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Here you will find contact information for Senator Dick Durbin, including his email address, phone number, and mailing address.

Chicago. S. Dearborn Street. Suite Chicago, IL p: f: u am to pm. Get Directions Contact. Email. I hope you'll take a moment to share your thoughts so that I may continue to serve and represent your interests and concerns. An email form has been provided below for your convenience. Due to the high volume of correspondence, only Illinois residents will receive a direct reply   Dick Durbin: State: Illinois: Party: Democratic: Class: Class II: Born: Nov 21, (Age: 76 years old) Entered Office: Jan 03, Term Expires: Jan 03, Mailing Address: Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC Phone Number: Email Address: Email Form: Website: Official Website: Facebook: Official Facebook Account: Twitter

Due to the loading capacity limit, the review content below may take a minute to load. We listened to your feedback and have created a dedicated forum for you at forum. com Simply click the link or the Act Now button above. People are making their voice heard Act Now. Contact Senators Illinois Senators Dick Durbin Contact Senator Dick Durbin D-IL Here you will find contact information for Senator Dick Durbin, including his email address, phone number, and mailing address.

Name: Richard J. Durbin State: Illinois Party: Democratic Born: November 21, Age: 76 Entered Office: January 3, Term Expires: January 3, Mailing Address: Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC Phone Number: Email Address: Email Form Website: Official Website New Forum Available!

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Share your experience of contacting Senator Dick Durbin Share it now. The eight stories used in the poll were about Biden or Donald Trump. Five of them were positive about Trump.

Durbin, no I do not live in your state, but I do live in this great nation. I am asking you not to support this action being put forth by the democrats to impeach President Trump.

I'm sure your hate of him is what is driving you, but he is out of office, let it go. If this carries through it will only further divide the country and create more destruction. So please, think like the man you were voted to be, do not support the impeachment. You disagree with President Trump and that's OK, but there is little to disagree with when it comes to the Constitution and our rights as citizens. Please do NOT take away MY RIGHT repeat MY RIGHT to vote for President Trump in the future if he should decide to run.

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I believe this is a sham impeachment and it is dangerous to our democracy if it should be allowed to go forward. Vote for dismissal.

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Thank You. Census Bureau Director Dillingham quit because of the fraud being uncovered at the Chicago Census Regional Office. The Chicago Regional Director went so far as to threaten a former employee who wants to expose the manipulation of respondent data. Huge attempt to suppress this information from the public. Suppose they gave an inauguration and nobody came?

This is the proper way to protest this particular inauguration, a just response to an election with serious allegations of fraud that were never remotely investigated, not even for the paltry 10 days proposed by a handful of senators as a last resort. Democrats have publicly shown their intellectual dishonesty and unfitness for office by their vindictive actions more suited to a banana republic which we are rapidly turning into.

Our freedoms are being violated by the woke progressives as they turn us toward the Chinese communist model. The Honorable Senator Dick Durbin,Please take a stand for America, and challenge the Electoral College vote on Jan.

The election fraud is undeniable. Please save America from this attack on our freedom. Please save us from being under the CCP rule. Please stand up for The People, not self interest. As a representative of The People, please represent US! America is watching. You have the power to halt the theft of Electoral Votes.

Rise to this moment in history and protect the Republic and Constitution to which you have sworn an oath.

Dick durbin contact

Hello, this is one of the people that you are supposed to represent. I want to voice to you how I want to be represented. I believe there is enough evidence that has been overlooked, destroyed, or hidden to contest this election.

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I expect that you will contest the validity of the states in question when you represent us during the January 6th congressional meeting. Thank you for adhering to your oath and representing us that voted you into office to stand up for us.

We have given you this job and now we are calling on you to actually do as we wish.

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We did not hire you to do what you want, we hired you to do what we want. CONTEST THIS ELECTION! I'm asking you to oppose the electoral count on January 6. Everyone sees the fraud so unless you are part of the swamp do the right thing for the people of Illinois and America!

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We American Patriots DEMAND Election Integrity! Certifying and supporting the biggest crime and scandal in American History means YOU are complicit.

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At this point this has nothing to do with President Trump. As an independent voter, I feel the election needs to be thoroughly investigated in order to protect voter integrity along with our Constitutional Rights as citizens. This is not a Donald Trump issue. I ask that you please not certify the votes in the contested states until a thorough investigation is completed. Thank You!! I am asking you to formally oppose the electoral count on January 6th, due to the fraudulent election!.

Dear Senator; I write you on behalf of the millions of American voters who are convinced that the presidential election was neither free nor fair. We are furious that the voluminous evidence of systemic fraud has been systematically suppressed. And we demand that, before the result of the Electoral College vote is certified, such evidence must be presented to and considered by the United States Congress.

For that to happen, you must do your duty and object to the slates of electors for the contested states as you are entitled to do under 3 U. Code Sec. We expect, and will accept, nothing less. Please do your duty and object on January 6th. Thank you. People seem not to care about a free and fair election which by international observer standards we did not have.

How sad we have so many uninformed people here!

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The government and electoral system of our country urgently needs various improvements: 1. Extensive disarmament of all US citizens 3. Introduction of a fair health system for all US citizens 4. Introduction of a fixed term for all judges of the Supreme Court 5.

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Equal rights for all US citizens, whether white, black, red, yellow or colored 6. Splitting of the monopoly GAFAs 7. Immediate deletion of lies, hate comments and Fraud in the digital networks 8. Anti-aggression reforms in the US police force 9. Conviction of Donald Trump for continued abuse of office, tax evasion and the negligent killing of hundreds of thousands of corona deaths of innocent US citizens Resignation of Mitch McConnell and all other anti-democracy US right-wing populists.

We 70 million plus people will never ever be controlled by you nut jobs.

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Creepy Joe and the BJ Queen can try all they want to mold us into what they want but we will refuse. I will not social distance or wear a mask and because the covid is a hoax.

I and my cohorts know of NO ONE that has even been hospitalized let alone died from this "FLU" Viva la revolution. We will prevail and you will not. I saw and learned so many things Find out yourself WWW. Step right up folks. Be the first to witness the Dirtiest Show on Earth Now performing in ring Creepy Joe and the BJ Queen.

America wake up!!!

  Dick Durbin Phone Number Contact Details, Whatsapp Number, Mobile Number, Office Address, Email Id Yes | Contact | U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. Home. Contact. Contact - Coronavirus Related. Illinoisans are facing umasala-magazin.comecedented challenges as a result of COVID and the national emergency. I want to hear from you about how COVID is impacting your lives and the ways I can help Contact Senator Dick Durbin (D) by email address, mailing address, Illinois & DC office phone numbers, official website, and Facebook, Twitter & YouTube pages: DC Phone Number: Government Website:

I saw www. org it real information about biden and his son LAPLOP WOW SHOCKED!!!!! org will help you big understand SAD that biden is dangerous to dems people and rep, people too Biden FOOL dems people and rep people too amazing that dem people and rep people are blind mind by BIDEN www.

org GOD bless you found truth. What is shameful is how the Dems have bamboozled their moderate voters who rejected the socialist wing of their party for a "moderate" only to have Biden embrace progressive socialist politics and choose the most socialist member of the Senate, even more so than Bernie, for VP.

How long do think a 78 year old man might live or will we have a VP become President who couldn't even get support for her presidential campaign in liberal CA.

That's a BIG middle finger to their base.

Biden refusing to answer re court packing is a terrible precedent and should be disqualifying. If he succeeds why would anyone ever answer any policy questions that can only get them in trouble with those who oppose that position.

Our federal offices will become as enlightening as the typical local election where only apple pie answers are given and one is expected to vote on the basis of number of signs cluttering the neighborhood, or God forbid, race, sex or other immutable characteristic.

Dear Senator: Thank you for voting for Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Justice. She is a perfect choice and a defender of the constitution of the United States of America. She is brilliant, professionally qualified, and highly esteemed by her colleagues and throughout her career. She is an amazing women, lawyer, judge, mother and role model. She is the epitome of what all women aspire to be - a professional and personal success. In addition, she is the mother of seven children, and the wife of one husband.

Her faith, family, and values are of the utmost standards of our nation and constitution. Her credentials, temperament, and humility are unquestionable! God bless Amy Coney Barrett and her family and for her courage to go through the process of being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

God bless America! Thank you for your vote in favor of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

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Galatians Durbin, you forgot to mention all of us that were hurt by ACA in a bad way. ACA cost more, covers less and drives the country's debt through the roof.

With their silence at the DNC and late response to the wave of violence in Kenosha, Democrats remain cowed and timid in the face of lawlessness.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin questions Brett Kavanaugh

WHO IS HITLER NOW? Democrats load the COVID response bill with non-related matters and it is Trump's fault? What a pack of rabid lying dogs! I got a recorded message about office hours until pm, high call volume, and then was disconnected!

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It has been over a century of tradition that when one party occupies the Presidency and the other controls the Senate that the voters have expressed a mixed message and a vote should not go forward. That is not true when the voters elected a Senate and President of the same party as today. Furthermore, the Democrats have acted in bad faith ever since Trump was nominated looking for every small thing to get hysterical about. They would not hesitate to confirm their selection if the roles were reversed and Trump's nominee should be confirmed.

I say screw the Democrats for their past behavior! The chickens have come home to roost. Democrats did nothing about the violence in the cities they lead. Not a word at their convention.

Contact Dick Durbin - Email, Office Information & Websites. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin in a Veteran's Day ceremony at Soldier Field in Chicago 11/11/06 Contact Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. Dick Durbin contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and social medias Washington DC Phone Number: Email Address: Email Form. Website: Official Website. New Forum Available! Share your experience of contacting Senator Dick Durbin Share it now

Democrats now say they will keep you safer when our own eyes tell a different story. They must think we are all fools. Why are Democrats so humorless and literal? It shows a lack of proportionality and a willingness to twist statements to deceive. Are you that gullible senator? Democrats suppress the truth as Minnesota Atty General holds autopsy report for months.

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