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Jaime McLean, '18, is a Senior at Augustana College. She is majoring in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Public Health. Jaime has been working with sexual health education for four years and is the Chair of Sexual Health Education for +IMPACT. She has taught sexual health, gender, and sexuality classes formally and informally during her Yeah, You Can Legit Study Sex In College - Here Are 6 Courses You Could Take Psychology of Sex & Intimate Relationships. Taught at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (also available Female Pleasure: Feminism and the Sexological Tradition As it turns out, you can spend your Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

I've saved what may be the best for last - Queer Robotics: Cyborgs in Science Fiction and Anthropology at Northwestern. The course explores what human sexuality really means, while simultaneously "engaging" with content across literature, film, and even military research to understand how bodies are created and represented in various ways.

By Genevieve Wheeler.

The demonstration will become a rallying cry for sex-education critics, and parents of fresh-faced 18 year olds for whom Northwestern is suddenly at the top of their college wish lists Here, on UC Berkeley's campus, the university has worked to achieve this goal of providing sexual health education and services on campus. There is a student-run course titled Sex Topics in Sexual Health that students can enroll in just like any other academic class. This course has proven to be an extremely popular option, for when asked about enrollment, Linda Vang, a co-facilitator of the class, said " it is Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Women's College Hospital is a long standing leader in sex and gender in health. Throughout history we have uncovered, advocated and worked to improve the significant population-level health inequities that exist simply on the basis of sex and gender. Recently, we have seen more conversations about sex and gender officially enter the

Female Pleasure: Feminism and the Sexological Tradition Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N Roll: Teen Health and the Media. The Birds and the Bees: The Biology of Sex. And, like all of the aforementioned classes, it sounds incredibly interesting.

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Because the students who were excluded from an education in the reality and responsibility of sex continue in their academic careers, there is a societal expectation that they must have learned about sexual health and safety on their own.

Unfortunately, many youths do not live in a situation that is conducive to discussions about sexual health with their parents, leaving them to the devices of personal research that could very well leave them misinformed and expose them to potential harm.

Epidemiological statistics put forward by the Center for Disease Control CDC show that when a young person is barred from gaining the proper sexual health education, that individual is not the only one risk. The CDC reports that the age demographic of year olds account for over half of new cases of sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed each year. Considering there are approximately 20 million of these diagnoses, it is clear that sexually transmitted diseases pose a significant threat to those who have not learned about practicing safe sex.

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This is what makes sex education pertinent to the college campus. We know that even today, trans and gender diverse people are typically not included in health research and continue to face barriers to accessing healthcare.

Our society, and perhaps especially the health sector, likes to sort by checkboxes: male or female, gay or straight, single or married. Being at the forefront of sex and gender in health means transforming and evolving beyond our traditional binary world views.

Gender-transformative approaches are improving the way we design, implement and scale-up novel health interventions. These ideas are at the heart of the work our team of WCRI scientists are doing; from research design to measurement, analysis and implementation.

We know that health research that includes sex and gender is more scientifically rigorous and responsive to the diverse health needs of people in Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

A focus on best clinical practice, specialized care and training of health professionals are all essential components to advancing the health of women and gender diverse people. Alongside our many other world-class clinical programs, we are the first public hospital in Canada to offer a transition-related surgical program that will increase access to medically necessary surgical procedures for transgender people.

As a component of our strategy, we are hard at work to establish a new Sexual Health Centre that will be focused on addressing sexual and reproductive health gaps for women and gender diverse people. We continue to coach and train our physicians, staff, learners, and volunteers to deeply understand and consider sex and gender as vital to health and well-being.

We continue to investigate and address biases in the structure of our clinics, forms, electronic medical record systems and cts of our physical environment, like access to all-gender washrooms, in order to ensure a safe and welcoming care experience for everyone who visits our hospital.

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