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Dick Morris, a top political adviser to President Clinton, resigned Thursday after a tabloid report that he had a relationship with a prostitute and allowed her to listen in on calls to the White Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs Richard Samuel Morris (born November 28, ) is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant, and general political consultant. A friend and advisor to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas, since his run, Morris became a political adviser to the White House after Clinton was elected president in Dick Morris Resigns In Wake of Scandal. CHICAGO - Political adviser Dick Morris abruptly resigned from the Clinton campaign following allegations about indiscretions in his personal life reported Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

It is only the timing, coming on the day of Clinton's big speech to culminate the Democratic National Convention, that makes it particularly newsworthy and, therefore, embarrassing for Clinton.

The campaign of Bob Dole, Clinton's Republican opponent is eager for any issue, and jumped on it as a return of the "sleaze factor," forgetting for the moment that Morris came to Clinton 19 months ago after years of serving only Republicansmostly conservative ones.

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In fact it was liberals, enraged by Morris' success at moving Clinton toward the political center, who had been urging Clinton to dump Morris all along. A day before the Morris story broke, Jesse Jackson called him "amoral," a term from which Morris had not shied away.


After the story broke, Jackson added that Morris "might be immoral as well as amoral. As political damage goes, this one should be easily controlled. As "legs" go, the ones on this story are short.

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When I asked Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley at the convention what he thought of the Morris story, he brushed it off by recalling how his father, the late powerhouse Mayor Richard J. Daley, who had witnessed more than a few such local embarrassments, had handled it. You can't control that.

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Then you deal with the offender appropriately and move on, he said. Barring new embarrassments, the Morris affair looks like a pothole on the road Clinton's campaign is taking back to the White House.

It is jarring. It is jostling. It may even be damaging.

But it is far from disabling. Brought on board after the Republican congressional landslide ofMorris has been credited with engineering Clinton's comeback from the worst approval ratings in modern polling. The Dole campaign crowed that Morris' departure robs Clinton of the moderating influence that had led Clinton to successfully kidnap Republican issues like crime, welfare reform and budget balancing.

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But there is little reason to believe Clinton will now veer wildly off course without Morris. Clinton is no dummy.

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Why should he mess with success? Quite the opposite, his career record shows him to be a person who, like all of us, has made mistakes but who also shows an uncanny ability to learn from them and actually be energized by them.

Contrary to the GOP stereotype of Clinton, the president did not do everything his consultant advised. When Morris advised Clinton to turn against affirmative action, scrap civil liberties in cracking down on civilian militias and launch massive roundups of illegal immigrants, Clinton said no.

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As a recent Time magazine profile of Morris sagely noted, "The lesson of the Morris years may be that it takes an insider with no core ideology to make Bill Clinton search for his own," the article said. Morris was the bad cop, the ends-justify-the-means Machiavellian, who brought out Clinton's good cop.

If the tawdry saga that is the Dick Morris affair seems to teach anything about the ways of the influential, it is this: in an age when politicians prattle on about personal responsibility, some people, even when caught, seem to get away. And in this case, if an as-yet-undisputed article in a supermarket tabloid is to be believed, they're getting away not only with violations of ethics but criminal behavior.

To be sure, Mr. Morris, the former chief political strategist for President Clinton, hasn't gotten off scot-free.

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But beyond making Mr. Morris and Ms. Rowlands the butt of jokes, virtually everyone - prosecutors, the taxman, feminists, Mr. Clinton - seems willing to give them a pass. In an average day, the District of Columbia police make to arrests, on a variety of charges, of men and women engaged in prostitution as either ''johns'' or hookers.

Yet a spokesman for the Police Department said it had no plans to bring charges against Mr. Morris over his reported frolics at the Jefferson Hotel, or to launch an investigation into whether such charges were warranted. Under D. law, having sex with a prostitute is not illegal; soliciting sex with one is. Unless the transaction is witnessed generally through the use of policewomen posing as hookers on the streetit's difficult to prove a crime has occurred.

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So the police don't bother investigating. Stamps, a D. police spokesman. It may be a problem ethically, but it's not against the law.

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But the reported actions of Mr. Morris, who has neither confirmed nor denied the Star account, and Ms. Rowlands, who was paid by the tabloid as its primary source, conceivably could have spawned other crimes; it is unclear whether that possibility is being investigated.

It does not appear to be against the law to allow a person outside of government to be privy to private conversations with the President, so long as they don't involve classified information.

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But it could be a crime if such access is used to get wind of pending governmental action and profit from it - new regulations on tobacco, say. But legal experts say that making an insider-trading case against either Mr. Morris or Ms. Rowlands would be difficult. For starters, there is no evidence so far that Mr. Clinton and Mr. Morris spoke of such matters or that Ms. Rowlands heard of them if they did.

Dick morris scandal

Then there is the question of whether Ms. Rowlands paid taxes on her income from prostitution. Unless exempted by Federal statute, all income is taxable whether it comes from legal or illegal activity.

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Therefore, if she did not report her earnings from prostitution although it would be doubtful she would say that was the sourceMs. Rowlands could end up doing hard time instead of just ''Hard Copy. But Sheldon Cohen, a former Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, said the agency normally did not pursue those kinds of cases unless the amount of money was significant.

In fact, the more I hear about the allegations that Dick Morris, President Clinton's chief campaign adviser, chose a naughty way to move a high-priced call girl from welfare to work, the more I Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins Morris, who is a cousin of the late New York City mob lawyer, J. Edgar Hoover intimate, and all-around scoundrel Roy Cohn, ostensibly left his position as self-described "chief political strategist" for the Clinton-Gore campaign over a sex scandal, involving a $an-hour hooker with whom he allegedly was having an extramarital affair and with Resignation of Pres Clinton's campaign adviser Dick Morris in sex scandal reviewed; incident suggests that, in age when politicians prattle on about personal responsibility, the influential seem Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

And the world's oldest profession is a cash business, so if a call girl reports any income, it's difficult to determine whether she underreported it. As a result the I. usually doesn't investigate.

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