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Above all, is patriarchy depriving the people in this society of humanity completely. Just a while back, we saw how poorly a man beating his own mother.

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And to be honest we were repulsed to the core! Every day we witness the absolute depths of human depravity.

Sex education toh door ki baat hai, we are not even teaching our children basic humanity. Simultaneously, as soon as the news of this awful incident spread; many agencies and even celebrities are speaking up on the matter.

In fact, many rescue and animal care representatives are calling out this brutality. The entire case is horrifying.

We are truly ashamed and this is so repulsive that the thought of it is making us feel sick to the core. It is the lowest and most horrifying level we can stoop to.

In addition it makes us wonder, is this the direction the youth is going towards now? Is the future of Pakistan that we are headed towards?

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And then we question, that why we are going through issues like the pandemic? Or why is Allah punishing us? It is just fearful enough to imagine the sins we commit and how we are yet blessed with so many good fortunes. With retrospect, we are standing at a point where people are using religion as a mode to exert authority and power.

  The boys are expected to appear in court after the alleged gang-rape (Picture: Google) Four boys aged 10 to 13 have been arrested on suspicion of raping a four-year-old girl in South masala-magazin.comted Reading Time: 2 mins   A bunch of year-old boys rape little kitten in Lahore. A tragic and horrific incident took place in Lahore as a small kitten got brutally raped by a group of year-old boys. The poor little kitten was then thrown in the nearby dumpster; after reportedly raping her so brusquely that the poor feline's organs have been crushed   Teen walking in park with dad raped by group of men By Police surveillance video shows the creeps inside a bodega before the rape. Filed under brooklyn, crime, playgrounds

So the question lingers. Are we monsters covered in human skin that deprive others or are we actual human beings? As of now, we hope that people open their eyes and change their way of thinking.

  Around 10of high school boys reported being victims of rape, mostly perpetrated by other boys. The real number is probably much higher considering the stigma associated with male rape   Horrifying moment year-old girl is taught a lesson in a rape stunt after arriving at a hotel to sell her virginity so she can buy an iPhone 8. The teen was horrified when men suddenly pin her Video Duration: 3 min

We stop idolizing money, we start understanding the importance of sex education, and how teens are in need of guidance and the youth is in need of a direction; before its too late. Home Pink News Reels.

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Meanwhile, the boy himself was going through hell. Kids made t-shirts supporting his attackers, his locker was regularly vandalized, his Facebook page bore ugly insults, and he was constantly asked, "What's been stuck up your butt today?

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Finally, the boy's father reported the rape to the police. In response, the townspeople forced him to resign from his job as principal.

The attackers did finally have to face up to their crime, but their punishment was one day of in-school suspension and some community service. Kids who get into fistfights have stricter sentences than that. Today, the boy and his family live miles away in another Colorado town, but the event still haunts them.

Their hometown, the three attackers, and the wrestling coach continue as though they haven't maliciously driven out a rape victim who needed their support and concern. This is a side of rape culture that rarely ever sees the light of day, but it echoes other high-profile rape cases that have been in the media recently.

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When high-school athletes are treated as demi-gods, as they often are in small rural towns where high-school sports are the only entertainment, they start to think they can do no wrong. And these three high school rapists have certainly learned no differently.

Wish I May: Gabo's rape attempt

But another part of the equation is the concept of toxic masculinityor the idea that to be masculine requires violence against anything considered feminine - even younger boys.

By dominating and violating the year-old, the rapists were asserting their masculinity in one of the only ways they knew how.

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