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Her lawyer Lewis Power QC said she will be returning home later on Tuesday but said her legal team would be challenging her conviction and were prepared to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights. She also said she was very grateful to the intervention by the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab: adding: 'I spoke with him and he was very supportive.

I am grateful to the Foreign Office. The mother wore a unicorn brooch that had been given to her by one of the protestors who had flown from Israel to show support for her daughter.

She also thanked all the members of the public who had contributed more than ?, to a fund raising campaign to help pay legal fees.

Officials from the British embassy were present in court and it is believed flight arrangements for the girl to return to the UK have already been made. Speaking on the steps of court afterwards her lawyer Lewis Power QC said the family is delighted she would be able return home - but added her ordeal in Cyprus exposed the 'gaping chasm' in the treatment of women abroad who report a sex crimes.

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Mr Power said: 'This has been an incredibly sad and tragic case for a young teenage girl from Derbyshire, a once happy and gregarious young girl who like so many of her age group came over to Cyprus with all the excitement of a young traveller and with high aspirations to attend university thereafter. Whilst we welcome the fact that the sentence imposed today allows her to go home, we strongly contest the conviction and the fight for her innocence will go on regardless.

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We will be appealing the conviction and will take this case to the Supreme Court of Cyprus and are prepared to fight this case all the way to the European Court of Human Rights'. Prior to the judge entering the courtroom she had smiled as chants from protestors could be clearly be heard.

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More than 50 demonstrators had stood outside chanting 'shame of Cyprus justice' and 'Mr Judge - shame on you, don't you have a daughter too'. Court staff were forced to close the windows of the courtroom and pull the blind down but it did little to drown out the noise.

The 19 year old, dressed in a black sleeveless T shirt and black trousers stood nervously in the dock twirling her long hair in her hands. She stepped down briefly from the dock to hug her mother who was close to tears as she waited for Judge Papathanasiou to deliver his verdict. As the noise of the protestors demanding justice and not prison rippled round the courtroom she smiled.

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The judge said he had taken the month the teen had spent in prison into consideration along with her young age. He also said he had considered that she was on anti -depressant medication and that she had been forced to stay in Cyprus for month while the trial was being carried on.

The judge said the crime of public mischief was a serious offence that had led to 12 people being jailed. He said seven of the Israeli's had spent 10 days in jail. He said the crime was one of the oldest on the statute book in Cyprus and should not be treated lightly. Her lawyers had asked Judge Michalis Papathanasiou to consider a suspended prison sentence after she was convicted of public mischief last week.

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And Cyprus' President Nicos Anastasiades was reportedly not willing to let the year-old go to prison and would have pardoned her to ensure she got free passage to the UK because of the international furore over her case. The British teenager found guilty of lying about being gang-raped in Cyprus arrives at court with her face covered to hear her fate and if she will be jailed.

The woman's case has caused great anger in Cyprus and the UK where many believe the woman should be treated as a victim not a criminal. The woman had smiled in the dock as chants from protestors could be clearly be heard in court this morning. The teenager was convicted last month of causing public mischief after initially alleging that she had been abused by 12 Israeli youths.

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A group of around 60 Israelis travelled to Cyprus to protest outside court and show their support for the British teenager. Adi Izrael said: 'People took the day off work and came here because it is unbelievable, the amount of misinformation about it. But the way they the Israelis behaved, something is wrong with this case. Elazar More said of the Israeli men and boys arrested over the alleged rape: 'They are a shame to the men of Israel.

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They hurt the dignity of the state. Cypriot protester Meli Michaelidon said: 'I'm here because I'm fed up of all this - the way the system works in Cyprus and how it's not protecting the victims and not protecting the least powerful and how it's making everything right for whoever is in power. The incident took place last July at the Pambos Napa Rocks hotel in the party resort of Ayia Napa, where she was staying. There were large numbers of supporters outside court today including 50 Israelis who have flown to Cyprus to stand by the woman at the sentencing, partly out of disgust that the 'boys returned to Israel as heroes', an activist said.

Her mother says her daughter has PTSD, sleeps 20 hours a day and suffers hallucinations when she hears foreign male voices - and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab piled on more pressure by saying travel advice for British citizens going to Cyprus is now 'under review'. The island's Phileleftheros daily newspaper reported today: 'Should the court move to order her to prison, the President has already decided that he will pardon the girl, immediately after the ruling'.

A Government source claimed the President would ensure her freedom after 'considering the girl's young age and the outcry which the case has generated both in and out of Cyprus' - and denied it was because of British pressure.

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Speaking to ITV News, her mother said the teenager was 'terrified' of being sent to jail. I can't even begin to describe how upsetting that is. The woman's supporters were chanting: 'Mr Judge - shame on you, don't you have a daughter too'. The student has been stranded in Cyprus since July after being accused of making up claims that she was raped - 50 supporters from Israel have flown there. Large numbers of people were at court to support her today in a case that has appalled by what has happened.

Matters took a dramatic twist ten days later when she retracted her statement leading to police arresting her and then releasing all the Israelis, aged 15 to She was accused of lying to police and charged with the offence of causing public mischief, spending a month in a Nicosia prison before being granted bail.

Her passport was also confiscated to prevent her from leaving the country. As she languished in Cyprus waiting to hear her fate, her ordeal culminated in a hearing last month at Famagusta District Court. During her defence against the charge of public mischief, she maintained that she had been raped but only withdrew her allegation under duress from police. She claimed that she had been grilled by officers for up to eight hours without a lawyer present.

  Last week, a year-old British woman was found guilty in a Cypriot court of lying about being gang-raped by a dozen young Israeli men in the hotel where she was vacationing. Now, after international outrage, a judge has suspended her sentence

She also alleged that they threatened to arrest her friends until she agreed to sign a retraction statement, which she eventually did in the early hours of the morning. The woman also told the court that she had had a consensual relationship with semi-pro footballer Shimon Yusufov and was in a room with him when the other 11 appeared.

She alleged that she was held down by him and raped while some of them filmed it on their mobile phones. He has denied being involved in the group attack. During last month's trial, a psychologist gave evidence alleging that the woman was suffering from PTSD while a linguistic expert said the retraction statement had been written by someone with English as a second language.

The year-old pictured covering her face leaving a court in December hugged her mother and legal team as her six-month ordeal came to a close when she was given a suspended sentence. The trial judge said her passport would be returned by the court and she would be free to leave the island with her family.

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Some of the Israeli men who were initially accused of rape are seen arriving in court on July The woman's family say police protected them and treated her as a criminal from the start. Protest outside the Cypriot embassy for the 19 year old girl accused of making a false gang rape claim in Cyprus by 12 Israeli men.

The statement is the crux of a case that has sparked a diplomatic incident, with the teenager dragged to court and convicted of lying. Pictured: The block of flats in which accused Israeli teen, 'Sam', lives with his mother and bother in Jerusalem. An Israeli youth at the centre of the Cyprus gang rape has no plans to sue the British teen convicted of lying about the attack.

A lawyer who represented the man, who can only be identified as Sam, said he considers the matter 'closed' and doesn't plan to ever talk about the incident. The year-old who lives with his mother and younger brother in Jerusalem has now been called up for National Service with the Israeli Defence Force.

He will not be giving any interviews and for him it is closed.

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It is over. They do not want to talk about it. Yaslovitzh said the teen had begun his month National Service after his plans for a career as a professional footballer failed. There is no football career for him and he has begun his service. All Israeli men aged over 18 are required to serve in the country's army for two years and eight months.

The youth's mother, Julia, said her son would never give an interview about what took place in Cyprus. When MailOnline approached her at the family home in a low rise block of sandstone coloured flats five miles from the centre of the Holy city she slammed the door closed.

Marios Matsakis, a forensic pathologist also told the court that 35 bruises and cuts on her body was an indication that she had been raped. However, Judge Michalis Papathanasiou dismissed the testimony from the woman and the experts supporting her case, agreeing with the prosecution's argument that she had fabricated the whole story because she felt 'ashamed' after finding out some of the graphic footage taken by the Israelis had been posted on social media and porn websites.

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Despite the harrowing evidence, the judge described her as an 'unreliable witness' and maintained that the police had acted properly in securing the retraction. None of the youths was called to give evidence by the judge, who insisted that the case was strictly one of public mischief and not rape. Five of Israelis were actually released after a week before the British teen retracted her allegation. The remaining seven were released hours after she signed the statement saying she had made it all up and flew home to Israel where they were met with a hero's welcome and were heard chanting ' The Brit is a whore.

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The controversial conviction by Judge Papathansiou led to widespread public outrage not only in the UK but also in Cyprus and Israel, prompting an umasala-magazin.comecedented intervention from the Foreign Office that the teenager had not received a 'fair trial.

Social media erupted with calls for a boycott of Cyprus while the legal fund set up by the woman's family reached more than ?, Demonstrators also gathered earlier this week outside the High Commission of The Republic of Cyprus in London, protesting about the treatment of the woman at the hands of the justice system in the country.

More than 50 Israelis have flown to Cyprus to stand by the woman at the sentencing, partly out of disgust that the 'boys returned to Israel as heroes', an activist told AFP. The teenager's mother also appeared on This Morning, defending her daughter and hitting out at Cypriot authorities.

Speaking from a dark room to preserve her identity, she said: 'The whole police procedures in Cyprus are wrong. The CID said he didn't take notes because he was too busy that night.

She's really suffering out here. She has PTSD, is sleeping hours a day. She is not in a good way at all and needs to get home to the UK. Cyprus judge Michalis Papathanasiou has been criticised for his handling of the case.

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The judge who convicted a British teenager of lying about being gang raped by 12 Israeli men in Cyprus has been accused of hating women after he previously threw out another rape case two years ago, despite 'strong evidence'.

Michaelis Papathanasiou sentenced her today after ruling that she lied about being held down and gang raped by 12 Israeli men in Ayia Napa on July 17 last year. His verdict triggered outrage with the girl's lawyer Lewis Power describing her conviction as 'one of the biggest miscarriages of justice' he has ever seen. Now, it has been revealed that Papathanasiou previously cleared a man of attacking a woman, with anti-rape campaign groups in Cyprus claiming that he has a 'dislike of women'.

In that case, the judge told the woman, 52, that she had made up claims about being attacked by a man, 30, because she was jealous he had cheated on her.

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According to the Sun, in his ruling two years ago, he said: 'I've listened to the woman very carefully. I can't rely on her testimony. A prosecution source involved in the case said: 'We were surprised the trial went against us as we felt the evidence was strong.

The case has drawn parallels with that of the British teenager, who he ruled was lying about being attacked.

An expert witness who gave evidence at the Brit's trial slammed Papathanasiou, claiming he was 'aggressive' and 'shouting at the girl', 'excluding rape right from the start'.

Dr Marios Matsakis, 65, a forensic pathologist, also said the British teenager may have been drugged, claims he said were not properly investigated. He added that the failure to properly examine evidence against the 12 Israelis made him 'ashamed as a Cypriot'.

Describing the judge, Dr Matsakis said 'my impression is he hates women'. Protesters gather outside the Cypriot High Commission in London yesterday for the 19 year old girl accused of making a false gang rape claim in Cyprus by 12 Israeli men.

Her lawyer Mr Power said if her case has been heard in the UK it is 'highly likely' she would have been cleared. He added: 'We have been concerned about how the whole investigation was conducted The time has come one may feel for the criminal process in Cyprus to undergo much needed reform.

With a long and tumultuous past, Cyprus has an impressive amount of historic sites, fascinating relics and Roman ruins, some of which are so immaculately preserved they rival their famous counterparts in Greece and Turkey.

Even in the midst of winter, its mild climate means you can easily spend all your time outdoors on Cyprus. One of the most spectacular ancient site on Cyprus is the Kourion Archaeological Site, originally built in the 2nd century B. and now restored to reveal its original glory.

Famed for its magnificent amphitheatre, Kourion is also home to immaculately preserved mosaic tiles, colonnades and baths. We found it comparable to the magnificent ancient sites in Greece and Turkey, and highly recommend a visit for any history buff. We loved driving along the Paphos coast towards Limassolespecially along the stretch at Petra tou Romiou. A local myth says that any person who swims around the Aphrodite Rock will be blessed with eternal beauty.

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During our visit in early Decemberthe weather was actually warm enough to swim. Nonetheless, you can easily stroll along the beach or continue driving on to see more of the coastline. For outdoor-loving travelers, the rugged terrain of this sun-kissed island begs to be explored.

You can choose from day-long hikes between picturesque villages to epic multi-day treks across mountain ranges.

The Troodos Mountains are one of the best regions to pull your hiking boots on. We chose to hike the Kaledonia Nature Trail, an easy 3-km gradual uphill hike through pine forests, running streams and ending at the Kaledonia waterfalls. It was simple and leisurely, perfect for experiencing the outdoors with Baby Kaleya. There are many other hiking trails to choose from in this area, with many recommending the Asinou-Agios Theodoros trail, which begins at the Byzantine-frescoed Panagia Forviotissa church.

We spent some time driving from one village to another in Troodos Mountains, tasting locally made wine and sweets and getting lost in the narrow alleys that criss cross the villages. Our favorite has to be Omodosa village steeped in tradition and the traditional bread rings, arkatena.

Behind the chirpy sun-soaked facade of Cyprus lies a troubled past. Inthe island was divided into two separate countries due to violent protests by extremists from both ends: the southern half is now known as the Republic of Cyprus with an internationally acknowledged government and the other half is still occupied by the Turkish army today and is known as North Cyprus. The Green Line that divides these two regions cuts through Nicosia itself and the capital city is actually shared by both regions.

Today, many people cross from one part to another on a daily basis and there are peace talks to discuss the possibility of reunification. We only managed to visit the southern half - but tourists can visit both sides easily with a passport. Nicosia itself is such an intriguing city with a mishmash of Greek orthodox churches and Muslim mosques, taverns and tea houses, markets and baths. While everyday life continues as normal in this bustling capital city, you can still see hints of its complex past, especially at the Ledra Street pedestrianized crossing.

Cypriot cuisine is known to be a Mediterranean muddle of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern influences that sings with fresh flavours. The combination of Greek salads and dips with tender roasted-off-the-fire souvlaki meat and fresh-from-the-sea fish is just perfection.

Meze is a staple of Cypriot cuisine, tantalising the taste buds with a feast of small dishes, ranging from creamy hummus to spicy grilled sausage, and everything in between. Some of the culinary stars that you should definitely try include the stringy grilled cheese haloumiwine-marinated smoked pork tenderloin lountza and the fish roe dip taramosalata.

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And the desserts are irresistible, flavoured with almonds, rose water and pistachios and ranging from creamy rice puddings to gloriously sticky baklava. Disclosure: Part of this trip was organized by Visit Cyprus. They kindly helped us with our itinerary and provided accommodation.

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