylie. Casey laughs and tells you it ain't gonna happen. She orders you to take off your clothes. You will do anything for Casey, even when it means losing any shred of dignity you still retained. This is your chance to show her what an obedient sub you could be. Casey fucks Kylie from behind doggie style. Kylie begs for Casey's cum all over her face.

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Maybe one day she will be asking you for that favor, but not today. Today you still are a loser, still a worm, unworthy of the attention they have paid you today. Watch: 'Double Denial 1'. Bree is sitting on a couch when Puma walks in looking sexy as ever. Bree starts to give her attitude so Puma decides it's best to punish her with a bag full of anal toys that she brought just in case of this occasion.

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She starts with a pink plug then bends her over and switches to a bigger blue one stretching out her asshole. Bree then eats Puma's pussy wanting to make her cum in return and they insert toys into their own asses and play with them while making outstretching all of their holes.

Kelsey Kage had a good-for-nothing boyfriend who always needed help getting out of sticky situations. In this case, he owed an associate some money and would not be able to pay the balance. An agreement was made for his associate to recoup his loss by having the rights to Kelsey for a day. She showed up at his house ready to chat, but he was more about silence and action.

He had Kelsey change into some sexy lingerie and put her mouth on his cock. She was then throatfucked, impaled with hard cock, and drenched in cum. That should take care of her boyfriend's debt. For now. Kyra Rose was sent into a covert mission by the army to catch dirty military officials making deals with the enemy. The intel was pretty solid until she was captured and became a prisoner of war.

Her captor had her tied up and began to grope her. She was trying her hardest to stay calm. She complied with whatever she was commanded to do, no matter how demeaning or sexually explicit. The rest is classified. Clearance to this video is members only. Watch at your own discretion.

Legs tied to neck, a slow choke out As her arms weaken the pull on the neck gets stronger. Tags: bdsm, bondage, choking play, fingering, hogtied. Pornstars: isis love, lorelei lee. 7 months ago.

Another teen slut has landed face full of cock in my lap and Mandy demanded that I fuck her cock starving mouth deep. She peeled her panties to the side stuffing her tight pussy with my meat and sucking off her juices from my dick. She was crazy making me fuck her rough until I doused her face with all my cum. We selected this particular scene because it features the incredible Victoria Summers whom many of our members have come to love.

Presenting Victoria Summers, the perfect specimen. As you follow us into her house at the beginning of the scene, you're met with the image of her handcuffed to the bannister railings, wearing nothing but pink undies. She grins and glows. Her rude bits are then taken out for inspection and this is where Ms Summers does not disappoint.

Her nipples are like nuts, her cunt is tidy pink perfection, the former always stiff, the latter always wet. This is cordon bleu fuck flesh, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm about to have my fill. And oh the innocence! Has Victoria Summers ever had proper rough sex? No she hasn't. Has she ever been bossed around and treated like shit? Has she been ordered to suck a load of spunk off the kitchen floor and swallow it? Probably not.

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Today is a day of many firsts for the young beauty and the bitch is grinning from ear to ear and as radiant as a Chernobyl whore. Zoey Reyes is a bad bitch who loves the idea of dominating her man. She exercises these skills on a daily basis, and today she really gave him the brunt of it. He returned home from work late, which made Zoey have him get on all fours and hop into his leash. She then walked him inside like a puppy and commanded him to eat her ass and pussy.

Of course, he followed orders like the good submissive he is. After worshipping Zoey's feet, he was given a bit of a break and allowed to jam his cock in her mouth. She loved every second of it, but quickly took back control as his cock was inserted into her pussy. Zoey controlled the sex until she was satisfied, then her man could do as he pleased. Anastasia Knight is a sexy cat burglar on the prowl. She has found herself a new mark and she likes what she sees.

When he dozes off on the sofa, she slips into his home and steals his laptop. When he wakes up, he is confused because he can't find it, but he is so exhausted from a recent flight, he just takes it easy.

Anastasia doesn't miss a beat, taking the opportunity to sneak into his bedroom and lifts his watch. Convinced something is going on, he decides to lay a trap for his would-be cat burglar.

He uses his wallet for bait and lays down on the sofa acting like he is just chilling. Although he is deep undercover, his anger is too much to hide. He snaps awake and grabs Anastasia by the throat, choking her and slamming her against his staircase. Thinking fast, Anastasia grabs his crotch with her free hand and starts rubbing his cock through his pants.

He pulls his hard cock out and throws her down to the ground, face fucking her good and hard, and making her choke on his big dick. He is quick to turn her over and spank her ass hard, then bend her over the couch and fuck her from behind. He uses his belt to choke her and punish her for being such a thieving whore.

Stripped naked except for her knee-high socks and a mouthful of jizz, Anastasia learns her lesson the hard way. There's always been that sizzling tension between the two lesbian lovers and Zafira would do anything to please her dominant significant other Abbey.

She loves to get tied up to a chair, receive a little choking while getting her hard nipples licked with Abbie's finger in her wet pussy. The kinky slut rubbed her clit, screaming loudly while she was cumming. She lay on the bed next, letting me fuck her missionary. Once again, she reached an orgasm as I slapped her pretty face. My fingers were pleasuring her now instead of my rod as she shook and moaned like crazy.

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Two young girls are really into tennis and they have the same favorite player. They are huge fans of the guy and once they learned where he lived, they decided to try to sneak in to get an autograph.

The girls managed to get past security and finally reached his house. They rang the bell and there he was, a hot champion all friendly and sexy. These teen girls were all flirty and cute, so he gave them autographs and even invited them in. He usually hated visitors, but he immediately realized that these girls were big sluts. Their tight, young pussies soaked through their panties. The trio was messing around and he was showing them his favorite techniques, but he had other skills as well.

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He had no idea that his new wife was fucking other guys behind his back. In fact, she devised a plan to keep him for herself. The slutty girl wanted to use the chance and seduce the daddy while her mom was away.

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It was shaved and wet and all it needed was some licking to get it all ready for a ride that was about to come. Her ass was so sweet so he dipped his fingers in it to see how deep they could go. He took it out and she put it into her mouth as well as his big balls. She was choking on it as the stepdad was enjoying it. Now she had every inch of his dick and his entire sack and both balls in her mouth. She felt the cum boiling in his balls so the little teen slut sat on top of him and began riding her stepdad.

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The ebony was right next to her, fondling those balls and caressing her firm ass while enjoying the show. He grabbed her hips firmly and started ravaging from underneath. The screams of pleasure filled the room and then the two switched. Now, the black cutie was riding in the same position, moaning on that throbbing white meat while the brunette spanked her playfully.

This babe has an incredible body! It looks like she never came so fucking hard in her life. From a cowgirl to a reverse cowgirl to doggy style hammering, both naked girls were being dicked down as hard as possible. Finally, having made them cum multiple times, he rewarded one beauty with a creampie and let her friend to eat it out.

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Just when I thought the best had already been filmed, Vixen produce another mind blowing scene! Girls who seem so innocent are usually the biggest sluts. That was a case with a cute brunette who, on her first date with a guy, let him fuck her ass in a park during day time.

They sat on a bench, and he tried to kiss her. She was resisting at first, but soon she kissed him back. His hand felt magical to her as it moved slowly up her inner thigh. It touched her pussy and found it slick with her moisture. Wasting no time he pulled out his dick right there on a bench in the park. What could be better than a blowjob on the first date?

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Feeling his cock in her mouth for the first time was magical. She began to suck the head of his cock, running her tongue along the length of him. He pulled up her skirt and spanked her naughty ass while giving him a nasty blowjob in public. She was choking on it so voluptuously and enjoyed while he was pushing her head on his cock. When she was done with oral, she leaned on the bench, and he fucked her from behind in doggy style.

He was pulling her hair while he was fucking her, and she screamed like they were alone in the world. Her butt cheeks jiggling with each thrust. He pulled his cock from her pussy and slipped it into her ass. She slowly started undressing, so she took off her jacket and heels. Her ass was all red from spanking. She likes to fuck hard and adores when men treat her rough and abuse her. After he fucked her pussy in doggy style, he sat on the bench so she could ride his dick with her ass hole.

She sat with her feet on his knees and began slamming her ass up and down driving his cock deeper into her ass! Once she was done, she lay on the bench, and he stuck his dick down her throat.

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