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MJ: The film depicts both prostitutes and truckers as victims in this larger drama of human appetites and loneliness. Do you see both parties as victims? How would you describe the power dynamic?

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Power dynamics varied from one person to the next. In some cases, it seemed like truck drivers were taking advantage of sex workers, in others like sex workers were taking advantage of truck drivers, and, in a rare few, it seemed there was mutual respect. How did that come about?

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It seemed like she needed a sense of closure and empowerment. Ultimately, I think she bit off more than she could chew. I think he [the trucker] was in love with Jennifer and that he was genuinely remorseful for what had happened.

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Jennifer approached the interview with a confrontational outlook, but she has a heart of gold and as the interview progressed it became clear that she was deeply moved by his repentance. Monica and Betty both have intense but turbulent bonds with their boyfriends-how would you describe their relationships?

MJ: Both couples were bound by two desires: the real need for love and the compulsive need for drugs. These two drives vied with one another and the ebb and flow of each was the driving force behind the turbulence. Bobby really loved Monica, but he was much more honest with himself about the self-destructiveness of their lifestyle.

He wanted out. MJ: Tell me about the logistics of making this film.

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How did you evade the police, for example? We had to make a presence known, so we introduced ourselves to truckers, shared a beer they really dug Bud Light for some reasonhung out at barbecues, you name it, until word got around and the people who met us could vouch for us.

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After a day or two, truckers were happy to be interviewed. The hardest thing about being a truck driver is the isolation and a lot of them were enthusiastic about sharing their stories.

At first, police and security assumed we were truck drivers-we did our best to look the part-but they inevitably caught on. We were trespassing on private property and they had every right to kick us out. Weaving through the shadows and ducking under trailers when the cops showed up gave us a small taste of how terrifying it is for sex workers.

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We were always looking over our shoulder for cops, security guards, angry truck drivers, pimps, drug dealers, and drug addicts. Most of the sex workers have been robbed, raped, stabbed, shot. AP: Some truck drivers became irate when they saw the cameras, but we were judicious in taking them out. Betty told us her drug dealer said that he was going to kill us. Did the women you meet hope to do the same?

What kind of support exists for a prostitute who wants to get clean?

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AP: Deep down inside, almost all of the sex workers harbored doubts about their lifestyle. There were three approaches to dealing with those feelings. Most of the sex workers rationalized their doubts away.

Other sex workers relied on a constant supply of drugs to medicate their doubts away. When they ran out and were forced to confront their choices in the bright light of sobriety, they would go on a rampage.

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Many used a combination of the two approaches. A rare handful were honest with themselves.

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They expressed a sincere desire to change but felt trapped by the easy money. Unfortunately, support is not as widespread as it could be. Aside from the occasional truck stop chapel, the sex workers were left out in the cold.

MJ: Mother Jones has reported on a truck stop prostitution rehabilitation program -based on your experience, do you think such a program can succeed? How would you help them if you could?

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Do they want help? AP: The first step to helping the sex workers is humanizing them.

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The next step is treating the sex workers as victims as opposed to criminals. There needs to be more of an emphasis on rehabilitation as opposed to criminalization.

They have the potential to become the front-line of help and rehabilitation. MJ: Lot Lizard offers a pretty bleak depiction of life both on and off the lot. Does the film say anything ennobling about sex work?

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AP: The film does not portray sex work in a positive light. We approached the film with questions, not answers, and we did our best to let the story speak for itself.

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If anything, we tried to tone down the darkness in order to make the film more watchable. A lot of footage that wound up on the cutting room floor is darker than anything in the film. AP: I was once in a safe truck with three sex workers, all of whom looked under the age of They were joking around, playing music, and showing off their cell phones.

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They seemed like any other girls that age. When the cops left, they went on with their business. It seemed so normal. It still requires some polish in the edit, color-correction, and sound-design.

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