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Educational institutions use the phrase to signify an academic degree that was awarded with honor. Cum laude is one of three commonly used types of Latin honors recognized in the United States, the other two being summa cum laude and magna cum laude. The terms come from Latin, so they often are called Latin honors. They are common in the United States, but very few countries around the world use them.

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While cum laude signifies a distinguished level of academic achievement, an even higher distinction is magna cum laude, which means "with high honor" or "with high praise.

The guidelines by which each level of academic honor is achieved differ at academic institutions. Each university or college typically outlines its own expectations for each honor.

The criteria for earning Latin honors may include grade-point average GPAclass ranking, the number of credit hours completed, and other academic achievements. Students receiving Latin honors are typically recognized during graduation ceremonies, and the designation appears on the student's diploma. Students graduating with honors also may be allowed to wear some sort of special insignia at graduation.

Some universities bestow Latin honors at certain GPA levels. Typically, a GPA of 3. The designation is based only an individual student's final GPA. Other universities reserve Latin honors for a stated percentage of each graduating class.

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That means only a top percentage of a class may receive any honors and smaller percentages may receive the magna cum laude and summa cum laude honors designations. At Ivy League universities and other highly competitive schools, GPA alone may not be enough to earn these honors.

Faculty committees also consider students' academic records and achievements and may recommend honors for exceptional students.

Cum laude refers to a high level of academic achievement.

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Cum laude is one of three Latin terms of academic excellence used in the United States, following summa cum laude and magna cum laude.

While there is no universal benchmark that determines cum laude, often it occurs above a final GPA of 3.

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While cum laude represents a distinguished level of achievement, magna cum laude is one level above. These designations may be awarded on different factors such as GPA, class ranking, or outside academic achievements.

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Consider the University of Pennsylvania, where students must have a GPA of 3. Ultimately, these designations can vary widely across academic institutions, and are evaluated across differing metrics. Career Advice. Saving For College.

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Cum laude is one of three commonly used types of Latin honors recognized in the United States, the other two being summa cum laude and magna cum laude. The terms come from Latin, so they often are NEWS: Justin Bieber crashed a prom and the students lost their minds. It was a big enough deal that they were invited to The Ellen Show: "I was actually told that he had a crush on me," Jacob Man secretly filmed in public toilets. April 19, - pm. Log in., register or subscribe to save articles for later. Video Player is loading. Play Video. Play

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