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Glasses : Luxe Glasses Margaux by YSORAL. Chandelabra : Bloodcroft Castle - Chandalabra by Death Row Designs. Bookshelves : Library Bookshelf by Death Row Designs.

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Book Easel : Spiritualists Shoppe by Death Row Designs. Photo at Sunny?s Studio maps. On February 10thright before the beginning of a world wide pandemic a tall, mysterious and very EVIL figure appeared at a small gathering of party goers in Campwich Forest. On that day of his arrival a legend began and to everyone's surprise that legend grew.

Some sought out to solve the mystery of the Bellisseria Slenderman, others befriended him and adopted him as a regular part of Bellisseria culture, still others would simply try to track him down for the off chance of catching him on camera or film. Perhaps for many he was just a pleasant distraction from a very unpleasant RL crisis. There have been photos, videos, art galleries, huds, his own collectable bear that Bellisserians would seek out.

There has been hunts, parties, odd appearances at unusual locations and events. There is even a roller coaster. And there have even been sightings of him with Lindens and Moles across the grid. As for the mystery Bellisseria Slenderman has been thought to be just about every person who lives in Bellisseria at some moment in time. Is he a Linden? Is he a Mole? Is he some prominent group leader in Bellisseria?

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Is he an alien from outer space? What is the Bellisseria Slenderman? Maybe its a little mouse a very Mysterious Mouse? In the end does it really matter all that much though?

I would love to take full credit for the Bellisseria Slenderman. But at the end of the day he has grown so far past whatever I originally intended him to be that the creative energy which is Bellisseria Slenderman belongs to a much wider collective then my own ideas and energy. Now he simply is what you helped him become.

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Bellisseria made the Bellisseria Slenderman I just happen to log him in and get as swept up in that creation as all of you. I have taken a bit of a pause in Bellisseria and as a result he has too.

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My RL took a couple of harsh turns and some important people in my life are ill right now, on top of that SL which should be a stress reducer added to my stress over the last couple months during a most difficult RL period. Things are looking a bit better though and for that I am very grateful. But, there is one thing that nobody myself included can predict.

He is EVIL He most definitely will return. Its just a matter of when or how or where. I only log him in and perhaps help him take a photo or two or but honestly Bellisserians for the most part have written his story.

I may log him in But Bellisseria Slenderman at the end of the day is YOU. You have created this legend.

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Taken in the stunning region of TONAL maps. Day dreaming is just something that is a thing for me. There isn't a moment of the day that goes by that I'm not dreaming about better things to come.

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Think positively in life Imagine things can be better Don't dwell on negative thoughts DREAM BIG. I found myself once again drawn back to Ling Xiao Long It gives me such peace and tranquility when i get lost in this painted brush stroked world. I know Fantasy Faire is only for a short time and that this region will one day be only a memory but it will be a happy one. I want my photos of this wonderful place to live on as a captured moment in time in Second Life that gave me tranquility.

Sometimes we must stare in the face of the dragon It is our fate to do so but we can only avoid the dragon for so long Take courage and know that on your side is truth and wisdom and grace I can't imagine a single day of my life without this amazing woman in it. Bella is the absolute star in my sky. She completes me in every way.

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Her love, beauty, silliness, loyalty, friendship keeps me going and I am the luckiest girl on the planet. Group avatar and Award photo for www. Today my adventures took me to the beautiful Fantasy Faire put on every year to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. Every year designers build the most beautiful regions and by far my favorite region this year has to be the beauty and simplicity of Ling Xiao Long. Please take in the Fantasy Faire and donate to ACS but even if your time is limited please do yourself a favor and visit this beautiful region while it's here.

The talented builder who built this region is FionaFei www. Here is a direct SLURL maps. Enjoying our new Roller Rink in ATLANTIS it even comes with an 80's style arcade lobby But I ran out of token for Pac Man :.

Come check out our new Roller Rink in ATLANTIS its one of the many unique locations on our teleporter. I absolutely Love and adore Bellisseria. This is my home and so proud that she is turning 2 years old this week as we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Bellisseria. If you still have not checked out the NEW Linden homes you really should. If you have a premium account in SL you are entitled to one of these beautiful gems. Head Avalon 3.

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Body Legacy female classic The MeshBody. Hair Nova Hairtstyle Doux. Top Lorena Top Seniha. Shorts Drive Crazy Denim Shorts Rouly. Of course a girl has a blog, check it out pwease. Dress Crystal Sparkling Dress Loki. Stockings Mesh Fishnet Rouly. finally had time to watch spidy3 last night, action drama CG combo superhero burffet thing - can't remember how many tears scene on this one but it is more than any superhero movie i've seen.

Anyhow, the thing about this shot is this movie preview, thai luvs making scary movie.

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I think when thai movie maker made a come back as in actually made good money from movieit was scary movie call 'mae nak', and eversince, there are rolls upon rolls of scary movie coming out. They've been variation of success.

They tried all sorts of local legendary ghost stories, made up new one, add comedy mix, and now on this recent one, add lots of cute sexy chix. that's their new trick i guess, legs, boobs and freakies. Marketing guys probably came up with this movie plot young hot teenie girl showing lots of skin then blood - seven of them. and it might just work to attract this very very large teen target market. what i don't like is they use a 'kiddie' frightening technique.

u know, frightens you buy sudden loud sound.

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quite quite quite. please, be a bit more creative with the plot. Available at MAN CAVE EVENT. Preview Mainstore. BOOTS : " VEGAS COWGIRL BOOTS " by : KC COUTURE. Facebook group.

The Nipple Artist - The New York Times

My Blog. TLC The Liaison Collaborative.

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Hair Angie Hairtstyle by Rama Equal Skirt Lilith Skirt Salem. Body Kupra INITHIUM. Hair Cara Hairtstyle Doux.

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Top The CozyPull-Over Suel. Hair Kitti-Chu Hairstyle Olive. Blush Missy Blush Candy Couture. Hair Tyara Hairtstyle by Doux Tres Chic.

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Dress Lily Dress Miwas. Hair Silent Hairtstyle Doux. Here I am in one of the Usa's most wonderful grand parks.

Our family was there for a vacation, combination seminar. Our kids and our parents. The is just me in the grass.

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I made my feminine clothes. This is regular shorts but the top is a corset design of cotton eyelet. I made it and i have no bra. There are ruffles on the hips and the top and then there is a matching skirt. At this seminar, it was about, femininity all the women dressed up as much as possible and the teacher said I was the best in this outfit. but Mrs X wins because of her shoes. The shoes were all vinyl and at that time, they were not common. And they cost a fortune.

Flor reveals someone has mentioned it and she replied: "Sorry, sorry, sorry! What a terrible person. What a shame. They both burst out laughing and Flor then says: "She always has a good sense of humour.

But the embarrassing incident did not mean the end of the show, and they continued having a chat about this summer's theatre production, where she is starring in a comedy show.

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