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Inreporter Wendy Wichel revealed to Dick Tracy that there was new information revealed about Flattop involving Tracy prior to his first documented encounter with Flattop.

Tracy revealed Flattop's role in an espionage ring run by a Nazi spy code-named "Boche" later revealed to be Pruneface in which he hired Flattop to eliminate G-Man Jim Trailer and kidnap Professor Roloc Bar the creator of the Xylon Bomb.

It was also revealed by Pat Patton that Flattop was the man who killed an unspecified number of G-Men in the Kansas City Massacre. After Trailer revealed to Flattop that he Flattop was aiding the Nazis, Flattop turned on his employer and started an auction between Boche and the U. Government for the two prisoners. Trailer had spoken to Tracy and gave a hidden clue to where Flattop was holding them the mention of Pearly Gates, referring to St.

Peter's church. Tracy and Pat managed to drop in on Flattop before he could kill Trailer.

Flattop was offered $10, by Zolla and the "Big Shots" in a black market ring, to come to the city from his home in the Cookson Hills to kill Dick Tracy. Immediately upon his arrival in the city, Flattop and Ed captured Tracy in a taxi. Instead of killing Tracy, Flattop decided to black mail Zolla for $50, more   Directed by B. Reeves Eason. With Ralph Byrd, Joe Devlin, John Cliff, George Pembroke. Tracy is kidnapped from his home by Flattop, who in turn tells Namgib he will kill Tracy if he is paid $50, Tracy escapes however, and takes Flattop out.6/10(13)   Dick handles one of his great arch-nemeses, much to his hamburger and hot dog cooking wife's Tsnore

Flattop managed to get away with the Professor and wound Trailer. The Professor was stashed on board the replica of the Santa Maria where Flattop would drown months later.

Flattop collected his money from Boche, who warned Flattop that he would kill him if he crossed him again. Flattop left after telling Boche where the Professor was.

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Years later, Flattop's "ghost" took over the body of his law-abiding brother Sharptop during a seance conducted by Crystal Plentya New Age enthusiast niece of Gravel Gertie. The "ghost" compelled Sharptop to change his hair style and color to more closely resemble Flattop's appearance. It is not known for certain if this was a genuinely supernatural occurrence, but Sharptop's mind was eventually freed of "Flattop's" control.

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Flattop was a character in the humorous radio play Dick Tracy in B Flatproduced for Armed Forces Radio in February of He was played by Bob Hope. In the program, Flattop kidnapped Snowflake Falls and attempted to woo her.

He sang a parody of the popular Cole Porter tune "You're the Top". Flattop was the villain in the audio story The Case of the Midnight Marauderwhich was released as a double rpm record set by Mercury Records in Flattop was played by Richard Rober. In the story, Flattop was hired to kill Tracy in Miami, but was briefly delayed when Tracy and Pat Patton changed hotel rooms.

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After a brief encounter with Vitamin Flintheart, Flattop was able to capture Tracy but the detective escaped. Tracy and Flattop engaged in a showdown on ship in a nearby bay, where the detective shot and killed Flattop.

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Flattop appeared in Episode 15 of Season 1 of the s Dick Tracy TV series starring Ralph Byrd. Flattop was played by actor John Cliff.

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He was not portrayed as deformed or unusual-looking, but wore a distinctive flat-topped hat. The plot of the episode was similar to original Flattop story in the comic strip, with Flattop being commissioned to kidnap and kill Dick Tracy.

Flattop with the help of his heavily-accented henchman Mote abducted Tracy from his home and took him to a hideout. There, Flattop decided to try to squeeze more money out the man who had hired him, Mr. Namgib "Big man" spelt backwards.

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Tracy eventually escaped, shot Mote, and arrested Flattop. Flattop was one of the featured villains in the s humorous cartoon version of Dick Tracy.

Flattop was often paired with B-B Eyesand had a voice reminiscent of Peter Lorre provided by voice actor Mel Blanc and later Paul Frees. He did not interact with Tracy directly save for the "Copped Copper Caper"but was instead foiled by Tracy's "funny" subordinates.

Flattop also appeared in an episode of The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magooproduced by UPA, the same company that made the Dick Tracy cartoon.

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In the episode "Dick Tracy and the Mob", original air-date Feb. Magooplayed by Jim Backus to kill Dick Tracy voiced by Everett Sloane. In this incarnation Flattop has a more clipped, Chicago-accented voice, provided by actor Howard Morris. In the s, a pilot was produced for a live-action Dick Tracy TV series by William Dozier, who had also produced the s Batman TV series.

Flattop did not appear in the pilot, but a make-up test was prepared for a possible future episode with actor Leon Janney. in the role.

  Dick Tracy and Flat Top. Topics. Dick Tracy, Classic TV, Ralph Byrd. "Flat Top" Jones kidnaps Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd) after being hired to do away with him. However, Flat Top decides he wants more money, giving Tracy time to live while Sam Catchem searches for him. Season 1, Episode December 12,   Dick Tracy TV Show, Episode #14 aired on 12/13/ Tracy is kidnapped from his home by Flattop Jones who has been hired to kill the detective. Flattop fi Author: Dick Tracy   Mexico One 12 - Dick Tracy and Flat Top I guess that Flat Top is accurate to the comic strip art but man, he sure does look like an ugly Asian teenager going through an angsty phase

The character's appearance closely resembled his depiction in the comic strip. Flattop was a character in the "Dick Tracy" segments of the animated television series Archie's TV Funniesproduced by Filmation Associates.

Flattop's appearance closely resembled his depiction in the comic strip. He was portrayed as part of a large, international criminal organization called Intergem.

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Flattop was one the villains featured in the show's opening and closing credits sequence. Flattop was shown escaping from jail and later planning an elaborate jewel theft.

Dick Tracy 03 - Jewel Fool

He was stopped by Dick Tracy and Junior. In another episode featuring Prunefacereference is made to Flattop having escaped from jail again. Flattop was a major character in the feature film Dick Tracy.

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He was played by William Forsythe. Flattop was a lieutenant of Al "Big Boy" Capriceand was feared by other members of the underworld. He often worked with Itchy and Mumbles. Danny Welton Timmy as Timmy.

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William Woodson Narrator as Narrator uncredited. Storyline Edit. police detective contract killer blackmail abduction. Add content advisory. User reviews 1 Review. Top review. Dick Tracy faces death! With Tess getting in touch with her husband's partner Sam Catchem, Joe Devlin, in order to find him Tracy does a little psychology Job on Flattop in convincing him that his life is worth a lot more then the 10 G's that Namgib is to give him for knocking him off!

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With Namgib getting the news by phone from Flattop that he now wants 50 not 10 G's for getting Tracy out of his hair it give him, and Catchem in locating him, just enough time to make his escape.

with Flattop deciding to do Namgib in and take the money, the 50 G's he has on him, which ends up in a wild shootout where both Namgib and Mote ended up being shot and killed! With the shooting going on the police lead by Catchem get there just in the nick of time to save Tracy's life.

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And with that Dick Tracy could now go home and eat the home cooked meal that his wife Tess prepared for him without any farther interference. sol Jan 12, Details Edit. Release date December 18, United States. Technical specs Edit. On a crowded train, Flattop caught a young man, Bud Jenkins, trying to pick his pocket. Jenkins, to let him room at their house. One day, Tracy came to tell Mrs. Jenkins that Bud had drowned in the park lagoon while ice skating.

Flattop raced up to the roof and hid from Tracy inside a chimney. A neighbor, looking to get honey, pulled Flattop out of the chimney. Dirty and sooty, Flattop changed clothes with Hawker Davis, a street corner pitchman, and then killed him and burned his body.

Hiding out in a cheap hotel, Flattop encountered aging actor, Vitamin Flintheart, stole a disguise from him and left him bloody on the floor.

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Flattop was shot in the neck by Pat Patton as he emerged from the movie theater where he had been hiding. The glass struck the guard in the eye and Flattop beat him and stole his gun and keys.

Flattop released Vitamin and used him as a shield to make his getaway. Flattop took Vitamin to a hideout inside the Santa Maria Replica that stood on pilings in the park lagoon.

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