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Sprouting out of nowhere and waiting for their next target to prey on, scammers have ated their methods. The most important dating tip of all in online dating is to get away and immediately report if your chat mate is asking for money. Here are scams of different kinds and situations that will help you identify Chinese dating scams:. They go on to seek men under the guise of searching for true love. But their real motive is money, or more like the money of every man they set their eyes on.

Chinese dating scammers do this by earning the trust of men and keeping a consistent correspondence while not providing any concrete information about them. The scammer then starts to ask for money due to ridiculous reasons.

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It could either be because of high hospital bills or visa application fees. So the scammer would suggest you get a translation service to communicate appropriately.

We already know that the guy is going to end up paying the bill for the translation service. But the sad part is, the agency that was suggested by the scammer is not a real agency. Relate article: How to Meet Chinese Girls in Beijing. Ahh, the old and effective illness and accident scam. This is an example from the first Chinese dating scam mentioned.

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Relate article: Things to Expect When Dating a Chinese Woman. They will then ask for your favor to deposit it into your bank account and then have you wire the money to them via Western Union. Of course, the money order itself is a scam and a fraudulent one. You will then be responsible for paying back the amount to the bank you just wired to the scammer or sometimes even charged for it.

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Money laundering is everywhere, even in the world of online dating. The scammers will target a victim who may not have a lot of money. They will then get the victim to unwittingly launder money for them. In every photo set of a girl there is at least one with a peace gesture. I got a chinese tinder contact too, also from hongkong with a beauty salon. I saw the website and there was a gmail mail account for contacts, which looked very dubious. When I asked her why only this website knows about this GCP token and why there is no ICO date of it on other websites she insulted me and blocked me.

I am from Italy and the same exact thing happened to me with two girls met on Speaky language exchange app until today 4th of February when I quit both of them.

Chinese girls fakes

The first claimed to be originally from Beijng but living in Edinburgh UK phone number and owning a restaurant and the second from Hong Kong and living there Hong Kong phone number owning a clothing shop. Same story, I was asked for whatsapp contact right away and then all went for a nice easygoing chat with photos of both good looking girls, lasted almost one month.

One offered to teach me how to make money and the other asked me, because she was very busy with her fashion company, if I could help her managing her investments by downloading the metatrade app and giving me her login and password.

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For luck I am skeptical and I was able to understand it was too good to be true, but unfortunately some naive people fall into their net. There is something else you are missing. They all insist on using WhatsApp.

Not snapchat, not signal.

Just WhatsApp. There is some scam they can do with your WhatsApp.

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Google says it is not difficult to associate a punters WhatsApp with a new device, where they can read all your other messages and hopefully find sensitive banking or credit card details if you messaged those to a family member.

Sharing WhatsApp also shares your mobile phone number. With some sweet talk they will get your full name from you and have your mobile phone number. That combination is a powerful combination.

Almost certainly also your photo. Maybe you can help me understand, Why WhatsApp. If these racketeers get caught, they could face some very, very serious punishment. I think you got fooled on that one. I would put money down that almost all have a photo with a peace symbol.

Yes, in hindsight, I agree that Chinese girls all have photos of themselves doing a peace sign. So the girl might not be a girl but someone else pretending to be her. How does this change the fact that this is still a scam? You mean dreamy Asian woman are doing scamsnooo lmao Its epidemic. Warning signs on Tinder 1. Ferrari, Lamborghini, RR etc. Made piles of money that day. Screen shots of financial graphs 4. Travel alot 5. Luxury brands 6.

Endless talk about teaching you success and propaganda speak 7. If you set boundaries about money talk they evaporate or insult. But always ghost shortly. Immediately shift to whatsapp and delete tinder match. Red Flag. Claim to be in your search region but are almost always in China or Singapore.

I never have.

This article helped. I will pretend to be superman next time. The Chinese bitch wanted me to add MORE MONEY!

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But i digress. The money i lost was from my Coinbase account that i have been slowly building and gradually growing in investment returns. I also want to share a similar experience I had this week. Passport in Tinder was free at least for my region one entire month. So I decided it would be a good idea to swipe in London.

One thing in common as someone mentioned before here, was that almost immediately they ask for your WhatsApp and cancel the match in tinder once you start chatting in WhatsApp.

So I started chatting with this Korean girl. It was actually kind of weird because she stated that she was residing in Korea but raised in France but she had a WhatsApp number from UK lol. That was a red flag. I am not that much of an attractive guy in my country. And this girl was insanely beautiful. At first I just thought the beauty standards were different in Asia and probably I was somehow attractive in Asia, so I gave it a chance.

I was chatting with this girl via WhatsApp for about 1 week and she told me she was wealthy and all that stuff. She even shared some photos with me and sent audios! Literally she will send audios to me from time to time 2 second audios but still made sense in the conversation.

She said she owns a gym with a friend which she invested with and also a clothing brand in France or something like that.

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It was just too good to be true to be honest. She said she wanted to come to visit my country and also to teach me how to invest. She said she will look for the requirements to visit me blahblah. In the end she told me she will have everything setup in about 2 months probably expect me to scam me within those 2 months.

Also she acted really cute and was talking to me as if she wanted something serious and she also flirted with me via text. Long story short, she started talking about crypto currency and basically she wanted me to invest in bitcoin and another weird crypto currency SST, something like that.

Up to this point, I kinda felt it was a scam but I wanted to know how the scam would be, as buying bitcoin and investing to my own wallet is not really a scam. In the end, she said I was supposed to exchange bitcoin for SST and could not buy SST directly from well known cryptocurrency sites.

The page seems like a total scam. I wanted to find some information in google for that page but did not find anything. Bullshit if you ask me, lol.

So just be aware of this, people. Trust no one when it comes to people trying you to invest and you have not even met. Hi Interesting article! You should have mentioned that Facebook Dating has had a lot of these. Tagged formerly Hi5 is the worst site ever, full of so many scams including these ones.

It's quite baffling how a simple thing like translation could become one of the most used tactics of Chinese dating scams. Relate article: How to Meet Chinese Girls in Beijing. Illness/Accident Scenario Scam. Ahh, the old and effective illness and accident scam. This is an example from the first Chinese dating scam masala-magazin.comted Reading Time: 5 mins Awesome! Beautiful asian girl fishing | How To catches Fish #1Awesome Crab trap | working mouse trap | working % In some parts of Asia, e.g., China, some people reach the whole new level of creativity regarding the definition of beauty. The new Asian makeup fad is to look as delicate as porcelain dolls. And though the porcelain doll makeup look is nothing new, these girls here take it very seriously. Application of professional makeup now means not only highlighting their existing features but also creating new ones with the help of fake Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Thank you so much! You literally saved me today! All of you. I tried Tinder for the first time. During this Sunday 5 five! chinese, malaysian, japanese girls addressed me. I am from Prague. She bought and sold 20 BTC during one night! Unfortunatelly, I am very well experienced in crypto world or I think it about myself. Both of them couldnt stop explaining me, how to earn money. So, I told them, i am interested in other things then money. So, They started to be angry.

The third one was from Japan. Unfortunatelly, I spent in Japan several months when was on high school. My japanese girlfriend is my lifetime friend and we keep in touch for 20years.

I started something in Japanese. But she was only Born there, father was travelling like me and found her mother in China,so they live there. She is mining BTC, parents as well. She mines 1BTC in 2 months. I started to be nervous and then found your article.

Fourth lives here in Prague. At her aunts place, was today in hotel Ambassador Wencslas square, my flat is like 5 minutes walking. But she has no time. She manages company in SINGAPORE. But again, Thank you so much!!!!! Interesting reading what you described. I just finished today a chat of about 3 weeks from one from a Facebook match from Malaysia - uncle knows secrets on how to make six figure daily profits from Forex, is a key guy in Wall St etc.

Her Facebook profile is skeleton, and she claimed to have studied finance at LSE. I happen to know that foreign students at LSE are expected to have a high standard of English, everything the girl was typing was a google translation as she at one point mistakenly pasted something to me in Chinese. Happened to me as well. I kept on talking and thought the scammer was really dumb and I felt sorry for her.

Hello everyone, here is my story. All the girls wanted to move the conversation to WhatsApp after two or three messages on Tinder. All of them after a week started talking about how much money they were making, investing, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies. Buying a house, big holidays in Australia, visiting uncle in London.

Back in Italy. April And this lead to my last experience that ended today: started on the WhatsApp on the 05 of April, she started to talk about working in finance and investing in Bitcoin pretty soon, she recommended me to use Behance. com which is legit websiteI told her that I was reading and getting ready to start investing, I kept on telling this for a good 10 days.

And deleted her WhatsApp account.

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I still wonder if I was chatting with a man or a woman! Sorry for the very long message. I have been experiencing this scam for about a year with a bevy of Chinese girls who claim to be living in Hong Kong. But lately, they have become a bit more sophisticated in their outreach. Instead of indicating they live thousands of miles away from me my home is in the Western USthese women now claim they live only a few miles from me on Tinder.

In fact, someone texted me via Tinder this week and not only texted a nearby neighborhood of mine as her domicile but listed more distinct areas within that neighborhood.

As with many of them, she claimed to be a consultant in the clothing industry. She actually invited me over for a dinner of braised fish. When I suggested a more neutral location, she then admitted she was temporarily in HongKong but returning in June. This part fits the pattern for all of them in saying they will be returning to my hometown soon. This particular lady, if she is indeed a lady, did not reach the point about her Bitcoin investment scheme but I am sure that was next.

Instead, I got bored and said contact me when you arrive. But so far, she has not reappeared. I had a similar experience.

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Smoking hot Asian girl with 2 photos on tinder matches with me and immediately asks to go to WhatsApp, starts talking about cryptocurrencies and other boring stuff. I have a great job lmao. Another one on tinder asked to go to WhatsApp and I just said straight up scammers use WhatsApp.

They instantly unmatched me! I got a great laugh out of the screenshots in the article where he pretended to be batman. I hope all scammers stub their toe and go to hell ??.

Just wanted to share my experience here. Hopefully it will prevent someone from falling prey to these scammers. She even shared a photo of her handwritten notes in relation to this game.

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I subsequently did a reverse image search of her handwritten notes but did not get any results. Similarly, she shared a photo of her cat which I reverse image searched with no results.

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While she was hesitant to meet up which was understandable given that we had only been chatting for 3 or so daysshe actually gave me a call on WhatsApp. Her voice was certainly not automated and was not pre-programmed. It was an actual person on the line.

The moment she started talking about the game and sent me a link on WhatsApp, I ended the call and blocked her. Just wanted to add that her profile had at least 6 photos of her in different outfits, settings and poses. I did a reverse image search on all the photos with no results.

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These scammers are getting more meticulous with their work. They are taking pictures of themselves spending the money they stole from dumb lonely white people with yellow fever. Sorry about the numerous comments, but after reading the comments I felt like I had to add on more details in relation to the phone number that this particular scammer used - which was from my own country and was not spoofed either.

Like in the case of the photos, a google search of her phone number yielded no adverse results. Really just shows you how detail oriented they can be. Im in the same situation but with some differences. I was stupid enough to send usd to a hong kong crypto exchange called BCHBTG exchange. She has even sent me usdt tether through the exchange. We made a few trades together and have a total of USDT in this exchange.

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Has anyone either received money from these people? possibly the exchange might be fake? i have received many voice notes, photos and short video clips from her and she rejects the idea of a phone call or video call always.

Have i been scammed? Thanks for the article. I believe this has now got sophisticated enough that they know the kinds of questions that people like me ask, and have ready made responses. For example, I asked one girl who said she was in port Melbourne to take a quick video out her window of landmarks I would recognise. I even explained why. I do wonder if they both to target guys under 25 say. This is hilarious.

So here I am. The latest-and last-one is still on the line waiting for me to become adept at screen shots, so that she can teach me step-by-step how to use Meta Trader 4 or is it 5?

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They DO have Singapore and HK phone numbers, after all. I tend to think that they are genuine individuals all working a similar scam. BTW there are also a lot of very straight-laced very British Bitcoin pushers who seem to be doing something similar with Crypto on Facebook, though without all the cuteness, usually. They are everywhere. Followed by a Line ID. I met this woman named Lisa her name on tinder was different which I forgot from tinder app. Our converation has now lead to whatsapp and she told me she owns autopart business and also does investment on the side currency it is.

We have normal conversation everyday and she made an arrangement to meet me in person this month, we had phone conversation today and she did not sound suspicious.

She is keep telling me story about her investment and she made a lot of money doing investment since her mother works in the bank in Hong Kong and taught her how to invest. This just sounds like a big scam.

I have not made any transaction so far and I told her I would have to wait until I meet you face to face. I asked her to send her the picture with background and she sent me today I googled image searched and no result so far, maybe she used one from chinese social media site.

They are scamming women too. Three of them tried it with me.

Edit: Ok, Chinese people make the "peace" sign in photos all the time. If it was someone else operating the profile, and not the girl in the pic, they could indeed have ready access to a stolen photo of some innocent person making this gesture. But it's still all a scam, so don't get too hung up on this masala-magazin.comted Reading Time: 7 mins

They totally underestimated how. nozy and not desperate I am. Then Instagram suggested I add his fake account since I had saved his number recently on my phone. The other I will say was a bit smarter, he even had a verified Tinder account and the pics were less polished and seemed more believable. But still a quick google search revealed itThe third was also seemingly real but he completely knew nothing about the area he claimed he lived in where I lived for 10 years.

Good luck out there!

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