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  David Sun Feb 18, The New Paper. An explicit video of a young girl in a secondary school uniform was circulated online last week. The three-minute video, which appears to have been taken at a staircase landing, shows her performing various sex acts with an unidentified man   Spanish YouTube vlogger, NinchiBoy, tries to explain how a drunk woman should be treated with his video titled 'Guy has sex with drunk girl'. Video Duration: 2 min   Tiny, born Erin Blackwell, was 14 years old when she met Mark and working as a sex worker to support a fledgling drug addiction. In the circle of street kids she ran with, everyone had a nickname. There were Rat, Lulu, Smurf, Munchkin, and there was Tiny, blessed with her nickname because, in her words, "I was exceptionally small."

Not all of them view it - and the materialism of modern China that it reflects - as an unstoppable force. They are a younger generation who are very critical of the film. Society is a lot more complex then what this film tries to capture.

But in the meantime the appealing young faces of Tiny Times with all their shiny designer outfits and material riches will continue to light up cinema screens across China. If you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter. The Reel World World cinema.

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Share using Email. By Tom Brook 11th August But not everyone is pleased about the values they represent, reports Tom Brook. Around the BBC. She tried to resist a forced marriage.

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For three months, she refused, even though her traffickers beat her, withheld food and threatened to kill her, she says. Finally, she relented.

  "Sex education in school [in China] is very poor," Chang said, "and it's not getting better." "Fifteen or 20 years ago, when I was at high school, we still had some sex masala-magazin.comted Reading Time: 9 mins   Vietnamese girls as young as 13 are taken to China by human traffickers, to be sold as brides. Pictured, girls reading leaflets designed to educate them about the threat of sex trafficking at a Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins   Talk about being mean and meaner.A teenage girl was beaten, stripped, and then given more hammering by a group of teenage girls in Lingao county on Hainan island, China

She says her husband was kind to her, but she never stopped missing her family in Vietnam. When her mother-in-law realized Lan was never going to warm to the marriage, the family returned her to the traffickers. They got their money back, Nguyen says, after which she was forced into a second marriage.

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A refuge for escaped women. The Pacific Links Foundation runs a shelter for trafficking victims in the city of Lao Cai, northern Vietnam. The young women stay for an average of two to three years. They go to school or get vocational training.

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They do art therapy. They learn to cook and sew and keep a big garden. Surrounded by other woman with similar experiences, the shelter helps them get back on their feet and then to find jobs to support themselves.

  Massive gender imbalance, intense cultural pressure and expensive dowries have forced many men from poor villagers in China to resort to extreme measures to find themselves a bride. China

Her organization also does community outreach to try and stop more girls from falling into the hands of traffickers. About once a month, a group of trafficking victims visits the market at Bac Ha, a regional hub for buying food, fabric and livestock.

On this day, on a stage overlooking hundreds of shoppers, they talk about their experiences, take questions and play games with the crowd. When they ask people to share personal experiences concerning trafficking, more than 20 people come forward. Police save girls from trafficking in Vietnam Ha from the U. agrees that the top priority is to spread awareness, especially in the poor, rural regions along the border.

She also believes reducing poverty will help stop women going to China seeking work, another common way traffickers lure victims. Saved at the border.

During CNN's trip to the border, the government called and told us the police had just rescued five girls as they were about to cross the border with a trafficker.

We met the girls, who are just 14 years old. They didn't tell their parents they were going.

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The neighbor is now under arrest. The Vietnamese police are sometimes able to rescue women even after they have crossed into China, by enlisting the help of Chinese authorities.

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Nguyen Tuong Long, the head of the government's social vice prevention department in Lao Cai, says last year they rescued and returned Vietnamese trafficking victims. Trafficked women who aren't rescued in raids have to find ways to get out on their own.

Some of them say they were able to contact their families from China, but they couldn't get help from police because they didn't know exactly where they were. Lan and Nguyen ended up in the same town in China. Chang Mengran is fond of palatable metaphors.

Every week, Chang and a small team of friends broadcast entertaining, informational videos on topics relating to sex, bodies, and dating from their studio in Beijing. Insome schools were forced to stop using new sex education textbooks published by Beijing Normal University after parents complained that the anatomical diagrams and discussions of homosexuality were inappropriate for their children.

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Sex education is not compulsory in the Chinese education system; if it is offered at all in public schools, it is provided by nongovernmental organizations or private companies, meaning that the quality can vary.

These days, Chang believes the biggest gulf in sex education is around consent. This is especially pertinent after the events ofwhen MeToo became a phenomenon in China.

One of the highest-profile cases of last year was when Zhou Xiaoxuan, a former China Central Television intern, accused the celebrity host Zhu Jun of groping and forcibly kissing her in In other stories, the issue of consent has been more ambiguous, prompting the need for the kind of nuanced discussions that Chang is hoping to start. Abortions and morning-after pills are widely advertised in China. In a country where religion has scant presence in public life, and where decades of a one-child policy meant that terminations were not just legal but a political duty, being pro-choice is more about enabling women to make safer decisions about their own bodies.

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Meanwhile, the morning-after pill accounts for 70 percent of the birth control pill market in China. Condoms remain a minority choice, often scored by men as intrusive, pushing the burden of birth control onto women.

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This lack of sex education is having tangible consequences in China-where the rates of HIV infection are growing among young people by 35 percent every year. In the United Kingdom, where sex education is common and uncontroversial, the rate of HIV diagnosis dropped by 17 percent from to although the overall rate of infection is still higher in the U.

than in China.

  They are forced to perform sex acts or sexually assaulted in front of webcams. A live-stream featuring a young girl can cost $, researchers   Tiny Times couldn't be further from Mao's ascetic communism: it is a wholesale celebration of conspicuous consumption and materialism that has been described as a cross between Sex and the   24 Hours Movie. February 19, . Japanese soldiers want to rape young girl. #Film #Chinese #Action #24HoursMovie. 1K1K. 16 Comments 99 Shares

But as censorship grows online, it has become harder and harder to touch on issues of importance.

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