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Rob Astorino For NY Governor! By Dick Morris on August 2, Part 1 - History Video! How Partisanship Won The Civil War But Lost The Peace! Featured at embed code Copy and paste code Featured at dailykos.

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com writes about Social about dickmorris. com Do you know new review about this site? com Hillary Clinton Is Not Like Other Rich People - Get It?! RealClearPolitics Morris, a former political adviser to Sen. Read article election 08 election news political analysis.

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Find useful? com Senators, Must Be Impeached NOW Before Obama is Crowned Emperor with Supreme Power and Dictatorship CLINGERS BLOGGING BAD DICK. G: AMERICAN!

Read article AGAINST MARTIAL LAW Case for Austerity Dynamics of Dissent. com FrontPage Magazine - Why the Left Can't Sink Alito It differs with the Democrats over domestic anti-terror efforts but exempts them from its condemnation of congressional dishonesty.

Read article FrontPage Magazine. Read article Andre Controversa Show Blog Archive Guy Show.

For many years a "disillusioned Democrat," Dick Morris has stated he is now a Republican. In August , Morris began a petition on his website opposing federal funding for the Park51 Muslim community center, claiming that the center is "designed to celebrate the attacks that killed 3, Americans" Subscribe here to receive all of Dick's columns and daily Lunch Alert! videos for FREE! Each day we'll send you Dick's latest thoughts and commentary including his daily Lunch Alert! videos Official Website of Dick Morris. In the debt limit battles during the Obama administration, the Democrats were able to get the upper hand by saying, "You voted to spend the money, now you can't vote against borrowing to pay for it."

com The Law of Joe Girard's Sales Strategy Wins The Millennial Vote, Not Twitter Or Facebook - Forbes A bit of perspective from recent political history helps. Read article Investments business news economy. com Glen Meakem Conservative Talk Show Host April - Bankrupt!

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Read article articles conservative economy. com WEBCommentary tm - Dick Morris WEBCommentary provides information and commentaries on politics, culture, environment, health and other topics of general interest. InMorris further stated that Clinton cocked his arm back to throw a punch, but Hillary Clinton pulled her husband off Morris.

In both versions of the story, she consoled Morris and apologized to him, stating that Bill behaved as such only with those he cared for most.

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According to Morris, she did this to keep him quiet about the incident. He says the incident was the reason for denying Bill Clinton's request to work on the campaign.

Official Website of Dick Morris Home / Republicans / Popularity. out of 5 by PressAboutUs. barack obama congress elections hillary clinton. Reviewed on Feb 2st, Featured at embed code. Copy and paste code Dick Morris, Delray Beach, Florida. , likes talking about this. OFFICIAL Facebook page of Dick Morris - Visit for Dick's Dick Morris. March 31 at PM . 40 Million Vaccines Produced But Not Injected - While 70, New Cases Daily. While Americans die of Coronavirus every day and 70, new cases are reported daily, 40 million vaccine doses have been produced in the U.S. but have not been administered

Morris has become a vocal and regular critic of the Clintons since his departure, in particular Hillary Rodham Clinton and her bid for the presidency.

Morris has written extensively about the Clintons see below and also contributed to Hillary: The Moviea documentary about Rodham Clinton when she was still a Presidential candidate. As of AugustMorris lends his name and assistance to the League of American Voters, an advocacy group for seniors to defeat the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He has been described as "America's most ruthless political consultant" in the BBC documentary Century of the Self[33] which chronicled how he brought lifestyle marketing to politics for the first time.

Morris has consulted for candidates in other countries of the western hemisphere, including the campaigns of Fernando de la Rua for President of ArgentinaJorge Batlle for President of UruguayVicente Fox for President of Mexicoand Raphael Trotman for President of Guyana Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann, are behind www.

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coma site intended to register non-scientific political public opinion on various issues. Morris worked as a strategist for Christy Mihoswho sought the Republican nomination to run for Governor of Massachusetts in against incumbent Deval Patrick overseeing strategy, polling, and advertising.

Since leaving Clinton's employ inMorris has said he has become profoundly "disillusioned" with the actions of the Clintons in the late s. Morris is also a regular columnist and Pundits Blogger for The Hilla nonpartisan daily newspaper based in Washington, D.

Regarding the Democratic presidential nomination, he initially stated that Howard Dean 's candidacy could be written off right away. He had earlier discussed the likelihood of Dean defeating John Kerry after early strong showings by the former Vermont governor. Kerry defeated Dean and all his other rivals and won the nomination.

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In a column in The Hill on June 22,Morris predicted that Hillary Clinton would face her "worst nightmare" in her Senate race against Republican candidate Judge Jeanine Pirrowhose campaign subsequently collapsed within a matter of two months after repeated crushing defeats in the opinion polls due to her husband's alleged Mafia ties. He even went so far as to suggest that Hillary Clinton would drop out to focus on her presidential campaign.

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In Morris wrote that Hurricane Katrina "has the capacity to shape the second Bush term in the same way September 11 shaped his first term-not only in rebuilding New Orleans but in taking preventative steps around the nation to bolster our defenses against natural and man-made disasters and terror strikes. Responding to disasters is a source of presidential strength and popularity, and Bush is about to show how it is done.

In a book on the presidential campaign, Morris stated that it was most likely that Hillary Clinton would face Condoleezza Rice for the presidency. Morris's critics reacted by mocking his mistaken predictions of past races.

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Appearing on Fox News' Hannity and Colmes on January 29,Morris said that those voting for John Edwards were "at the moment those that can't decide which they don't like more-a black or a woman getting elected". Morris elaborated that exit polls showed some Edwards voters were unsure if a woman or an African-American, in reference to then Democratic Primary front runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obamacould get elected to the Presidency for the first time in After Obama won the election, Morris was critical of him.

In earlyMorris said: "Those crazies in Montana who say, 'We're going to kill ATF agents because the UN's going to take over'? Well, they're beginning to have a case. In MarchAbout. comowned by The New York Times Companynamed Morris one of the top 20 conservatives to follow on Twitter. In a March column for The HillMorris predicted that Obama would not win a second term as President.

  Joseph Richard Morris, age 83 of Costa Mesa, California, died on September 9 th, Born January 17, in Long Beach California to John and Katherine Morris, Joseph Richard Morris had many nick names: Big Kahuna, Coach, he also went by his middle nickname "Dick."

In AugustMorris began a petition on his website opposing federal funding for the Park51 Muslim community center, claiming that the center is "designed to celebrate the attacks that killed 3, Americans", and that the center would "train the same kinds of terrorists who caused the In August Morris claimed that Bill Clinton was going to vote for Mitt Romneybut that he would still speak in favor of Obama because "his wife is hostage.

In OctoberMorris was a speaker at a special meeting of the Republican Caucus of the Georgia House of Representatives to discuss claims that Obama was using 'mind-control' techniques to create a Communist dictatorship controlled by the United Nations under the guise of promoting sustainability and public transportation.

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Speaking at the event, Morris argued that Obama's aim was to join with the United Nations to "force everyone into the cities from whence our ancestors fled. In Marchit was reported by the New York Times that he was meeting with Donald Trump in New York, "encouraging him to take on the party he once led". As of November 5, the day before the presidential electionMorris predicted on his website and in an article in The Hill that the Republican candidate, Mitt Romneywould win the presidency in a landslide "approaching the magnitude of Obama 's against McCain.

He explained the logic behind his prediction in a video posted at his website.

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On Tuesday, we'll change our president. In Morris's article in The Hillhe identified some "key mistakes" by the Obama campaign, which he stated would cost Obama the election:.

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On November 7,the day after the election, Morris published an article in The Hill titled "Why I was wrong". Didn't happen. These high levels of minority and young voter participation are here to stay.

And, with them, a permanent reshaping of our nation's politics. Some media outlets speculate that Morris took advantage of Super PAC For America donations by paying Newsmax for fundraising which in turn paid Morris large sums of money to 'rent' his email list.

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After the election, Morris did not appear on Fox News for almost three months. Finally on February 5,Fox announced that it would not renew Morris' contract. Morris worked with the United Kingdom Independence Party in their campaign before the European Parliament election. In an he and his wife had acted as campaign consultants to the successful Yushchenko Presidential campaign in Ukraine.

He argues this played a significant role in forcing the government of then President Leonid Kuchma to acquiesce to a new poll when the official results of the first varied materially from the exit surveys.

Faced with a similar though smaller divergence between exit polling and election returns, he took the opposite stance in a article in The Hill when he suspected "foul play" on the part of the exit pollsters in the US presidential race.

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In a November 13, press conference in NairobiKenyaMorris announced that he would be offering his consultancy services pro bono for the campaign to elect Raila Odinga as President of Kenya in the Presidential election running on the Orange Democratic Movement ticket. With four weeks to the national elections, an editorial in one of the leading dailies called into question the legalities of Morris' consulting work from the perspective of his presence in and lack of legal ability to work in Kenya "pro bono" or "through the back door".

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The outcome of the December 27,elections in Kenya is still disputed due to allegations of electoral fraud and rigging by the incumbent president, Mwai Kibakithe Party of National Unity and erroneous reporting by the Electoral Commission of Kenya ECK.

Massive protests and tribal tensions have since erupted between the president's Kikuyu tribe and the majority of other tribes not favorably aligned to the outcome. Morris was host of a daily radio talk show on WPHT in Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniafrom to Morris cited his desire to campaign for Republican candidates as his reason for leaving.

InMorris launched a weekly half-hour show on Newsmax TVDick Morris Democracy. Morris failed to pay a variety of state and federal taxes beginning in Inhe declared that he had reached an agreement with the State of Connecticut, and that he is committed to paying his taxes: "Following a difficult period in my life, I fell into arrears.

Morris has written several books, many co-authored with his wife, Eileen McGann.

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He authored Condi vs. Hillary in which he argues that only Condoleezza Rice could block Hillary Clinton's anticipated bid for the White House. Rewriting History was published in May as a rebuttal to Hillary Clinton's book, Living History ISBN In it, he argues that Hillary Clinton has presented a false "nice" persona in the book. Morris instead remembers her as manipulative, cold, and single-minded in her pursuit of power.

Dick Morris: Why did Romney lose

Similarly, Morris and McGann wrote Because He Could in response to Bill Clinton's memoir My Life ISBN

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