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This moniker is a good one to hold onto if at all possible! A name given to someone who is maybe a little bit older than they act or they look a certain way.

Cute military girls

A nickname for someone who is, well, likely to bring death to those in need of a little reckoning. As in Gilmore, or: did you have a bad last round of golf and play through nine holes like you were playing ice hockey?

The cool soldier nickname is reserved for the person who you bring all your practical jokes for flawless execution. Er, as in one of the four. See also Gorbachev; a name for someone of Russian-ish descent and who may still carry the ascent and own it like a boss.

this person should never be left to their own devices, which is not a good thing in the fog and friction of war! This nickname harks back to before memes were memes. It refers to someone who tends to break things and is a bit of a clumsy oaf, but refuses to slow down or take caution when in the bar with other fliers, military friends, and the like and who often causes a scene.

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You wanted a nickname? Well, you got one! you, grumbling, complaining, all-around annoying hunchback! A name given to the soldier, sailor, or marine that has a high-and-tight haircut with a bit too much off the top.

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If bestowed to a gal, well, then she may want to avoid, er, certain grooming habits. The designation given to either someone with the last name Jenkins or the rogue player in military simulations.

A nickname for any international type that eats everything in the shared, communal kitchen or chowhall. Alternatively, this is also a reference to someone who has broken their arm on duty and is forced to wear a sling resembling, well, a lunchbox!

A nickname reserved for a gal or guy whose last name is Monroe or some derivative sounding similar. If you stop trying so hard, you might be able to get rid of this nickname, which harks back to annoying Marty from Back to the Future.

In line with the above nickname, some folks of Eastern European descent will get this nickname from their ignoramus coalition buddies since this is the only aircraft, they are likely to know or associate with the former Soviet Union.

A nickname for the soldier or ground dweller that is, by their account, just in the military to get the benefits and start their burgeoning rap career no, seriously. In other, er, words, you mumble a lot!

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Again, is your last name Smart? What about Bright? If so, then do you get it?

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This moniker will usually go to the poor kid from south of the border or the chap who loves tacos, quesadillas, and nachos! In other words, why did you join the military in the first place?

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Do you lift heavy weights, or do you lift heavy weights? A funny military name given to the guy or gal who claims to be a world-class CrossFit fiend, but does not always look the part.

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This name is seen throughout the British and Royal Navies and, yes, though not politically correct, refers to the guy or gal that calls the subcontinent home. British military nickname given to someone whose last name corresponds with that of a famous person whereby the designated recipient gets the Christian name; here Barker. A name for the person who does the stinging and never gets stung!

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Keep him or her as a wingman for sure! This is a nickname for the guy who is always able to wriggle his way out of trouble and is not a good thing when you leave your comrades in arms taking the blame.

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A funny military Name given to the guy or gal who shares secrets a bit too freely and which can be of concern in an actual military setting. We recommend you play your cards close around this individual.

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A name reserved for the pilot, soldier, or marine who is just out there on his own and in his own little world. Stop living in your head and start speaking with others would be sound advice for this solo artist!

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This is another internationally renowned nickname and references the guy or gal who deflects any blame to somebody else. NOTE: this is not a moniker you want to wear when in the profession of arms.

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It is given to the guy or gal busted watching this show without their kid present! If you are called this, then you may not realize it, but you probably go to the bathroom a few too many times during a mission.

The nickname of someone who has a way with words or actions and gets the team out of trouble in a pinch. As in your last name is White and you are the notorious methamphetamine drug king from the show Breaking Bad. Additionally, you may want to reconsider whether you come across as a little sketchy when you talk about your moonlighting gig-no one wants to be associated with someone doing an illegal job or drugs!

In summary, we hope that you found this list as well as some of the traditions, history, and naming conventions behind, er, the names, useful! That said, remember to always take care when seeking a military moniker for yourself or for a pal. Sometimes it might be best to simply put up with a less-than.

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Finally, kindly let us know if we made any glaring errors or missed a totally rad, ridiculous, or reasonable military nickname. By Kate Papenberg10 years of military experience, as a logistician in the United States Air Force.

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