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When she answered, they both liked what they saw a little too much and the readers gasp in shock. He took a good look at her. She had long, flowing blonde hair accompanied by bright green eyes, pouty lips and a perfect complexion.

Her beautiful figure was hugged by a tight navel revealing shirt reading "Fuck You" and a plaid red skirt.

Her legs were long and delicious looking and she wore no shoes. It was a far cry from the pimply and clumsy teen he used to know.

He had to shake these thoughts from his head, though. They hugged, but Justin had to withdraw quickly so she wouldn't feel his growing erection. They stood there for a while, trying not to look at eachother too much. Next to the kitchen was a hallway.

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He tried to look away at anything to calm his growing woody. She sat. He sat.

All the while though, they exchanged glances that hinted at their inhibited lust. Finally, Justin asked about the promised alcohol. She smiled. She turned and bent over the arm, grabbing the beer, and giving Justin a great view of her lovely ass.

cousins had grown up to be very cute. Jennifer (the. older one) was about 5'5," and was a light brunette with. plump lips and big round eyes. They both had light. olive/white skin, and were the same tone as me, for we. all looked more or less alike. Taylor had a slightly. lighter complexion, and was a dirty blonde 'Fuck', he thought, 'I won't take long at all'. As soon as he got into the bathroom, he closed the door and dropped to his knees, pulling his cock out and beating it like mad. Visions of his cousin bouncing up and down on his dick and calling out his name ran through his head Cousin sex stories - Sara lets her cousin feel her up. Cousin sex stories - yeah, I have a few. I had a cute older cousin named Ryan. I was 15 when I got to take a trip to Iowa to visit his family all by myself. Took a bus and my Aunt and Uncle met me at the train station. While we drove to their house, we caught up on and made small talk

His dick twitched; he couldn't take much more. As he walked off trying to conceal his throbbing member, she called back, "Don't take too long, or I'll drink it all myself! As soon as he got into the bathroom, he closed the door and dropped to his knees, pulling his cock out and beating it like mad.

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Visions of his cousin bouncing up and down on his dick and calling out his name ran through his head. Within seconds his hips bucked forward and he shot out a thick wad of jism into the toilet. Little did he know that Brittney saw all of this.

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She had followed him, opened the door ever so gently immediately after he had closed it, and watched him. The sight of her cousin masturbating in her bathroom drove her mad with desire. She had already wanted him, but now it simply couldn't wait. Her hand rushed down her stomach and she began to finger herself. With her other hand she rubbed her breasts. Finally, she decided it was time. She rose, walked into the bathroom right behind Justin and ran her hands down his chest.

Oddly enough, this didn't surprise him at all.

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He got up to his feet, turned, and his lips made contact with hers. They wrapped their arms around each other's waists, Justin's pants falling to his ankles, and they briefly separated their mouths.

Justin began kissing her neck and moved his hands down to grope her ample rump.

He squeezed gently and he felt her twitch. He smiled as their tongues engaged in a vicious battle and asked, almost totally out of breath, "Where's the bedroom?

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She jumped up and wrapped her muscular legs around his waist, his hardening shaft chafing her soaked panties. He slowly walked to the bedroom as they kissed madly and kept fondling her gorgeous ass.

Cousin Sex Stories - Sex In The Barn While Doing Chores. 2 years ago. Age Play Sex Stories,Incest Sex Stories,Teen Sex Stories. As I have mentioned before, my cousins and I were very close-knit. We lived within close distance of each other and we spent a lot of time together. Due to these "close" times, there were a lot of cousin sex I call this My Baby Sister & female cousins First Fuck Campout. When I was 17 my baby sister was only 8 Years Old But She had just started to devolpe nice little titties as she was only 4'11" but her titties were a size 34b and she had a completely Hairless Little Cunt and on this day 3 of our Female cousins age 8 to and a set of twins age Muffy felt a ball of heat start glowing in her belly. Her cousin, still driving on a learner's permit, was willing to let her brother fuck a baby in her belly! It was astonishing. "Well, I think you're crazy." said Muffy. "Okay, but some day you'll understand. Meanwhile, let's

Justin laid Brittany down on her bed, instilled with so much lust that it must have had a percentage of his blood. She took off her shirt, which had no bra underneath, and he pulled her skirt upward, revealing completely saturated panties.

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He pulled them off and started kissing her knee, slowly moving down to her pussy, her sighs growing louder the closer he got. He licked around the shaved area and gingerly inserted his fingers inside her. A groan of pleasure escaped her.

He sucked slowly on her clit as she closed her legs around him tightly. Finally he removed his fingers and used his hands to massage her tits and ass while he ate her pussy. Her moans grew louder as he licked and sucked more rapidly, and when she began shoving her hips into his face, she came.

No intelligible sounds came out of Brittney, but she was almost ready to pass out as wave after wave of pure feeling ran through her body. Justin wiped his face on her bedsheets and moved up.

Cousin fuck stories

He kissed her and she tasted herself for the first time, savoring it. Just then she felt Justin thrust into her. She screamed like a banshee, and continued to do so until he was done thrusting in and out. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and screamed out ridiculous things like "Cum for me, baby," and "Fuck me Justin," while he pounded into her harder and harder. He licked her breasts and sucked roughly on her nipples as she spurred him on, their hips bucking into eachother in unison, their bodies trembling from a pleasure that felt worse than sin.

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As they kissed she screamed into his mouth. He felt the wetness engulf his groin and as her cunt squeezed on his rod, he had to cum as well. His wad shot into her, driving her even further over the edge, violent shockwaves ripping through her entire body until she thought she couldn't take anymore and then some. When he pulled out his cock hurt, as did her pussy. They kissed softly. Justin looked into Brittney's bright green emeralds lovingly and brushed a golden lock of her hair out of them.

He decided that he didn't care that this was his cousin. She smiled a smile that almost stopped Justin's heart. way to rushed wheres the background? wheres the character development?

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He looked at me and smiled. After dinner, the younger boys asked if we could all sleep outside in their tents out in the backyard. Thier parents said we could, so after dinner, we grabbed loads of snacks, flashlights and sleeping bags.

There were two small pup tents, so we had to decide who was sleeping where. The younger boys both wanted to share a tent with me. Ryan said since he was oldest he would share my tent.

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I was pretty relieved. I secretly wanted to get close to him.

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We took our sleeping bags into the tiny tents. I got into my bag and slid my pants off.

I kept my panties and t-shirt on. Ryan also got into his bag.

We both tried to sleep without touching. I was so excited listening to him breathe and smelling him so close.

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I rubbed my legs together imagining him touching me. Finally, I felt him ease closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my little body. I could feel his hardening cock grinding against me.

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I told him to unzip his bag and I crawled inside. Then I let him rub against my panties until he came on my thigh.

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