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She smiled again; remember yesterday when I went to put my bikini on to go swimming? Yes I said. Well how do you suppose mine and moms bikini got put on the hook behind the one I set out for you? Yours was the first one on the hook which means you at least took it off the hook to look at.

I never thought of that I had been so careful and then left the one I wore on top. After lunch we just laid there in the chair talking. It had been a long time sense Tracy and I had really talked.

She told me things about some of her old friends. And I shared things about me and we had a great time. It was turning out to be the perfect day. If you want to swim some more we should get back in the pool unless you want to swim tonight with mom and me?

Tracy and I swam for the next hour or so and then I got out and went inside, I through my bikini in the dryer and took a quick shower. Mom got home a little before 6 and quickly cooked up dinner.

Tracy sat at the table in her bikini and I was back in my jeans and tea shirt. Mom again told us of her day. After dinner Tracy asked mom if she wanted to go swimming. Mom said yes and looked at and said how about you dear you feel like swimming tonight. I just said no. Mom went and put her bikini on and then told me she had left mine on the hook if I changed my mind, there just pink shorts dear.

I wondered if Tracy would tell mom so I kind of listened at the door. Mom got to the pool and saw Tracy. I knew this was it Tracy was going to say something. Tracy looked at mom. Tracy not only said nothing but she stuck up for me. I felt so much better and I went back inside knowing that I could trust Tracy not to say anything.

They swam for a couple hours and then came in and we all watched a little TV. Mom asked us what we wanted to do on Sunday which was her first day off. Neither one of us had any suggestions so mom just said we would figure it out then.

It was about 11 when we all went to bed again. As I lay there falling asleep I thought back over the day and how I had spent almost the whole day in a pink bikini swimming with my sister and how nice she was about it. I wonder how my mom would react if she new. I fell asleep and in my dream Tracy and I were both wearing our hot pink bikinis and swimming but we were at one of the hotel casinos pools and there were people all around us. In the morning when I got up the dream was still fresh in my mind.

As I went down to breakfast I could not stop smiling. As we sat and ate breakfast mom asked Tracy and I what we had planned for the day and she was looking right at me. I said nothing really and mom gave me that motherly look and said, dear if your sister goes to the mall please go with her.

You need some fresh air and exercise. Mom kissed us each goodbye and left for work. Tracy and I cleaned up the kitchen and dishes and as we did she asked me what I wanted to do today. I looked at her and wanted to say so bad, I want to put on the bikini again but before I could say anything she spoke up. I looked at her and said okay and then I stopped our bikinis I said.

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Tracy smiled and gave me a hug. I thanked her and we went and put on our bikinis. As we walked to the pool I kept thinking how stupid it was for me to like wearing a bikini and now I owned one.

What would mother say if she found out? Tracy and I splashed around in the pool for the next couple hours. We would swim for a bit and then get out and lay in the sun.

I was having so much fun. About 11 we decided to get lunch so we went inside. Tracy said she had to go upstairs and would be right back so I made us both a sandwich and took them and our pop out to the deck. Tracy came down and had a little bag with her. She set it next to her chair and we ate our lunch and talked. I really liked talking to Tracy it made me feel closer to her.

After lunch I laid back in my chair but Tracy kept sitting up. She took her bag and pulled out a nail file and started to file her nails. I watched her as we kept chatting.

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When she had finished filling her nails she pulled out some nail polish. I asked her what she was doing. She said sense we had to wait awhile after lunch before we could go back in the pool she thought she would do her nails. She put some kind of dividers between her toes and carefully started to paint them. The color she chose was a dark pink color; I forget the name of it.

It took her about ten minutes to finish and then she held out her feet for me to see. What do you think about the color she asked? She smiled and said she agreed so she was going to do her finger nails too with the same color. As she looked down she also notices how close it matched the color of our bikinis too. She smiled at me, you know Kelly I could do your toe nails too if you like. I paused for a moment as I thought what it would be like to have my nails painted.

Then I heard her say again, if you like I could paint your toes. She gave me another smile, I know but no one will see them or know just the two of us. She just smiled I think it would look beautiful on you. I kept looking at her feet and they did look beautiful and I wondered how mine would look so I agreed. Tracy had me put my feet in her lap and she put the dividers between my toes which was not real comfortable. Then she started on my toes. First the clear coat then two costs of the dark pink nail polish and then a top coat.

And again it only took about ten minutes. I looked down at my feet and they were beautiful. And before I could think I opened my moth and said they look beautiful thank you. As I finished my sentence I realized what I had just said and looked at Tracy.

She was smiling back at me. She just smiled and said no I think it is fine. You even let me play with all your toys why should I think any different of you.

She said as she was painting her finger nails. I can even do your finger nails if you like. I thanked her for the offer but said no. she just smiled, if you change your mind or need anything else just ask. When she finished we laid back in our chairs to let our nails dry.

you advise me?

With the heat it only took about an hour for our nails to be dry so we got back into the pool and swam some more.

We did our usual swim for a bit and then get out and lay in the sun to dry off. I went in and through my bikini in the dryer and ran up to take a quick shower. Mean while Tracy started dinner. As I was coming down stairs I hear mother come in the door. I had to get my bikini I like the sound of that out of the dryer and back on the hook in the bathroom before mother notices it. I ran to the laundry room and opened the dryer but my bikini was gone.

I came out to the kitchen and Tracy smiled at me, mom and I are going swimming after dinner and I left the other bikini on the hook in the bathroom if you want to join us.

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Tracy had put it back for me, I was safe. What a great sister she is I thought to myself. Mom gave me a hug, I am glad you got out of the house today. I looked at her for a moment. She smiled your face and arms are all tan you might want to think about some sun tan lotion. So what did you two do today? Tracy spoke up well I spent most of the day in the pool and Kelly came out on the deck and sat and talked to me and played on Aunt Sarah laptop. Mom looked at me well at least you were outside.

I love your nails honey they match your suit. Tracy got a big grin on her face, thanks I love having my nails painted and looking pretty. Mom smiled at her maybe when I get paid we can go get our nails done together all the other cocktail waitresses have nice long nails. Tracy spoke up I would love that mom. After dinner mom changed into her bikini and went outside to the pool.

I grabbed the laptop and went and sat on the deck, to surf the internet while they swam. That night when I went to bed I saw my beautiful toe nails a rush of feelings came over me. It was like I was sitting there as Tracy painted my toes all over again. As a waked around my room I just kept looking down at my feet.

Then I thought to myself. Mom had the next two days off so unless I want to wear the bikini in front of her I will have to wait till Tuesday when she is back at work. I fell fast asleep and dreamed the whole night I was in my bikini and had my nails painted.

In the morning I put on my robe and slippers which with my toes painted I would be wearing all the time now and went down for breakfast. Mom had fixed a big breakfast of eggs and pancakes and we sat and talked.

Mom again asked us what we wanted to do. Mom finally spoke up well I want to take you someplace this morning and then we can do whatever you two want for the rest of the day. I looked at Tracy and knew she also wanted to spend the day in the pool it was supposed to be over degrees the next several days.

I went up and took my shower and again I could see my toes. They looked so pretty. I went back to my room and I heard my mom say something from the hall so I said what?

can not recollect

At that point my door opened and mom walked in and said last night I got some of my tip money so I thought we could go buy you a swim suit. I had the towel around my waist and had my slippers on but I was still a little startled as I turned to face her. My mom came over and looked at me then gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, you really should put on sun tan lotion when you are out in the sun that long.

There on the wall was a mirror and I saw my reflection. I had a deep dark tan except for two triangle shapes right over my nipples and a line that went up around my neck. These spots were as white as could be. I looked like I had on a pale white bikini top. Mom gave me another hug I see you have been swimming dear.

I looked in the mirror again and I started to cry. What must mom think, I started to apologize.

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I am sorry mom I pleaded. I told you that you could wear it I am not mad at you. But I was wearing a bikini mom. I looked at her and she again smiled well with your sun tan you look like you have a bikini top on anyway you might as well just keep wearing the bikini we have. I looked at her and started to say no but she put her fingers to my mouth, listen dear. You have been wearing it for I guess the last couple days and I am sure Tracy has seen you in it?

I nodded yes. I love you dear and if you are okay with wearing the bikini then its okay with me, I am sure you look great in it. She gave me one more hug and said then its settled lets go spend the day together in the pool. We all went down and grabbed our bikinis. Tracy came into the bathroom wearing her bikini and gave me a hug. It will be okay Kelly. She knows you have been wearing it and she is okay with it. She even saw your tan lines which is the same thing as the bikini except for the color.

She was right and I knew it so I said okay. Tracy took my hand and we walked through the kitchen and out to the pool. As we walked across the deck I could see mom looking at us and I started to get scared.

Mom came over and gave us both a hug. My god the two of you look so much alike almost like twin sisters. I had never thought about it but we did look a lot alike especially sense we were both wearing basically the same hot pink bikini. Mom got in the pool and then Tracy and finally me. I felt a little better in the pool sense the bikini was not as visible. We swan and splashed around in the pool for a while and I started to relax. We were having a great time and mom was right there with us almost like a big sister.

I love my mom and I know she loves me but there is a special bond between mother and daughter and while we were in the pool I shared that bond. I felt closer to mom then I have in years. After about an hour mom said she was going to go lay in the sun for awhile so Tracy and I decided to do the same. We got out and went over to the lounge chairs and sat down. Mom started to put on sun tan lotion and then handed it to me and said you better use some of this dear. I took the sun tan lotion and started to put it on when I saw my feet and the dark pink nail polish.

I tried to hide my feet but mom saw them. I see you did your toes too. It was my idea mom I talked Kelly into letting me do his toe nails, I am sorry. Mom looked at Tracy and then me, I like it the color looks nice on you. No dear I love you no matter what. Mom smiled and said then we will get you your own bikini dear. Tracy gave us both a hug and told mom she had already given me the bikini. Mom again looked at us.

I felt so much better and gave mom a big hug. The rest of the day the three of us spent swimming and lying in the sun like three sisters. It was one of the best days of my life and I felt closer to Tracy and my mom than ever before. At lunch mom went in and made us all a nice salad and brought it out to the pool for us to eat. The three of us sat there and talked. Mom told us about her job and then she started to tell us about our dad. How they had met in high school and fell in love.

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She told us how she was a year younger than him and she knew she loved him and that is why she had slept with him. She looked at us, remember that boys only want one thing and once you sleep with them there is no longer anything they will want from you. Tracy looked at mom; I would never sleep with a boy. I just looked at her with a blank stare. After lunch we lie in the sun for a while and then back into the pool till dinner time.

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Mom thought we should go out for dinner sense she did have some money from her tips. Tracy and I thought it was a great idea. We all went inside to change for dinner. I put on a nice pair of slacks and a nice shirt. I came downstairs but mom and Tracy were still getting ready so I watched a little TV. They came downstairs about 20 minutes later and they looked beautiful. They were both wearing dresses, Tracy had on a red dress and mom had on a short black dress.

They really did look like sisters. We got into the car and drove out to the Rio hotel casino. The restaurant was a little on the fancy side with dim lighting and privet booths. We all ordered and then we talked. Mom and Tracy talked about fashion and makeup and I was feeling a little left out.

Somehow it seemed different from earlier. We had a great time after dinner we went up above the casino and watched the show where carnival floats go around the ceiling. When we got home it was after 11 so mom kissed us good night and Tracy and I went up to bed. On the way upstairs Tracy asked if I was okay sense I had been so quiet all night.

Tracy gave me a hug, Sorry Kelly I just have missed talking about that stuff with someone. I said it was okay and she promised to make it up to me. I went to bed and slept really well. I dreamed about the day and wearing the bikini in front of mom and Tracy. The day replayed over and over in my dreams. In the morning I went down for breakfast, mom had prepared a big breakfast again. Tracy, I and mom talked about the day and what we would do. We decided to spend the day at the in the pool again and I was really happy because I could wear the bikini again.

After we ate and cleaned up we all got our bikinis on and went out to the pool we swam and sun bathed till lunch. Mom again fixed us a salad. Tracy asked her why we were having salads two days in a row.

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Mom smiled, we girls need to watch our weight if we want to look good in our bikinis. We all laughed and I once again felt like we were all close. After we ate Tracy went inside and came back out with her little bag again and sat down next to mom. Tracy looked at mom and asked if mom would like her to paint her nails till she could get to the nail salon.

Mom thought for a moment and then said yes. Mom looked over the nail polish and picked out a deep red color. Tracy quickly did moms nails and they looked so beautiful. I looked at mom and said they are really pretty. Tracy smiled at me, what about you Kelly; can I do your nails? I looked at her for a moment without saying anything. She smiled again well Kelly mom said we looked like twins why not let me do your finger nails in the same color I am wearing for the day.

It will be fun. I looked at Tracy and then mom not knowing what to say. I was still looking at mom when she put her hand on mine, its okay honey.

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If you want to paint your finger nails for the day I see nothing wrong with it. Lots of men get manicures your will just have a little color and it will match your bikini. I looked at Tracy and mom again and asked are you sure?

Mom just nodded. I looked at Tracy and said yes I would like her to paint my nails. After I said that I thought that I probably sounded more enthusiastic then I should have. Tracy gave me a hug and then started on my nails. We lay in the sun till mom and my nails dried and then we went back into the pool. We had a great time the rest of the day. A couple times while I was swimming I notice mom and Tracy talking and looking at me and wondered what they were talking about.

It was about 4 when mom said we should get out of the pool and get ready for dinner she was going to take us out again. As we walked inside Mom said Tracy and her wanted to talk to me for a moment. We sat down at the table and Tracy looked at me. Kelly, I have a big favor and please think about.

I looked at her and could see in her eyes that this was important so I said whatever you need the answer is yes. You have been so nice and not making fun of me wearing your bikini. Tracy gave me a hug and said you better wait till you hear the favor. I was watching you today in your bikini and with your nails painted and I kept thinking about what mom said about us looking like twins.

Would you let mom and I dress you up in a dress and makeup and see how much we look alike. I looked at Mom again and mom just smiled, I bet the two of you would look almost the same.

It might be fun and you might enjoy it. Tracy gave me a big hug and said lets go upstairs. Mom came up with us and took me into her bathroom. Honey I want to make sure this is something you want to do. She just gave me a hug and said I see nothing wrong with it as long as you are doing it because you want to, and it would be cute to see you and Tracy together as sisters.

I said I wanted to do it I would like to see what I look like. I removed my top and mom just looked at me, dear it will be a long time till you can go without a top. I looked in the mirror and she was right. My skin was a deep brown except where the top was which was almost white. She smeared a cream hair remover all over my body and face and told me to wait five minutes and then take a shower and be sure and wash my hair.

Then she left me in the bathroom and went to find Tracy. When I took my shower the water felt funny on my skin as what little hair I had washed away.

I toweled off and went to find Tracy and mom. When I came into Tracy room she gave me a hug and had me sit down. Mom and Tracy started on my hair. Now my hair was not as long as Tracy which went half way down her back but it was several inches long and went down just below my shoulders.

They wrapped them up in curlers all over my head. They must have used 25 curlers of different sizes and then told me to sit under the dryer while they got ready. I sat there with the hair dryer blowing on my head and as my hair dried the curlers seemed to get tighter. Mom and Tracy were gone for about thirty minutes.

When they walked back into the room they looked gorgeous. Tracy was wearing a black dress I think it was the one mom had worn the night before. Her makeup was different though more dramatic with a deep red lipstick.

Mom had on a black dress that had no straps both her shoulders were bare and you could see cleavage on her two.

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They looked beautiful. The two of them started to take the curlers out of my hair and brush it out. They spent about ten minutes brushing and hairspray and even a curling iron till they thought they had it right. Mom looked at me and for a moment I thought I saw a tear in her eye but she just smiled at me. She then told Tracy to go get my outfit while she did my makeup. Now I had a strange feeling in my stomach as she started. I told mom I felt a little strange but she smiled again.

All moms get a little emotional the first time they help their daughters with their makeup. She then applied a liquid which she said was called foundation to even out my skin color and make my face look smooth and flawless. It was a strange feeling. Next she put a light powder on my face as she said to set the foundation. Each time she did something she explained what it was and why she was doing it.

Then she told me to look up and she used a pencil to line my eyes which was really strange to have something that close to my eyes. Then she applied mascara to make my eye lashes longer. She then applied several shades of eye shadow to give my eyes depth.

A little blush to add some color to my cheeks and then the same deep red lipstick her and Tracy were wearing. She stepped back and looked at me and started to cry. I gave her a hug and said it was okay I would go wash it off.

At that moment Tracy walked in with an arm full of clothes and stopped. My god, look at how pretty you are. Mom stepped back and I could see her eye makeup was a little messed up so she went into the bathroom and fixed her face leaving Tracy and I there by ourselves. She gave me a pair of black panties and told me to put them on while Tracy and she turned around.

I took of the bikini bottoms and slid on the panties. When I was done they turned around. For some reason I felt embraced standing there in front of my mom and sister even though they were not much different than the bikini bottoms I was wearing. Mom came over and put the bra around my chest and fastened it behind my back.

Again I felt embarrassed standing there in just panties and a bra. I kept telling myself it was no different than the bikini. Mom than put something in the bra cups she called silicon breast enhancers. She pulled some of my chest skin up so the breast enhancers fit down in and held the fleshy part up. I looked down and I had cleavage. Not like mom and Tracy but my chest did not look like a boys any more. Then she brought over a black dress she lifted it up over my head and slid it down.

Mom helped me get it positioned just right. I looked down and could see my cleavage. Mom had me sit on the bed and showed me my shoes.

She slid them on my foot and strapped them up. Mom went over to her jewelry box and pulled out s couple strings of pearls and gave Tracy and me each one to wear. Mom and Tracy looked at me sitting on the bed and asked if I was ready to stand.

They helped me up which I thought was not necessary as they were not that bad, at least till I tried to walk.

My first step I almost fell.

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Mom took me by the arm, dear you need to walk on the balls of your feet and take smaller steps. She asked Tracy to help me walk around the room while she makes a call. Tracy and I walked around the room for about ten minutes but I really wanted to go see myself in the mirror. Mom came back and we walked over to the mirror.

Mom gave me a hug as did Tracy and then they uncovered the mirror so I could see what I looked like. Again I felt this was wrong but I liked it. I was beautiful and did not look like myself.

I looked like a 15 year old girl; I looked like my sister Tracy. Her hair was a little longer and blonde and I had light brown hair but we looked alike.

Mom smiled at both of us and without thinking said what two beautiful daughters I have. I thought for a moment looking at both them. My mom hugged me again; dear it is not wrong to like something. Would you mind if I take a picture of my two daughters?

I want to have a picture to remember this night and how you looked all dressed up in a pretty dress and makeup. I thought to myself that mom sounded like this was a onetime event, I had not thought about it but right now I liked how I was dressed and looked. Tracy said yes and mom looked at me, I smiled and said yes mom.

We went out onto the deck by the pool and mom took several pictures of us together and some of just me and some of just Tracy. Then she had me take a picture of her and Tracy and then Tracy took several pictures of mom and me. Mom even set the self timer and took a picture of the three of us with mom in the middle. It was strange to be outside if only in the back yard dressed this way but I liked it.

We went inside and put the pictures on the computer and looked at them. We studied them and there was no way you could tell I was not a girl.


Mom gave me a hug and said are you ready dear? I looked at her and Tracy walked over and handed me one of her black purses. Mom and Tracy both took their purses and we all walked through the house, I thought we were going back upstairs I assumed to change me back when mom opened the front door. I was glad that I was getting a little more time in my dress so I walked out the door and asked mom where she wanted to take the pictures.

Mom smiled and gave me a hug as I watched Tracy shut the front door. We may take more pictures later but first we need to go get some dinner and mom opened the car door. They wanted to go out to dinner with me dressed as a girl. The thought excited me but also scared the crap out of me and I was unable to move. Tracy took me by the arm and we walked over to the car. Tracy spoke up you look great just like me. Mom smiled; dear no one will be able to tell. Just watch your sister and try to act like her.

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We will both help you. Do you really think I should? Mom said yes dear, I want to make sure you remember this night. I thought for a moment and again had the same feeling this was a onetime chance so I said I would try. Mom looked at both of us, I expect you both to act like proper young ladies and then she looked right at me.

Tonight dear you are my daughter and that is how I will treat you. Are you willing to do what I say? I nodded and gave her a hug. Mom had Tracy show me how to get into the car like a lady smoothing my dress as she swung her legs inside.

I had never noticed how graceful Tracy was and how different girls get in cars. I followed as mom watch. She pointed out one thing to make it easier and said I did well.

Mom went around and got in the car and we were off. As mom drove she started to tell me all the things I had to remember, dear remember that when a girl wears a short and sexy dress boys will look.

You must remember to keep your leg closed when you sit. When you walk take small step and when you sit smooth tour dress under you when you sit. When we got there I did my best to get out of the car as gracefully as I could while mom and Tracy watched.

I stepped away from the car and looked back at them to see how I did. Mom smiled that was very nice dear but where is your purse? I looked over and Tracy had my purse and handed it to me. You have to keep track of your purse dear it contains you money, keys and some makeup in case you need to touch up your face. Mom looked at me and said, this is it are you ready for this? I was scared but nodded my head. We walked in our heels clicking on the floor as we were showed to our table.

We all looked at the menu, I saw what I wanted. They had BBQ ribs which are my favorite thing to eat. Mom asked what we wanted and Tracy said she would like salad and the Salmon fillet. Mom then looked at me and I said I will have the BBQ ribs. Mom smiled no dear they are way too messy, you will mess up your face and makeup.

Your need to pick something you can eat with a fork. I looked again and decided to have the chicken breast which mom approved with a salad of course.

When the waitress came to take our orders she looked at us and said, are you ladies ready to order? Tracy ordered first then she looked at me and you miss she asked? Then she took moms order. We sat there and talked for a few minutes. Mom looked at me, Kelly sit up straight dear and Tracy arms off the table.

We both looked at her. Suddenly Tracy let out a little giggle. We asked her what was so funny. She looked at us; I just realized your name works with how you are dressed. I thought for a moment, she was right.

Mom just smiled Have you ever wondered how you got your names? Tracy and I both looked at her. I had never thought about my name. Tracy spoke up is there a story behind our names mom? Mom said yes and if you want I can tell you. We both said yes. Mom started, when your dad and I found out I was pregnant our parents were not happy. My mom, your grandmother was very old fashioned.

She believed girls should be very feminine. When I was growing up I was not allowed to really play outside. I always had to wear dresses or skirts. I learned to sow and knit and cook. I really wanted to go out and play with the other children but mom only let me play with the girls.

We were going to let them decide if we had a boy he would decide if he wanted to play sports and if we had a daughter she would decide if she wanted to wear dresses or pants. We also decided we were not going to find out the sex of our baby that way we would not have any preconceptions. We told the doctor not to tell us.

The one thing he did tell us was I was pregnant with twins. Your father and I talked for hours and when we started thinking about names. We spent many hours and finally decided we would each pick one name and it had to be unisex. Your dad picked Tracy and we decided that the first one born would get the name he picked because he was older and I picked Kelly.

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I love dresses and the way they look and feel. Yes dear I wanted you to live your life the way it made you happy, but I must admit I was really happy when you started to wear dresses and makeup and act more feminine. As a mother it was so nice to be able to share that with you, teach you all about fashion and makeup, how to do your hair. She smiled yes I must admit that the chance to relive that experience even if only for one night was something I will cherish, Thank you Tracy for suggesting it and for you Kelly for letting me have you as a daughter for a night.

I was so touched and told her I was happy to do it but in the back of my mind I focused on the words even if only for one night. This was a onetime only for me to dress up.

Our dinner came and we all sat there and ate. Mom only had to tell me once to take smaller bites. After dinner we walked back out to the car and mom drove down the strip and pulled into the Luxor hotel casino.

We walked inside and had to walk through the casino which kids can do as long as they are going someplace else and have their parent with them. You cannot believe how busy a casino is in the evening. There were hundreds if not thousands of people we walked by, it was a dream come true. We had to stand in line for about 15 minutes before we could go in. we sat down with all the other people and watched the show.

It lasted about two hours. When it was over we were heading out when mom said she needed to use the restroom. Tracy said she did too. I did as she said and came out. I had to wait for them and then we all touched up our lipstick and then we left. The drive home was a lot faster probably because I knew it was all coming to an end.

When we got home mom took me up to my bedroom and helped me off with my dress and bra. Tracy was standing in the doorway which made me feel a little uncomfortable for her to see me again in just the panties but there was nothing I could do. Mom handed the dress to Tracy and said, dear go hang your dress back in your closet while I help your brother remove his makeup.

She took me into the bathroom and gave me some cold cream to wash my face. Then she had me put on a moisturizer, she said this was to needed to make the skin feel better after the cleansing. Then she took out a bottle of nail polish remover and started to remove the nail polish. She finished my right hand and then my left.

She smiled at me, Kelly I hope you enjoyed this at least a little. I gave her a hug and said yes I did have a good time.

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She looked at my feet, would you like me to remove the polish from your toes or would you like to keep it on? Nobody will be able to see it unless you are barefoot. The answer was a big yes; I would have kept the polish on my fingers too. So I looked at her and trying not to act to excited I said well if you think its okay I will keep it on for a while.

She kissed me on the cheek and said it will be fine a little reminder of your night as my daughter plus it matches your bikini. I looked at her; I can still wear the bikini I asked? I gave her a big hug and kiss and went to my bedroom.

That night I went to bed and had a hard time sleeping. I kept thinking back over what had happened today and how much fun I had. I was sad to think it was all over. I finally fell asleep and dreamed the three of us were all dressed up and out for dinner. Then I dreamed mom had taken Tracy and me shopping and I was trying on all kinds of dresses. I woke up in the morning and got out of bed and saw my beautiful toes and I was still wearing the panties from last night.

Mom had forgotten to ask for them so I wore them to bed. I put on my robe but not my slippers and went downstairs for breakfast. Being Tuesday morning mom was in a hurry to get to work. She fixed us a quick breakfast and as we ate asked us what our plans for the day. I said I thought I would spend the day in the pool, as I wanted to wear the bikini again. Tracy said she thought she might walk to the mall before it got to hot and then she would also spend the afternoon in the pool.

It will do you good to get out of the house for a while. I said I would think about it.

Tracy and I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. When we were all done Tracy said come on lets go to the mall.

We went upstairs and each took a shower, when I came out of the bathroom Tracy was waiting for me and pulled me into her room. I asked her was she was doing and she just smiled. I really enjoyed having a sister yesterday and I thought we could go to the mall as sisters today.

I looked at her for a moment and she smiled at me. I have picked out a white skirt and pink top for you to wear. I looked at her bed and there they were.

She sat me down and brushed my hair and blew it dry.

It had retained most of the curl from the night before and she made it up into a feminine style. She put a pink bra around my chest and put the breast enhancers in the cups and then helped me on with the top and the skirt.

We once again look like sisters. She smiled at me, almost perfect Kelly just one more thing. She put a little mascara on my lashes, a little eye shadow and the same pink lipstick she had on. We again looked in the mirror and I had the same great feeling from the day before. She handed me my purse and we walked out the door. The five block walk to the mall was so much fun. When we got there Tracy took my hand and we headed for the shoe store.

She started to try on shoes and ask me how they looked. Then she handed me a pair and told me to try them. I slipped them on and walked around to see how they felt. I had never understood till that moment why women like shoes so much but now I get it.

We must have tried on 50 shoes each and I found I loved the ones with really high heels as they made me taller. I had always been a little self conscious about my height but now that I have found high heels I am glad I am shorter. We spent over an hour there. As a boy, shopping never appealed to me. I just wanted to go in buy what was needed and get out. It was after noon when we left the mall and walked home. About a block from home there was another girl about our age in her front yard.

She was a pretty girl with long blonde hair wearing white shorts and a pink top. When she saw us she came over and said hi and introduced herself, Hi my name is Susie. Before I could think I said my name is Kelly and this is my sister Tracy. We talked for a few minutes and she asked if we were new to the neighborhood.

03/10/  The girls were all really nice and we all had on our short skirts and heels. As Jill said we will drive the boys wild. Susie's mom gave us all our tickets and then said she would be back at 3 pm to pick us up and she left. Now it was just us girls, eight of us and 02/05/  Collection of busty women in tight sweaters. caroldaniel Uploaded 05/02/ k Views. 5 Comments. 14 Favorites Chesty Bunch of Guys. New York, New York: William J. Byrne Nyack, New York, raises his arms as he gets his chest measured at 39 Whitehall Street, Casey Stengel gets chesty when surrounded by bevy of beauties. New mascot at the naval base in Philadelphia answers to two things, the name "Chesty

Then Tracy said we really should get home sense we were late. Susie said it was nice to meet us and maybe we could get together sometime.

Tracy said that sounded fun and then we went home. Tracy and I made a quick lunch and ate out buy the pool. When we were done we went and put our bikinis on and went swimming for the afternoon.

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About 5 pm we went inside and Tracy helped me remove what little makeup I still had on and then she removed the nail polish from my fingers before mom got home. Tracy and I came down stairs just as mom came through the door. She gave us both a hug and we all went into the kitchen. Mom cooked dinner as she told us about her day.

I could tell she liked her new job from what she said. She then asked how are day was. Tracy told her about us going to the mall and looking around. Mom smiled at me, I am glad you got out of the house for a while. After dinner mom put on her bikini and joined us out by the pool. Our breasts can be supremely sexually pleasurableand they can also be a source of anxiety about "measuring up" to cultural expectations.

They can be beautiful; they can be a source of illness and pain. Each woman's breasts - and each woman's story - are uniquely her own.

So, we bring you 25 women and their personal relationships with their breasts: difficult and celebratory, in sickness and in health. How Exactly Does Ashton Kutcher Clean His Crotch?

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