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This is the company's actual address, let's not give them rest until they do something to deserve it once more. and special thanks to my lovely friends who offered me tea and exposed this scandal. Posted by ???? ??-??? Yuval Ben-Ami at AM 19 comments:. Labels: sleepytime. Tuesday, October 28, Second Empire. Of all the things I enjoyed in Budapest, I enjoyed Nagykorut the most. This grand boulevard is joy, it's what city should be: Uninterrupted architectural grace and grandour, happy crowds at nighttime, bustling fin de siecle cafes at daytime.

At 5 kilometers, Nagykorut is longer than any of its other Second-Empire influenced counterparts in Paris, Madrid and Buenos Aires.

Today, on return, I received my invitation to vote in the coming Tel-Aviv municipal elections. currently the main issue is the massive investment in the city by real estate moguls, who are building residential skyscrapers. Those skyscrapers, at press time, are aimed exclusively at financially powerful buyers.

The fondness shown towards such projects by the current regime is sharply criticised by its challengers. They claim that greed blinds our current mayor to environemntal perils and causes him to neglect weaker populations.

While seeing their point, I have two diffiulties with such criticism. One is that towers have merits. They prevent sprawl and add drama to the skyline. One such tower replaces a massive neighborhood of villas that would have otherwise devoured an orange grove on the city's outskirts.

Of course the city should invest in its less well to do and younger residents, for their sake and also in order to keep itself vibrant. It must legistale appropriatly, encourage relevant investors and invest wisely and fairly of its own budget, but that should be done beside, not instead of, the current developments. When Baron Housmann destroyed old Paris and invented the Nagykorut-style boulevard, he couldn't care less about the poor.

Many families were evicted, and the spirit that later led to the formation of the Paris commune was born. Paris retained a stiff, mostly-for-the-rich heart but it's Paris, for God's sake, which isn't a bad thing. Other european cities that followed in its tracks are now similarly affluent and yes, vibrant. Anyone who knows America's decaying cities, has to appreciate such a heart.

Outside of New York, Boston and San Fransisco, the heart of the American city has decayed badly in the decades of suburbanization.

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The middle classes left for green pastures and the cities remained struggling, neglected, dodgy. America's Nagykoruts, imposing downtown avenues from Indianapolis to Salt Lake City, fell into dour disrepair that urban renewal projects can only partially undo, especially in downtowns that have become purely non-residential or inhabited only by populations that are socioeconomically weak.

Take a walk around downtown Atlanta, even today, and you'll simply want to die.

Atlanta is the Anti-Paris. What kind of a city does Tel-Aviv wish be? Bad policy is bad policy, but the towers policy isn't nessecarily bad. It's flawed, it's disgustingly housmanian, but it may also be Housmanian in the good sense of the word.

No new regime in city hall will be able to reverse this policy building permissions have been awarded for the next decade, so any claim to "fight the towers" made by the current contenders is propaganda nonesense.

let's hope whoever gets there will know how to work wisely with the current reality and make this city as grand and lovely as it can be. Posted by ???? ??-??? Yuval Ben-Ami at PM No comments:. Labels: Europeforeign travelsocial politicsTel-Aviv. Saturday, October 25, Well, Well, Well. I'm in Budapest for work, but sometimes work gives you just what you need. I needed this streetscape. I needed the baths.

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I needed this language, which sounds like Finnish but reads like Martian. I needed the river the second broadest to pass through a European capital, after the Dnyepr at Kyev.

I needed to go out to the theater with beautiful women here is Anna, our representative from of the Hungarian Tourist Office and to the circus with handsome men My friend and occasional editor Sami. I needed the forest. I needed rooftops, lots of rooftops, lots and lots of rooftops.

but more then anything else, I needed autumn, and there's plenty of that here to go around. Posted by ???? ??-??? Yuval Ben-Ami at PM 4 comments:. Labels: Europeforeign travelphotographsyearspan. Thursday, October 23, Not a One-Dream-Man. I promised silence, but then this cloud started bursting. I was standing with my sad friend at the edge of the market and over the last in a sea of tin roofs we saw madness of light in the distance. A single cloud on the dark horizon was exploding with released electric charges.

My sad friend, over red wine at the Radio Rosco, silent, smoking "Camel". A happy friend, on Gmail chat, telling me: "yuval, you are not a one-dream-man. It's a familiar, even banal Israeli song, expressing an aspiration for better days. Chava Alberstein is seen here singing it in the midst of the October war: the most traumatic event in Israel's history. The days were filled with death and Alberstein is clearly not in a typical emotional state.

Chocolate from the fridge, badly heated goulash in a downtown diner. Meeting Mercedes Sosa at a Ramat Gan conference center - watery coffee and "kosher parve" desserts.

Not torture. chicky vegina photo happiness has changed!

My sad friend joined me as photographer. A good review of my book. The plane waiting to take me to Budapest. Posted by ???? ??-??? Yuval Ben-Ami at PM 2 comments:.

Labels: friendshipmusicTel-Aviv. Monday, October 20, The Drama Bum. Yuval languidly : Over the years I made various attempts at writing for the stage. One of them "The girls of Tuam" was produced by now disbanded New York theatre group Blank Slate, as part of a young playwrights workshop series, which means it was only performed once in full. Another play was considered for production by a serious Israeli theatre, but only considered. A third piece failed to be accepted to the Akko theatre festival.

In short, I'm not exactly Tennessee Williams. Banco: Why make another attempt, then? Yuval: Mostly because it's so much fun. Playwrighting is the closest a writer comes to acting. You actually have to read each replica aloud and hear what it sounds like. a scene I wrote today featured a debate on masturbation and hummus, held in a crumbling Jerusalem hotel.

I hope my apartment isn't tapped by the mental health authorities. The mechanics of the medium are fascinating and lets face it, some stories can only be told this way. Besides, you can do your casting while writing, and aim as high as you wish.

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The downside of writing a play is that it is an ambitious endeavor that will surely steal energy from my blog. After the most prolific spell ever, I may partially vanish for a wee while.

Alas, the show must get on. Before I depart as air, here's a gift for the last Jewish holiday of the season. It's the finale from the first portion of Mike Oldfield's epic "Tubular Bells".

Oldfield wrote and recorded it, playing every single instrument, when he was 19 years old. He is seen on this BBC live reenctment wearing a colorful tanktop, alternating between the Bass and acoustic guitar. Is it the most impressive symphonic attempt of our time? is it the slightly awkward swan song of authentic progressive rock?

I say it's Labels: LiteraturemusicTheatre. Shake Your Money Maker. So, there's a band of crazy Russians at that club and a crazy Russian girl with red hair and a crazy Russian body and a face that's a legend straight out of Yereshov. The band plays Romanian Gypsy music, Bulgarian folk dances and Irish reels. I've long ago discovered that all music is more dancable if you just chant James Brown's odd little line as it plays: Shake your money maker Shake your money maker- It fits every rhythm, but for Christ's sake, the Bulgarian bits don't need this.

A combo that features a recorder, an electric bass and a violin, needs no help. Crazy Russian redhead needs no help. The friend who brought me over equally redheaded and no less enchating, but happily married hastens to vanish for my benefit, moving to the bar and chatting with a film expert.

I once checked him out in a free for all rooftop evening, screening school projects of great directors.

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Shake your money maker Shake your money maker- What is cool? It's you, crazy redhead, you are cool. It's Bulgaria's folk tradition.

It's that bearded Russian man, blowing into the recorder super speedy. what is cool? Brothers and sisters of the pale forest, we are reestablishing cool.

It's Tel-Aviv A night can end wherever. Tomorrows are irrelevant. Dreams are to be whispered. Shake it baby, shake it desert kingdom, shake it Cheburashka, minutes from the Med. Never mind making sense, it isn't morning yet. Posted by ???? ??-??? Yuval Ben-Ami at AM 3 comments:. Labels: musicpartiesTel-Aviv. Sunday, October 19, Foot Fetish. This has got to be the best photo of me ever taken: no double chin, no dumb expression, for once I actually look grounded.

Hint, my feet are the ones with tufts of hair above the toes. There's much more to a photo of feet than straightforward podiatry. Everything that's beautiful in life is in this photo. The setting is right: plain tiles of a Tel-Avivian apartment with cheap candy sprinkeled over them for color, that's our eternal war with the mundane right there. The company is telling: all feet, besides mine, are feminine. Out of all things that are beautiful in life, men are responsible for Ulla is here, on the bottom, representing old loves and sheer wonderfulness.

Hadason whose birthday this was taken, is the arts, joie de vivre, originality and guts. Her toes are the ones decorated with what looks like little old fashioned locomotives. Y the spy's perfect red nail polish and slender sandal tan lines hint to the classical beauty we never cease to seek - and she's also the top name in adventure.

Noamtop left hand corner, is music, travel, cool attitude and ambition. The more I know of her, the longer this list becomes. Gonitop center, is for me Tel-Aviv and the sacred present moment: if not for her sensative lense, none of you would be staring now at 60 toes and reading my ode to them.

I assure you that I appreciate other parts of the body as well, especially the uvula, which helps English speakers memorize my name and that we didn't eat the candy after this was shot. Posted by ???? ??-??? Yuval Ben-Ami at AM No comments:. Labels: feetfriendshiplovepartiesphotographsTel-Aviv. Thursday, October 16, Is Akko Burning? Which is the most beautiful word in the Bible? It may very well be one attirbuted to the Lord of Hosts in Genesis 18, He declares there that the sinning ways of Sodomites and Gommorah-folk has become known to him, and that he now intends to decend into these cities and determine "haketza'akata".

Haketza'akata - literally: "is it as she yelled", figuratively: are the disturbing rumors founded. In the King James translation: "altogether according to the cry of it". In the new American Standard bible: "entirely according to its outcry". No translation brings out any of the poetry of this cumbersome, lush word.

The darkness of the outcry is lost. A very dark outcry rises this week from the city of St. Jean D'acre, also called Akka and Akko. The capital of the second crusader kingdom became the site of major turbulance. The Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli populations of the city clashed on the streets, houses were burned, vandalism performed, families evicted, and police presence hightened.

Four of us went north to see haketza'akata: Y the spy not seen here as she is the photographerFlashky, Renana and myself. We were joined by two Swiss tourists: Francesco and Sarah. There was some smoke on the streets, and indoors somehow whenever I go there I end up with a photo like this onebut altogether Akko was the very image of peace in the middle east.

not exactly.

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This should come as no surprise. Despite animosities in friction zones, the vendors of the old city's market are highly interested in the safety of visitors, as their livelyhood depends on tourism. This makes the cancallation of this year's Akko alternative theatre festival not only absurd but infuriating.

It is an act that deeply hurts the old city's Arabic spaking population for no rational reason. It was forseeable that this population would become the scapegoat of the current crisis. A simpleton driver, whose carelss Yom kippur trip to the ethnically mixed heart of town sparked the riots, was arrested despite not having broken any law. On top of that, her killer looks have established her as one of the most loved faces of the Bollywood industry. Flaunting her uber toned and sexy back, Anushka is looking killer in this frame.

Anushka Sharma is hotter than ever in this photo. The Phillauri star is making all men go crazy over her beauty. The sunkissed diva is looking extremely hot in this photo, her luscious locks locking hearts in them.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest. Read More. 11 / Anushka Sharma is hotter than ever in this photo. The Phillauri star is making all men go crazy over her beauty. The sunkissed diva is looking extremely hot in this photo, her luscious locks locking hearts in them. Photo Credit: Pinterest. Read More. 12 / Anushka Sharma is defying sexy with this photo. Flaunting her well-formed and super sexy legs, Phone Number Address in Dover; Jamecie Binard, R Dover, Kent Delaware: Dione Clavie, Bens Ct, Dover, Kent Delaware: Of all the things I enjoyed in Budapest, I enjoyed Nagykorut the most. This grand boulevard is joy, it's what city should be: Uninterrupted architectural grace and grandour, happy crowds at nighttime, bustling fin de siecle cafes at daytime

Flaunting her well-formed and super sexy legs, Anushka is looking beyond sexy in this frame. Her easy poise and the hot pose is making it difficult for us to blink.

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She is radiating with boundless charm. This sexy photo of Anushka is like a dream. Her hotness quotient is rising every day. Anushka Sharma and her killer sexy smile. Anushka Sharma is looking gorgeous in this pic, here smile is making many guys go crazy over her hotness.

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Home Photos Anushka Sharma photos Anushka Sharma Hot and Sexy Photos. Anushka Sharma Hot and Sexy Photos. Anushka Sharma slaying in black for Pari promotions Anushka Sharma has started with Pari promotions and has been opting for the sexiest outfits for her outings. Photo Credit : Dabboo Ratnani Read More. Anushka Sharma looks stunningly hot in this drool worthy pic Anushka Sharma is looking like an angel from heaven in this stunningly sexy photograph.

Anushka Sharma is oozing with hotness in this sensuous pic Jab Harry Met Sejal star, Anushka Sharma is looking breathtakingly hot in this monochrome frame. Anushka Sharma looks scintillatingly hot in this pic The Phillauri of Bollywood, Anushka Sharma has been ruling hearts with her chirpy behaviour since the day she debuted in Bollywood.

Photo Credit : Pinterest Read More. Anushka Sharma looks darn sexy here That killer gaze is driving us crazy! Anushka Sharma is being uber hot here The seductress is looking marvelously sexy and ready to break several hearts.

Photo Credit : Facebook Read More. Anushka Sharma flaunting her fiery hot style The Jab Harry Met Sejal star, Anushka Sharma is one among the sexiest Bollywood lasses.

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