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In all, babyfaced individuals are thought of as more honest, naive, warm, kin approachable, trustworthy, likeable, familiar, and charismatic than the rest of us. This trust is misplaced. Finally - inexplicably - across diverse cultures, in every corner of the globebaby-faced women are rated as the most attractive. Cartoon characters like Betty Boop have often borrowed babyface traits Credit: Alamy.

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It was widely believed at the time that the animal a person resembled was as good a judge of character as any. By the Middle Ages it was well and truly mainstream. We view those who resemble Labradors as warm, while those who resemble lions as more dominant.

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Many of these judgements occur in as little as 50 milliseconds. Are they sick?

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Deep in our evolutionary past, the ability to make rapid, unconscious categorisations had life-and-death importance. To get to grips with why having a babyface is so great, first we need to understand what happens when we recognise an actual baby. If your face mirrors the feature of infants, you may be afforded all sorts of advantages Credit: Getty Images.

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Similarly, our bodies do a lot more growing later on than our heads; giant cranium, check. They have more body fat than adults; chubby cheeks, check.

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The list goes on. Crucially, gazing into their innocent faces makes us less aggressive and more generous, smiley and helpful.

When babies' faces were painted on these shutters in south-west London, crime decreased Credit: YouTube. In one studyparticipants had their brains scanned while they looked at pictures of babies and baby-faced men.

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The neural activation patterns of women looking at baby-faced men were indistinguishable from when they looked at actual babies. Those on the contraceptive pill - and those who are the most fertile - may be more susceptible than others.

Back inshe put the power of the babyface to the test.

It works like this. Would you mail it for them? Keating and colleagues wrote a cover letter for a fictional job and a resume for a fictional applicant and printed of them.

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Each was attached to an envelope which was stamped and addressed to an apparent potential employer - though really they were addressed to a mailbox for which Keating had the key.

They were all identical, except one detail: the photo on the resume either had disarming babyish looks or the shrewd appearance which comes with age. The resumes were misplaced on park benches, sidewalks, public transit stops, outdoor markets, phone booths, anywhere there was moderate traffic - but nowhere windy.

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Do politicians gain any benefit if they're seen to have softer features? Credit: Getty Images. Somebody had gone to a lot of trouble to put together this package. A few years earlier inKeating tried a similar experiment, this time meddling with the faces of politicians.

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Unsuspecting volunteers were shown images of US presidents which had been altered to make them more or less babyish, then asked to rate them for dominance, strength, cunning, honesty, attractiveness and compassion. The big-eyed politicians were generally rated as warmer, more honest and attractive. This was especially true for the incumbent Clinton, who Keating speculates may have been helped by his babyish looks only the year before; throughout the Lewinsky scandal and the following impeachment trial he remained wildly popular with the general public.

Supermodels like Lindsey Wixon often sport baby-faced features Credit: Getty Images.

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The thing is, resembling a baby might prevent politicians from being elected in the first place. Babyfaced people are viewed as more submissive, weaker and less competent - not exactly traits considered desirable in a leader.

Boys cute twinks chavs scally lads yo pictures and videos has 8, members. Only pictures or videos from cute boys yo in high quality We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow more In addressing the American Academy of Paediatrics, a former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. M. Jocelyn Elders stated that preventing teen pregnancy was her top priority: "eighty percent of our poverty is related to unplanned, unwanted pregnancies" and "ninety per cent of the young men in prison between [ages] were born to teenaged mothers."(4) While on an individual basis, I have seen teen

For women, it could be even more of a challenge. Even the downsides of babyishness - being viewed as submissive, weak and less competent - can, oddly, be helpful. While an unplanned pregnancy becomes rapidly evident, many of the consequences of having an STD do not show up immediately and some may not be apparent for years.

The unrealistic view that one can have risk-free sexual liaisons is rampant in North America and many other parts of the world.

I was only a few weeks into my specialist training when I began to encounter young patients who were suffering from the results of STDs. I remember being called to the emergency department in the middle of the night to see a fourteen-year-old who had experienced ten days of severe pain in her lower abdomen.

After completing the medical history and physical examination, it was evident that this girl was suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease P. is commonly caused by gonorrhoea or chlamydia. When I discussed the situation with the teen and her mother, I was told that, in an attempt to be responsible, they had together visited a birth control centre and, in order to prevent an unintended pregnancy, the daughter had started taking the birth control pill.

Neither the mother, nor the teenaged girl, said that they had ever heard of P. In view of the potential consequences of this severe pelvic infection many people are subsequently unable to have childrenit was troubling to me that neither this teenager nor her mother had ever considered STDs before this teen began having sex.

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Despite the fact that many teenagers do not perceive that they are at risk for sexually transmitted infections, the incidence of certain STDs is so high that some researchers have concluded that contracting a common, potentially cancer-causing STD like human papillomavirus "should now be considered an inevitable consequence of sexual activity.

Although in the last five years individuals and medical professionals have increasingly realized that even condom use does not make sex 'safe,' the unrealistic view that one can have risk-free sexual encounters is still rampant in North America and many other parts of the world.

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I recently saw a young, professional woman who was plagued by recurrent herpes sores acquired when she was a teenager. Her partner at that time had been checked out at a medical clinic and was told that he was infection free. Unfortunately, he was not informed, that many STDs have no signs or symptoms in the early stages and that there are no simple and available tests to detect some of the viral STDs in the early phases of the infection.

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My patient did not, as a teenager, understand the risks of this sexual relationship and she contracted herpes from this first sexual partner.

Because of ongoing problems with spreading herpes sores, this woman sought advice from a public health provider in order to determine how to minimize the risk of transmission to her current husband.

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She was told that he only needed to wear a condom to prevent catching herpes. This advice was given despite the fact that her sores were located all over her genital area and not just at sites where a condom would prevent skin-to skin contact. Unfortunately, this woman's spouse subsequently became infected with genital herpes.

Those who start having sex at earlier ages tend to have a higher number of sexual partners over their lifespan this results in an increased risk for STDs.

It is important to point out that this is not an uncommon scenario. Teenagers are frequently misinformed or misunderstand the life-long risks that early sexual involvement exposes them to.

Over the last couple of decades there has been a disturbing trend toward initiation of sexual activity at very young ages. This infection is the second leading cause of serious sickness and disability in the world 24 and is contracted most commonly by young people, aged 15 to Just as previous epidemics have affected social and economic life, the current consequences of teen sex are having a profoundly negative impact both on the lives of individuals as well as on national health care expenditures.

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In the United States alone the economic cost for dealing with problems related to teen sex are tens of billions of dollars annually. Many well-meaning educators are concerned about burdening teens with the uncomfortable and even threatening reality of STDs. They are also struggling with the idea that in order to present non-judgemental information, they should not directly endorse one behavior over another. This has sometimes resulted in a hesitancy to directly encourage teenagers to make decisions and choose behaviours that will effectively minimize risk and enhance life-long well-being.

Unfortunately, however, STDs are such a serious problem that they demand attention. Considering the serious risks, it is crucial that teens begin to learn the comprehensive facts related to sexual behavior and STDs and that they are encouraged to make health-oriented decisions.

Genuis, Which Are the Common Stds? NOTE: The references have not been included in this reprint. They are included in the book.

Teen Sex: Reality Check book or audio-book Using stories, case presentations and current medical research, this book addresses the issue of STDs and teen sex, the factors predisposing adolescents to risky sexual behaviors and the various strategies used to address the challenge of early adolescent sexual involvement.

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A variety of myths related to teen sex and sexually transmitted diseases are explored through the presentation of medical fact and stories of real people. Appropriate for viewing by both teens and adults.

May be effectively used in classroom presentations to both inform students of medical facts and to stimulate discussion. Every teenager, parent, and educator must see this video.

Risky SexThis comprehensive, yet fascinating and easy to read book uses real life stories and facts to clearly illustrate the seriousness of sexually transmitted diseases. Teen Sex: Challenge and Decision video Available in Spanish or French.

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