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I had just started my period, and I thought that I wouldn't bleed because I was in the water. I was talking to this majorly hot guy that I have had a crush on forever.

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We were just talking all cool, and then he said, "I think that you have an appointment in the bathroom. I found out that there was blood running down my leg!

One time, my boyfriend and his brother were over at my house.

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I was on my period, and I went to go change my pad. My boyfriend's brother went into the bathroom after and came out a few minutes later and told me that I had left my pad on the counter in front of the toilet. I don't think I'll ever look at him the same -D. One time my boyfriend and I were babysitting my little sister together. Annoying as little 6-year-old sisters can be, this one was way outta the park.

She was running around the house yelling to my boyfriend, "Sarah likes you! Sarah likes you! She also accidentally ripped of my shirt! The bra I had on had the names of my best friends written in permanent marker on it I wrote them. Now my boyfriend thinks I let my friends sign my bra. He told the whole school. I definitely broke up with him!

I play baseball in a league, but it's baseball not softball so I'm the only girl playing with all these guys.

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