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For some reason we had an RV that had one big bed in the back, so all five of us were trying to squeeze into that bed to try to get some sleep before we got to Montreal, I think, or Toronto.

So we had a nice, long drive after the show and everyone was wired.


We got up there and, the next night, we were doing a sound check and Iggy and Bowie came in and everyone was gasping. MOODY: Had you not met Iggy before then? Or was that the first time you got to see the legend up close?

Or, when you think back on it, does it seem as worthy of the thrall of romanticism that all of us writers fall into when speaking on the subject?

It was a very fertile, creative period. But the results can be fertile. MOODY: It seems like Blondie had a different sound from the other bands.

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Other people have noted that too. It was less aggressive than the Ramones or the Patti Smith Group. So what was good for you and Chris about contact with the scene? We were very minimal when we started, very rough-edged. So, in that respect, we fit in. But I think every band was totally different and that was kind of curious for the scene.

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There are a lot of differences among Television, the Ramones, and the Talking Heads. We got out of that overly serious, pompous, big, guitar-band sound. Lyrically, we got into some crazy stuff.

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It was more about some kind of antisocial mood. Do you have that detachment from songs and lyrics of the early Blondie, or do you still feel a bemused love for the writer of that time? HARRY: Because we had a lot of personnel changes in the beginning, we were more of an experimental or exploratory kind of group.

We really changed personnel quite a few times. And at each time it was a collaborative ensemble situation. We were trying to incorporate whatever a musician or a person brought to us to create a sound.

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And, finally, that jelled. Then we had a specific sound. We were truly a New York City band in that respect.

We had ears open to all the influences that were around us. HARRY: Yeah. I love it.

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One of the beats in one of the songs is a Turkish beat. MOODY: How did you think about amassing new material for this album?

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Did you write with the anniversary in mind? Chris is a pretty prolific writer, and Matt Katz-Bohen [current Blondie keyboardist] has made substantial contributions. We had a lot more contributors to this album-lyrically and musically.

HARRY: I hummed it. But, anyway, I did it and I sent it to the producer.

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Chris and I felt over the years that the music should come first. You can have a lyrical idea-you can have, like, a hook without directing the phrasing. But I think the music should come first, really, so that it has a feeling and a flow to it.

  Debbie Harry, at 74, would like to have a child (Photo: Independent archive) "Honestly, I was so self-centred, it never crossed my mind. I was amazed that anyone would want to have a child   Debbie Harry also did well as a performance art before rebuilding. Blondie in the late s. Debbie Harry's acting profession includes credits for more than 60 films and TV programs Debbie Harry was conceived Angela Trimble on July 1, in Miami, Florida. At the age of three, Debbie Harry adopted Richard Smith Harry   But Debbie Harry is one of those superstars. From the monster success of Parallel Lines, Blondie's breakthrough album of , through the comeback period of the '90s and aughts, Harry's cultural dominance even includes her solo career as an actress of note (in David Cronenberg's Videodrome and James Mangold's Heavy , among others), and role model for up-and

A lot of times for Broadway shows the book is written first and then the music is applied and sometimes those songs are very stiff and choppy-sort of like marching music. HARRY: Chris could write with anybody. On some of the songs he worked with the producer, Jeff Saltzman.

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And Jeff was working in San Francisco with a young artist named Natalie [Hawkins], who came up with some of the lyrics. She came up with some really good ones.

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In some cases, I added to them or changed them to make them work better for me. So this has really been a collaborative album-much more than ever before.

Debbie Harry \u0026 Kermit The Frog - Rainbow Connection

HARRY: Thank you. Did you watch the Grammys last night?

Debbie Harry, the original Punk Rock sex symbol, is one of the most photographed rock superstars in the world. Ms. Harry has obsessed us with her entire gorgeous being for generations. She captivated our hearts and minds with her voice, her stage presence and style, always on the cutting edge of music, fashion and philosophy. Always inspired by new bands, she also is active in the community

Can you remind us how that picture came about? So that image is for the classic Blondie songs-it implies the past-and the other artwork is for the new stuff. We had sort of known Andy from around, on the street, and saying hi. But, after that, we became better acquainted, and I saw Andy quite a bit for a while.

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It was really awful when he died. It was such a loss. And he was always so supportive of young artists.

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MOODY: Did he have any impact on you guys from a philosophical, careerist perspective? Am I just extrapolating? HARRY: You probably are extrapolating a bit.

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But, I mean, Chris and I were art students. I realised there was no door handle, no window crank, no nothing.

The inside of the car was totally stripped out. After I saw him on the news. Ted Bundy. Debbie once supplied him with the drug while he was in hospital.

Deborah Ann Harry (born Angela Trimble; July 1, ) is an American singer, songwriter and actress, known as the lead vocalist of the band recordings with the band reached No. 1 in the US and UK charts on many occasions from to Born in Miami, Florida, Harry was adopted as an infant and raised in Hawthorne, New Jersey   Unusually for a bona fide pop icon, Debbie Harry was already 33 when Blondie released their UK breakthrough album Parallel Lines in , and had even turned 34 when 'Heart Of Glass' was a colossal debut hit in the US a year later. In pop terms, the dynamic core of the group - Harry and her then boyfriend, the guitarist Chris Stein - were already neighing skittishly in the shadow of the   Debbie Harry. Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images. Blondie singer Debbie Harry is speaking out about a traumatic experience she endured in the early days of her music career. In her upcoming memoir

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