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H or Head of Household typically the man but in some cases the woman will enforce the rules. The rules are made by and agreed by both parties as well as the consequences, and typically if a rule is broken or something is done that both parties agree was not acceptable then the H. H will punish the other by use of corporal punishment the punishment typically is part of the D. D relationship and therefore does not need to be agreed upon.

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typically an over the knee spanking to the bare bottom there are also other ways that some H. H's punish such as by using a belt,paddle,switch etc. Depending on the offense etc, Many H.

H's use what works best and gets the best results.

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Hi My name is Jennifer me and my significant other Mike have made this blog to give people a glimpse into our lives. We practice Traditional Domestic Discipline as well as other forms of effective punishment when needed as a way to keep order in our household.

Domestic Discipline is a way to maintain a healthy happy realtionship. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. In our life Back in the Victorian Era in the 's's fig Domestic Discipline typically means that one party Hi My name is Jennifer me and my significant other About Me Jennifer and Mike Phoenix, Arizona, United States We are a loving D.

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It is possible to overstretch the anal sphincter and cause damage. I really can't tell over the Internet whether you did any damage.

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If things don't feel right back there, you'll need to have a doctor take a look. In the example above a year old-man who's 5'10" and weighs pounds and exercises or plays sports three to five times per week needs to eat about 2, calories to maintain his weight give or take.

The calculator provides estimates for how much he'd need to eat to lose or gain one or two pounds each week.

Again, online calculators are a good place to start guesstimating but you'll really figure it out once you try it out. Contreras says that optimizing your macronutrient is important when it comes to gains. He adds that protein is especially important for gaining muscle.

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As BuzzFeed Life has previously reported, losing fat usually involves eating fewer carbs and getting enough fat for satiety and protein for muscle growth.

You can use an online macronutrient calculator to start figuring out what kind of ratio of carbs to fat to protein your daily diet should look like. When you're trying to build muscle, which is great for your health and metabolism and of course your bigger buttyou want to be sure that the weight you're losing is fat only and not muscle.

To figure out how much body fat you have, you can use a scale that measures body composition or take some measurements with a tape measure and then use a calculator to determine your body fat percentage. Check out BuzzFeed Life's previous reporting on how to focus your diet, workouts, and lifestyle for fat loss.

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There are all different ways to exercise, and they might be challenging for your lungs, your metabolism, your flexibility, or even your legs, but this doesn't necessarily mean they'll be good for developing your glutes. In fact, Contreras says that "running, yoga, Pilates, and spin classes are all overrated for glute development.

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High-intensity cardio is usually a must for anyone trying to lose fat. However, you can make your cardio do triple duty - burn fat, challenge your cardiovascular health, and work your glutes - if you choose your activity wisely. Gentilcore recommends sprinting up stairs or hills to get those glutes firing.

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Run up and use the walk back down as your rest. Or you can use the step machine at the gym. It's true that squats should be part of any butt embiggening effort.

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But are squats alone enough for glute growth? If you can perform squats comfortably you should definitely do them and you should try to make them progressively more challenging to really work your glutes more on that below.

But just know that "just squats" is not the way. As Contreras says herea single exercise is never enough for maximizing muscle growth. If you're new to training your glutes or if you spend a lot of time sitting, chances are simple bodyweight exercises will be a good place to start; they will be challenging enough to start getting your glutes stronger but not so hard that they're impossible to perform.

Gentilcore recommends starting with glute bridges above left and hip thrusts above rightfirst mastering the movements themselves and then performing them in higher reps and sets before moving on to more challenging bodyweight movements like single-leg glute bridges and single-leg hip thrusts. Check out three variations of hip thrusts demo'd here. And don't just limit your glute training to one kind of exercise, warns Contreras.

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