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One of the nobler cts of the Olympics is that they unite people of every class and ethnicity. Athletes from countries went to Sydney two years ago.

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The Winter Games, meantime, are reserved for the few who live among high mountains and snow fields. Only 80 nations will compete in Salt Lake and entire continents Africa, South America will likely go medal-less. You can watch a different sport each day. The Winter Games are about three sports-hockey, skating and skiing-and a lot of filler. NBC's prime-time Olympic coverage is dominated by an event that skirts the fringe of athletic competition: a piece of soft-porn sports-theater in which sequined competitors ham it up to schmaltzy music.

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Go ahead and tune in to the figure skating if you like; I'm renting Moulin Rouge. That'll hold me until and the Summer Games in Athens.

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Salary arbitration is the major league equivalent of divorce court: Owners and players hate going there, and when a case ends, both sides leave with hard feelings. Hearings are scheduled to begin on Feb. The process is so distasteful-things get testy when a team lays out why a player isn't worth the money he wants-that last year only 14 of the players who filed went the distance. For cases that do get heard, just what do those hearings entail?

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Each year about 20 arbitrators are chosen by Major League Baseball in consultation with the players' association from the National Academy of Arbitrators.

Cases go before three-member panels, which evaluate arguments by player and team reps.

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Because both sides come armed with far more research and statistical data than the arbitrators can sift through in the 24 hours they have to render a decision, the most efficient strategy for lawyers in each camp is to make a comparison presentation. While arbitrators in other sports often formulate a compromise salary, baseball arbitrators must choose between the team's offer and the player's request.

They start with what's called the break point, the midpoint between the two figures. If they deem a player to be worth a penny more than the break point, he wins, and vice versa. Adding complexity to the process is the sport's ever-shifting economics; contracts signed by other players or decisions handed down by other arbitrators can change a player's worth in an instant.

Says Abrams, "I've seen hearings in which someone rushes in with a decision from another case, and everyone looks at each other and says, 'Now we know what a leftfielder goes for. The NHL will shut down from Feb. The NHLers who aren't bound for Salt Lake City will get a midseason vacation.

Here's what some of them plan to do with it.

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MIGHTY DUCKS GOALIE STEVE SHIELDS Visit Cuba. You have to go before Castro dies. Get a pamphlet on the place.

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I'll also do some spearfishing if I get a chance. THRASHERS CENTER BOB CORKUM Go to Disney World with wife Jessica and their four kids.

Last time I went on a ride, I got sick and spent the rest of the day waiting in the truck. Maybe it's because of all the concussions.

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STARS GOALIE MARTY TURCO Wife Kelly, due in mid-February, will have labor induced during his time off. DUCKS CENTER JEFF FRIESEN Attend grandfather's wedding.


A The league made the zone legal this season for the first time in 55 years, in part to get rid of the despised and rarely understood illegal-defense rule and in part to open up the game by encouraging teams to 1 quickly push the ball upcourt and 2 take more outside shots. The impact of the rule change, however, has been barely perceptible. The league's per-game scoring average, three-point shooting frequency and three-point percentage are nearly identical to last season's numbers.

star Eva Henger. "Mere beauty is not the only value that female volleyball should portray," explained league president Francesco Franchi. Set-The single-game junior college record for free throw attempts and personal fouls (97), in Monroe Community College's quadruple-overtime win over Erie Community College

That's because the zone isn't effective enough to rely on as a base defense. With our team, we pass and shoot too well for the zone to be effective.

That explains why the zone is far more common in the NCAA, where players are less talented. Still, some NBA teams have had success using the zone as a novelty defense to throw offenses out of sync; Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders has said that selective use of the zone helped his team get off to its best start ever.

But as T-Wolves forward Wally Szczerbiak says, "Coaches weren't prepared on how to beat the zone at the start of the season.

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Now they are, and offenses are getting aggressive. In other words, don't expect to see the zone more often in the coming weeks.

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Says Lakers assistant Frank Hamblen, "The longer we go, the less zone will be played. PrideVision TV, a Canadian gay and lesbian cable network, debuted a half-hour sports show last Friday called Locker Room, hosted by actor Paul DeBoy.

As described on pridevisiontv. com, the show "is a saucy comedy offering a look at the world of sports from a brand-new perspective.

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A really gay one! We Cheer! Get Used To It! With a career record ofincluding this year, Mason is the winningest hockey coach in NCAA history.

Italian Smut Site Left Unzipped. An adult site reveals the emails and credit card numbers of its members to the world. Meanwhile, the man behind the curtain - the ex-manager of porn queen Tucker Carlson Tonight - Friday, June Special Report w/ Bret Baier - Thursday, June The Story w/ Martha MacCallum - Friday, June Outnumbered - Friday, June Fox News @ Night - Thursday, June 17 Eva Henger is substituted for Wanda in the gondola, and also wanders around Venice back alleys -perhaps shot at the same time to save a buck on the two projects. A considerable amount of footage is stolen from Lon Chaney's classic THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, a Universal release that perhaps is public domain, but that never stopped pornographers anyway

The phone company pulled the spot after Shea died in a car accident but reinstated it at the request of Shea family members. I can understand why you'd throw out Chiefs clothing, but in case it was an accident and you want it back, call but for some reason they needed to have Responding to an email query, one member of the site said that e-commerce is still not widespread in Italy.

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The member, who lives in Pavia, Italy, said in broken English that he hoped the site would be fixed soon, but took the whole matter in stride. you know who the Italians are really attracted about sex and so on, so I put my [card] number [on] the Net. As a member of the European Union, Italy is a signatory to the Data Protection Directive, a series of rules that protect the personal data of European consumers.

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Article 17 of the directive compels companies to secure the personal data of their customers, though specific enforcement measures are left to the discretion of each member nation. Diva Futura hosts images from Italian adult magazines Diva FuturaBambyFans Cluband Le Aventure di Eva Henger.

It also features streaming video, chat, and many images of Ilona Staller, more commonly known as Cicciolina. Agence France Presse last fall reported that in Riccardo Schicci spent time in prison for shooting a hard-core porno film on a public beach. Editor's Note: This story has been corrected.

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The original article incorrectly stated that Riccardo Schicci was once married to Cicciolina.

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