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Sperm are tadpole-shaped, microscopic cells that are part of semen.

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Their job is to fertilize an egg inside your body, and to get there, they're carried along by fluid that's produced by different male sex organs. Reitano says that sperm contains vitamin CB12, ascorbic acid, calcium, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, fat, and hundreds of different proteins.

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The average amount of semen released during ejaculation averages between two and five ml, the equivalent of about one teaspoon. But this stuff pack a punch-there are nearly 15 million to million sperm in an average milliliter of semen. True, men can produce sperm throughout their entire lives.

Reitano says that according to one study, sperm produced by men over age 52 were more likely to be abnormal than the sperm of younger men. Young guys also produce more sperm per ejaculation. RELATED: 12 Things You Should Know About Your Guy's Fertility. Precum, or the pre-ejaculate fluid that comes out of a man's penis when he's turned on, contains barely any viable sperm.

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Reitano says. Men are considered infertile if they have too little sperm, so the tiny amounts that may be found in pre-ejaculate are extremely unlikely to result in pregnancy. So what's the point of precum? It's nature's lube, in part. Stinky semen could be indicative of a larger issue. What is semen supposed to smell like? RELATED: Boxers vs. Briefs: Which One Is Really Better for Sperm Count? Sperm can live up to five days inside a woman's reproductive tract, just waiting for that egg to appear so they can fertilize it and do what nature intends them to do.

The sperm dies when that occurs. For whatever reason, semen seems to be the latest trend in skincare.

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But Dr. Reitano says that while it's likely safe, it's probably not going to benefit your skin in any way. Stick to acne products to clear up those breakouts instead. Yes, it's that great. At one point, Cyberella enters someone's cracked copy of Mac Paint and they have paint-splashing VR sex. More details here. Yes, really was the year for "cyber" porn.

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There was also a paperback anthology called Cybersex, featuring stories by Martin Amis, Jeff Noon, Kathe Koja, Harlan Ellison and Lisa Tuttle. I wonder if anybody thought the book and movie of the same title, in the same year, were related. Someone should ask Martin Amis. In any case, you have to love any porn movie with the tagline, "Crystal Gold is Internet ready!

This is a movie about scientists who create a cyborg - only to find that she's sexually insatiable. I can see how that would happen. Yep, it's a Men in Black spoof, except that it's Women in Black.

And I'm guessing nobody raps over s soul samples.

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What makes this especially great is the tagline: "Protecting the Earth from the cum of the universe. The aliens have a "ferocious sex appetite" and it's up to the Women in Black to satisfy them before they annoy everybody else, I guess. I can't actually tell what this film is about, although here's a clip to help you try and make sense of it.

In a nutshell, there are some scientists who are doing something sciencey, and it involves opening a vortex and casting your engrams into it using headgear. And an evil guy named Packard has put his engrams into the vortex and is using them to get laid in different timestreams.

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And meanwhile, someone named Jenny is trapped in the vortex - naked. So another lady has to go into the vortex, using her psy-powers, to rescue Jenny and defeat Packard.

I think. If any of this makes sense to you, you're probably smarter than I am. The point is, naked lady in the time vortex.

Testicles are a major male erogenous zone. Find out the best sex positions that make it easy to touch, caress, and play with his balls, so he feels more pleasure An ageless Australian grandma who is often mistaken for her son's girlfriend has revealed she loves the awkward mix-up, because it helps keep her young. An ageless Australian grandma who is often mistaken for her son's girlfriend has revealed she loves the awkward mix-up, because it helps keep her young James Gunn Talks 'The Suicide Squad,' His Final 'Guardians' Movie and Peacemaker's TV Series (Exclusive) Aug 2, 'Matilda' Turns Mara Wilson Shares Behind-the-Scenes Secrets and Favorite

The clip is sort of hilariously reminiscent of Star Trek: Voyagerwith the technobabble. It's the movie you never thought anybody would make a porn spoof of. According to IMDB :.

An outrageous gang of four vicious ladies clean up the streets. Their main goal is to destruct the male perverts on the streets. They drink milk, get in an ultraviolet shape, and they're an menace to society. According to the blog Between Picturesthis is actually a pretty decent film:.

The gag here is that Alexandra the Droog is a violent sex-addict who must be cured of her affliction. She's caught, jailed, and then forced to watch hours and hours of gross-out porn in order to get her head right.

Meanwhile, her fellow Droogs must bust her out of captivity, all the while continuing their rampage against the perverted on the streets. Yet another "aliens come to Earth to learn about human sexuality" movie, because we can never have too many of those.

This one, however, deals with lesbianism and learning to accept yourself and stuff. One of the two aliens is a dude, who hires strippers and has them perform for him - but the other one is a woman, who discovers that she's a lesbian and struggles for a few minutes anyway to accept herself.

Here's the start of the film, featuring astonishing CG and kind of s BBC-esque costumes, as the aliens travel to Earth and then spy on a human couple doing it. I don't think there was a Penetrator 1 - I think this is just a porn spoof of Terminator 2.

Yes, that's oddly specific, and the title might mislead you into thinking it's a Predator thing instead. Anyway, I hope someone says "live with me if you want to come" at some point. This trailer is actually kind of amazing. We covered this before in our roundup of zero-G sex scenes - but it bears repeating that this is perhaps the only porn movie to be nominated for a Nebula Award.

Supposedly a tiny amount of this film was actually shot in microgravity, but mostly the zero-G sex looks laughably fake, like the stuff at left. Tagline: "Slide into the "Sexth" dimension! The movie's four heroes are universe-hopping, and then they stumble on a world where anybody who has sex is sent to a reeducation center - possibly similar to the one in Clockwork Orgy.

They join up with the resistance movement against the beautiful but evil female dictator and soon "the cosmic cum begins to fly. I'm wondering if this is sort of Sliders porn.

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It's a porn spoof of s science fiction movies. It starts out with "trailers" for non-existent movies like Night of the Gangbang Zombiesand then goes into two short films: one about aliens who drain anyone they have sex with, and one about a mad scientist who tries to make the perfect sex machine.

This was followed by The Bride of Double Feature a year later. It's another virtual reality cyberpunky sex movie. To quote from the blurb:.

Rick Gassko is about to marry Debbie Thompson. Her parents hate him. Her old boyfriend hates him. They all have money and he gets a cut of the crap games on the Catholic school bus that he drives. His friends decide to give him the bachelor party of all bachelor parties in an expensive hotel with booze, adult movies and hookers Son makes mother's prom dream come true. Belinda Smith never got a chance to go to prom when she was younger because she couldn't afford it. But as Steve Hartman reports, Belinda just got a It has actual nutrients. Dr. Reitano says that sperm contains vitamin C, B12, ascorbic acid, calcium, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, fat, and hundreds of

You may never recover from this adventure about virtual sex in a cyberworld populated by the world's most intensely sexual women. Once more, PRIVATE invites you to unleash your imagination as we take you to new heights and depths of pleasure and sexploration! Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a humpy ride!

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It's going to be a humpy ride. Anyway, apparently this involves pouring cyber-liquid all over yourself, from a brass amphora thingy. This Jenna Jameson movie features a widescreen presentation and Hollywood-quality effects, and I guess it's about entering the realm of dreams.

In the clip at left, a woman wants to meet the King of Dreams, but first she has to show a lustful demon her breasts.

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The acting is kind of amazing, especially when the demon says, "I will feel your tits. Actually, it's a bit confusing. There is Sex Files: Alien Eroticaand Alien Sex Filesand it's never entirely clear if they're the same series.

But there is a huge series of straight-to-cable porn flicks called Alien Sex Files III they all have "III" in the title in which alien women masturbate and cause force lightning, and this allows them to take over the world.

Read here for more detailsbut the video at left is really one of the most astonishing things you'll ever watch. Horror auteur Rolfe Kanefsky has a sideline in scifi soft-core porn movieswhich often air late at night on premium cable and then come out on "unrated" DVDs.

He also wrote the aforementioned Emanuelle vs.

Both of these films involve a "clicker" that can increase the horniness level of anyone you point it at, ripped off from Manara 's Click. In Steelea James Bond parody loses track of his arousal-causing gadget and it creates mayhem.

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In Attractiona mom-and-pop gym's staff uses the device to save the gym from a gym mogul who wants to buy them out. Eventually, the entire gym is turned into a sex frenzy when the arousal clicker goes off at the wrong or right moment.

So researchers are trying to figure out why people keep vanishing during sex, and eventually they figure out that people are being pulled into a space called the Blue Matrix - which is basically "a room with a bunch of white sheets on the floor and walls," with flashing lights behind the sheets. Eventually, they discover that you need to have a "hypersexual" experience to enter the Blue Matrix, which is an alternate universe. And then one woman, who really wants to travel to the Blue Matrix, needs to figure out how to have a hypersex experience.

Cum draining movies

This makes way more sense than Vortex. This movie by Taiwanese-American filmmaker Shu Lea Chang is much, much cooler than most of the U. attempts at being vaguely "cyberpunk" - the visuals are just much more memorable, even when they're writhing around in a bunch of pink balloons and things.

It starts out with "trailers" for non-existent movies like Night of the Gangbang Zombies, and then goes into two short films: one about aliens who drain anyone they have sex with, and one about a The film shows how the film Deep Throat came about, what went on behind the scenes and how Lovelace was controlled by her husband and manager Chuck Traynor, played by Peter Sarsgaard Over the winter break, you may recall that NBC made the decision to bring back "Fear Factor" for a limited run because the world had apparently gone long enough without seeing Joe Rogan on

Reiko is a sex robot, who goes through seven different bodies to experience a variety of sexual experiences before returning to her corporate masters to download all her accumulated experiences - except that she's plotting to escape from the company's control. Seriously, watch the video.

It's pretty great.

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Yes, it's a Planet of the Apes spoof - coinciding with Tim Burton's Apes movie, in fact, and featuring similar masks and facewear. Asia Carrera plays one of the human women, but it's kind of amazing how much time is spent in this film discussing the intricacies of ape society and whether humans can be intelligent.

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At left: A scene where the apes decide to bring a human female to the crashed astronaut to distract him from his problems with "Doctor Anus. Somehow we missed this one in our roundup of the history of superhero porn a while back. I guess Super-Quick is a superhero who has lots and lots of sex, possibly using superspeed. Or possibly just super-coke. To quote from the blurb: "In this episode, evil circus clown P.

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