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However that does not really mean if it is always wrong. I personally think it's normal though most people think it's not normal and regarded it taboo. I always wonder why should we be ashamed of our own bodies.

I mean we were born here stark naked too after all and also sometimes I also don't understand why society just think it as wrong things to do. Personally, I think as long as both sides feel ok and also there is no harm, then why is it wrong?

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I assume if most people or society regarded it not normal because they think there's a harm when both men and women naked isn't it? If you and your family does not harm you neither you harm them, so what's wrong?

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I mean I wouldn't want to see my siblings naked at all. And they wouldn't want to see me and each other naked either Someone coming in to pee while I'm in the shower doesn't bother me as long as the shower curtain is closed. MaiElena Xper 2. well most often its normal.

kinda like when you see them its the same as seeing yourself naked. no excitement. and thats good. you should only start worrying when you or another member of your family start feeling excited.

I've actually met a nudist family, besides them always being nude they were totally normal. Batcatman Xper 2. that's not weird at all.

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I don't sleep with a shirt on and I live with my parents and an we are all human. we all have bodies. and your siblings bodies I don't know growing up with siblings you see each other naked all the time. It's not weird at all.

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It's very normal. But what about my brother who is 16? Show All Show Less. To me that's a little weird. But my parents are prudes, it's like they never had sex! Or still do! Lol So they've never came into the bathroom while I was in there. My entire family except me is comfortable doing that. I'm just more a private person but it's completely normal. Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion?

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. its okay.

I am the eldest. i took care of my first brother.

i have two brothers. we take turns with my mom and my other family members taking care of my brothers each other, changing their diapers. i wouldn't get excited with such a small thing. I had loved them those moments I see their purity and innocence, would remind me of my younger self.

It is brotherly love and at the same time a love of the self, the reason why such a small thing ain't a big issue. just society corrupts your mind into thinking its bad. if its bad, then you should cite valid reasons why it is bad and why such beliefs you disrespect and not. its not like you have done weird ass fuck things to them when they were young where it hadn't crossed my mind one bit, all we do is just play.

when all we do as cuddle like little bears. and just because i have these beliefs doesn't mean you're going to abuse it and makes you think you could do anything to me even when Im naked. well, isn't it unfair if all of the people think this way and so you think differently than me, so you disrespect because we do weird ass fucks like cuddling or when accidentally seeing ourselves naked could guarantee you freedom on your own to do weird stuff with me while naked that could make you excited.

I know some people stuff like this. you give them the sweets then they become excited which is weird for me because im not used to it and I thought like what the fuck is wrong with society? some people just can't understand your viewpoints and makes them think you are just a piece of meat.

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oh well, if you think that way, suit yourself but never show your face to me again because I will do the same for you. And I dont mind treating you the same as well I tend to try to have apathy and harden myself. but be thankful that there's still compassion left even you have influenced me into making this stuff bad and meaningless to some. if you think that way, dont wait that i wouldn't have anything left to give because I am going to be the baddest if not treated right and I dont mind goin to hell just to preserve my viewpoints.

when did it out of love, is not malice.

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all we did is just played our part as what we needed to do in order to survive. Must be an awful quiet shower! Mostly, it depends on the family. If the rest of the family is perfectly fine with it, no problem, unless you'd rather not do it.

I can't recall the title and only ever saw it that one time. I think it had Jody Foster in it. Her family was VERY open about being naked in the house.

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They lived in either a mansion or a small, but fancy, hotel. At any time, you could see any one or more of the family walking around completely naked. They were all taught that there's nothing wrong with the human body which there isn't and therefore, nudity is no big deal nor SHOULD it be. I don't recall seeing anyone naked more than a couple times, if that. There was another movie around that time that was similar but, in this one, the father of the family liked walking around the house in a bear costume.

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