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president against Richard Nixon and Hubert H. On the stage, he told his audiences that he admired baseball great Willie Mays because he was one African-American "who could shake a stick at a white man and not cause a riot.

By the early s, he had stopped running and said that his weight had ballooned up to pounds, he smoked up to four packs of cigarettes a day and drank a fifth of Scotch. In he traveled to Tehran to attempt to negotiate the release of American hostages and he started a public hunger strike there. He ended up weighing less than pounds by the time he returned to the United States.

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One article claimed that inhe entered Dillard University's Flint-Goodridge Hospital and lived on just a gallon of water per day and prayer for 70 days. Other articles said that he fasted for 70 days at a hospital in New Orleans, and walked and jogged miles between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He was now a fit, thin, non-smoking, non-drinking vegetarian and marathon runner and spent the rest of his life actively informing the public about the benefits of a healthful lifestyle and the potential harm of excess food, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, obesity and lack of exercise.

His recommendation that the most healthful diet is one based on fruits and vegetables is now supported by recent research. In he founded Health Enterprises, Inc. He says that he became a vegetarian which, when done properly, has good scientific support for health benefits. He created his "4X Fasting Formula," which included enemas. I do not believe that either long-term total fasting or enemas are safe for treatment of obesity.

  Dick Gregory, Comedian, Protester and Health Entrepreneur. Dick Gregory was the first widely-accepted black American stand-up comedian. He also showed incredible courage in the s civil rights movement. In spite of being arrested and beaten up for being in the front lines of marches against racial prejudice and war, he advocated non-violence Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins   Dick Gregory's Caribbean Shake for Optimal Health Regain control of your life "The Healthy Way." The no-gimmick, no-fad way to Optimal Health!Dick Gregory's Author: Dick Gregory's Caribbean Diet for Optimal Health   In , Dick Gregory's Harvard speech changed my life. Gregory was a brilliant comedian, civil rights advocate, and organic food pioneer. "Being healthy is a revolutionary act," he said."Changing the world begins with healing your body, and freeing yourself from any substance that alters your mind: sugar, drugs, alcohol, junk food!Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

On the other hand, short-term modified fasting programs are gaining increasing support from the medical community; see Intermittent Fasting. In Gregory ated his original 4X formula, and advocated the "Caribbean Diet for Optimal Health". Profits from the sales of products developed by the Dick Gregory Health Enterprises have been given to groups such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACPthe Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLCthe United Negro College Fund, and the Rosa Parks Foundation.

InGregory was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer of his immune system and he refused chemotherapy.

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Instead, he treated himself with herbs, vitamins, and exercise and the cancer went into remission. However, lymphomas damage your immune system to markedly increase a person's chances for infections, even many years after the original diagnosis.

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Shortly before his death he suffered a urinary tract infection that spread into his bloodstream. Most likely, Gregory died of heart failure caused by extensive bleeding from a burst bifurcated thoracic aortic aneurysm, a ballooning of the main artery that carries blood from the chest to the legs.

The burst artery can allow blood to seep into the lungs and belly so the person dies from shock because there is not enough blood to circulate through the body.

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He also could have suffered heart failure because his heart was weakened by his extended fasting. The heart is a huge muscle that pumps blood through the body.

Any damage that the heart receives can cause functioning heart muscle to be replaced with non-pumping scar tissue. Every time he fasted for an extensive period, he would lose part of his heart muscle when it was broken down to be converted into energy his body needed to keep him alive. Sometimes the heart muscle regenerates and returns to normal, but other times a part of the heart muscle is replaced by scar tissue, making the heart weaker than it was before the fast.

On August 19, at age 85, his already-weakened heart was not strong enough to push blood through to his brain and he died from heart failure. However, your increased risk for cancer remains for the rest of your life.

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Wilma Rudolph: Olympian and Polio Survivor. Jim Henson and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Cass Elliot: A Tragically Young Death from Morbid Obesity.

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Otzi the Iceman and 5, Years of the Diseases of Inflammation. POPULAR POSTS. Why Ice Delays Recovery Fitness September 16, He is aware of the media circus he has orchestrated. He knows that reporters want to interview his heaviest clients. He knows that America likes to hear how much food they once ate, how fat they were, what they would do to get food.

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His thin frame and gaunt face belie the fact that Gregory once ate his way to pounds, chain smoked and drank a fifth of Scotch a day until he was converted to the ways of good health. And then you start seeing life coming back in them.

That life has such a force. The powerful style he employs in his lectures-a cross between an evangelical preacher and a borscht-belt comedian-is absent in one-on-one discussion.

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Sometimes Gregory speaks so softly his voice is drowned out by the sound of the wind. He is in the midst of a rare visit here.

Dick gregory health

Usually a visit from a reporter is the only thing that tears him away from a business trip or a stay at his home, a farm in Plymouth, Mass. He spends most of his time in Ft. Walton Beach seeing friends or negotiating business deals, including his latest, trying to buy a cruise ship he wants to turn into a floating health resort.

I stay away from them. But I want them to do it. But they trust me.

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Gregory puts his trust in his staff, which includes three full-time nutritionists, a full-time psychotherapist, a yoga and breathing instructor and four counselors. He saves his energies for ideas: big ideas, little ideas, ideas about future companies, about saving the world from refined sugars and saturated animal fats.

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He wants to make nutrition glamorous, as smoking once was. He wants to find a town and make it the nutrition capital of the world. He wants to turn the Beachmark Inn into a spa where guests can come for a week, lose weight and learn about nutrition and stress management.

The ideas thread together in an intricate pattern that only Gregory understands.

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Reaching out to the black community is another priority. The effect this has had on the black community is incredible. I go to conferences and people hide their plates from you.

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Many have come to this Gulf Coast retreat because of Walter Hudson, the New Yorker who was probably the heaviest human alive at 1, plus pounds.

He had been house-bound for 17 years, coming into public view when he wedged himself in a doorway. Gregory helped Hudson shed pounds before they parted amicably.

Dr. Christian Gregory and Andrew Gaines Speak On Documentary About Iconic Comedian Dick Gregory

To some, he gave advice and recommended his diet formula. For a select dozen, Gregory did more: He promised them that if they were willing to work he would help them lose weight.

That was June, ; his original dozen have been whittled to a handful, some achieving their goal weight, others dropping out of the program altogether. They all live in the beachfront hotel Gregory bought for several million dollars last November.

His core clients have gone from a dismal facility in Newark, N. So I called it a weight-loss formula and I changed the chemical compounds around. The diet, which supplies fewer than 1, calories taken three times a daycarries a disclaimer urging users to consult a physician. But Dr. Victor Herbert, a lawyer and chief of hematology and nutrition at the Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, has deep reservations about it.

They should only be given after people have been objectively evaluated by health professionals.

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Frank D. Rohter, director of the Institute of Exercise Physiology and Health at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

He adds that being an MD is no guarantee a professional is a nutrition or physiology expert. He insists his formula is safe, proven by his own fasts and the successful weight loss of his clients. In addition to the Bahamian formula, they eat two meals a day of fruit and one of salad. He wanted his Florida program run without physicians to prove that people could lose weight and cure related maladies solely through proper nutrition.

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Because the universe meant for you to heal yourself. How do you do that? You stop doing what you were doing.

People with high blood pressure, diabetes-those are conditions brought about by life style. If you change the life style, those conditions will leave.

Once they see that changing, they start caring about the way they look. See, you have a two-pronged problem-a physical and a mental.

I bought this Dick Gregory's Caribbean Shake for Optimal Health mainly because I know that Mr. Gregory was very dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At first, I was a little apprehensive because of the price. I do believe that I definitely received my money's worth. After just 5 days, the swelling in my ankles is greatly reduced, I am He once wrote a book about cooking healthy foods (Dick Gregory's Natural Diet for Folks Who Eat), but unfortunately it's out of print - and used copies are hard to find. However, there are some currently available books on healthy Afro-Caribbean cooking that you'll love! Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity. African Holistic Health   His thin frame and gaunt face belie the fact that Gregory once ate his way to pounds, chain smoked and drank a fifth of Scotch a day until he was converted to the ways of good masala-magazin.comted Reading Time: 7 mins

And most people would like to deal with the mental first, for some reason. There is trouble in paradise this day.

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