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I didn't know what to say. I gathered some courage to speak up and mumbled: "Please go to the office, I'll call you by evening and let you know my answer, I promise.

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He threatened: "I will call you myself at 4pm. I want the answer and it should be 'yes'.

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Otherwise be ready to get punished. By punishment, he meant anal sex.

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He knew that it was extremely painful for me and he used it as a tool to torture me. He and his elder sister left for the office.

I was now alone and struggling with my thoughts. After a few hours I gathered the courage to dial my father's number and told him that I couldn't live with my husband anymore. HerChoice is a series of true life-stories of 12 Indian women. These accounts challenge and broaden the idea of the "modern Indian woman" - her life choices, aspirations, priorities and desires. I was afraid that my father would be angry but his response amazed me.

I took a book, gathered my educational certificates and rushed towards the bus station. After boarding the bus, I sent a message to my husband. After that I switched off my mobile phone.

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After a few hours, I was home, surrounded by my family. I had left my husband's house after only two months of marriage.

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I met my husband, Sahil, when I was in the final year of graduation. He was a jovial man. I liked being around him and with time we fell in love.

We used to go on dates, talk for countless hours on phone. It seemed as if life was almost too kind to me. But this rosy romance did not continue for long.

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Gradually I started realising that our relationship lacked equality. It wasn't what I had been looking for.

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Our relationship was becoming like my parents' relationship. The only difference; my mother kept silent while I could not stop myself from speaking up. My father used to scream at my mother for petty things.

He would even hit her and the only thing she responded with was tears. When Sahil and I had an argument, it would often turn into a scuffle.

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He would use force to get intimate with me and scream at me if I refused. I remember him once asking me: "Suppose I hit you someday, then what would you do? The question stunned me. She was badly beaten and stabbed on her left leg, her clothes bloody.

She fell in and out of consciousness. At some point, one of the men got out a laptop and showed Rose videos of attacks on other women. Some of the victims were white but many were women of colour. Later, the men threatened to kill her.

Forcing herself to collect her senses, Rose began to talk to them. If they released her, she wouldn't reveal their identities, she said. Nothing would ever happen to them, no-one would know.

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Taking her back in the car, men dumped her in a street about half an hour's walk from her home. Walking through the door, she caught sight of her reflection in the hall mirror. A gash in her head was oozing blood.

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Her father, Ron, and some extended family were in the living room about to have lunch. Still bleeding from her stab wound, she explained what had happened to her. At the hospital, Rose was greeted by a male doctor and male police officer.

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The male police officer asked her if this had started as consensual. Was it a night gone wild, he wondered.

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Stabbed and bleeding Rose told them no, it had not been consensual. And still reeling from what she had been through, she said she didn't know who had attacked her. The police had no leads to go on. When Rose was released the next day, she attempted suicide, unable to imagine how she could possibly live a normal life now.

Her brother found her in time. A few months later, Rose was browsing MySpace when she found several people from her school sharing a link.

She was tagged. Clicking on it, Rose was directed to the pornography-sharing site, Pornhub.

She felt a wave of nausea as she saw several videos of the attack on her. One had overviews," Rose recounts. Seeing myself being attacked where I wasn't even conscious was the worst.

She made an instant decision to not tell her family about the videos - most of them had not been supportive anyway. Telling them would achieve nothing. Within days it was evident that most of her peers at school had seen the videos.

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That I led men on. That I was a slut. Some boys said their parents had told them to stay away from her, in case she seduced them and then accused them of rape. Rose says she emailed Pornhub several times over a period of six months in to ask for the videos to be taken down. I pleaded with them.

I wrote, 'Please, I'm a minor, this was assault, please take it down.

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I disassociated," she recalls, "I felt nothing. I kept to myself. She would wonder, with every stranger who made eye contact with her, if they had seen the videos. Had they gratified themselves to my rape? She couldn't bear to look at herself. That's why she covered the mirrors with blankets. She would brush her teeth and wash in the dark, thinking all the time about who could be watching the videos.

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She set up a new email address posing as a lawyer, and sent Pornhub an email threatening legal action. Months later Rose began to receive counselling, finally revealing the identity of her attackers to the psychologist, who was duty bound to report them to the police.

But she didn't tell her family or the police about the videos. The police collected victim impact statements from Rose and her family. Editor Picks. Airbnb Bet Big on the Olympic Games. Inflation Is Hitting Diapers. Covid Booster Shots: When Might You Need One and Why? WSJ Opinion: What's the Coronavirus Priority?

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Brutal torture of four women captured on camera. A SHOCKING video has emerged of women being stripped naked, burned and tortured. WARNING: Extremely disturbing footage Youths aged 14 to 20 are arrested over a cell phone video showing a rape. A newspaper got hold of the video and handed it to police. A government minister says the case will be a priority An explicit video of a young girl in a secondary school uniform was circulated online last week. The three-minute video, which appears to have been taken at a staircase landing, shows her performing various sex acts with an unidentified man. The girl, whose face can be seen, appears to be a minor. She was wearing the uniform of an all-girls school
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