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Without proper lubrication, the condom can break easily or come off during intercourse. And the type of lubrication you use is also critical for comfort on both the giving and receiving end of anal sex. Even without tearing, getting fecal matter inside of your peehole can put you at risk for a number of infections, not in the least would be a urinary tract infection UTI.

If you are going to have anal sex - suit up! Using lubricated condoms is a great idea, but try to find one that has extra silicone lube.

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It's also a good idea to have some extra lube on hand, like a sillicone-based lubricantwhich is long-lasting and does not absorb as quickly. Whether you're anal sex beginner or a pro, it is not recommended to use a condom or lubricant that is cooling, warming or numbing.

If anal sex is too painful, your body is telling you to stop. Since the anus is super absorbent, it could also be harmful to introduce these chemicals into the digestive track.

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Although the FDA has not specificed any particular condom approved for anal sex, our line-up for the Best Condoms for Anal Sex below are highly recommended to ensure your comfort, safety and pleasure.

Atlas Ultra Lubricated Condoms are a trusted favorite amongst many.

  Don't use the same condom if you switch between vaginal and anal sex. "If you're having anal sex and want to switch to vaginal sex, you should change the condom   Use protection - You can use either an external (male) condom (which goes on the penis) or an internal condom (also called a female condom) which is inserted into the anus before sex, just as it would be used in the vagina Top 5 best condoms for anal sex: Atlas Ultra Lubricated Condoms. Caution Wear Grande Condoms. Kimono MicroThin Condoms. Iron Grip Condoms. ONE UltraFeel Condoms. Find the best extra lube condoms for anal sex

These condoms are lathered with extra long-lasting silicone lubrication and the classic straight-shaft shape make it a perfect combo for comfortable anal sex. Size: 7.

If you're well-endowed, you're going to need a properly fitting and well-lubricated condom for anal sex. And the Caution Wear Grande has just that at a much more affordable price than other big brand named magnum-sized condoms.

  As for anal sex without a condom for a man I'm still trying to understand how it effects the male as the rectum is not a clean place and is full of bacteria. I'm trying to find out if the bacteria can enter the urethra and cause harm. Reply   Why Condoms are Important for Anal Sex. Condoms provide a physical barrier between the penis, and your partner during anal sex. Not only does this remove worry for the "poop", it also increases protection against STIs like HIV. In fact, anal sex without a condom is   Only a very small number of condoms have been officially approved by the FDA 1 (Food and Drug Administration) for anal use, meaning that most condom manufacturers just aren't allowed to tell you when their condoms are suitable for anal use. Confusing, right? Despite this, it's still important to use a condom when having anal sex

But don't let the price fool you, the Grande is just as reliable and durable as the best of them. Size: 8.

Condom for anal sex

The Kimono MicroThin condom tops the list because of it's ultra-thinness, which makes it the perfect condom for you anal pros. Although, those who are new to the game might feel more comfortable with something thicker until you get your rhythm figured out.

  These condoms will perform well for anal sex due to the extra strength. They will be less likely to tear, break or dislodge during thrusting. They also include a very silky lubricant that will make anal sex more comfortable. details: LifeStyles Tuxedo: These condoms from Lifestyles are black in color   Always use a condom when practicing anal sex. Anal sex without a condom may also spread other infections, such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), salmonella, and It depends. If you are in a monogamous relationship and can trust your partner then you are ok being bare for both oral and anal. I'm totally not a fan of condoms tbh, but a condom can offer extra protection against both HIV and most other sexuall

Regardless, the Kimono Condom brand is well-known for their strength and commitment to safety. If you prefer a tighter fitting condom or have trouble finding a condom that stays in place securely for the long haul, then you'll want to check out the Iron Grip condom by Caution Wear. With a straight-shaft shape, and a circumference of 3.

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And last but certainly not least, ONE UltraFeel Condoms. If you're traveling, or do not have a bottle of lube handy, this is the best condom for anal sex. The 2-in-1 packaging includes a silicone-based lubricated condom on one side and an extra 2 mL packet of silicone lubrication on the other side.

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Still need help? Let one of our condom and safer sex experts help you out!

We have been the "friend in the business" for nearly 20 years to hundreds of thousands of customers. Buy Crown Condoms.

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Because there's less lubrication and the hole is less elastic, you're more likely to get tiny tears in your skin during anal sex, so keeping the area as clean as possible is best for preventing infections. Don't use the same condom if you switch between vaginal and anal sex.

Don't think that just because you can't get pregnant, you don't need to use condoms.

  Skyn Extra Lubricated is a non-latex condom for anal sex that is very safe. Comfortable usage and good smell make it very attractive. There's no weird smell that usually comes with lubricated latex condoms. This condom is exceptionally comfortable and snug. It never slips off, being thin and tough at the same time. It leaves no after taste or smell

Those little tears in the skin you can get during anal sex make it even more likely that you'll get any STIs your partner might have, because they'll have direct access to your bloodstream, explains Jennifer Gunter, M. But it's possible to protect yourself. Do not use anal toys that don't come with an easy way to get them out.

Boyle says that every emergency room doctor has dealt with an item stuck in a butt: soda bottles, cue balls, vaginal vibrators, and so on. Don't have anal sex just because your partner wants you to.

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Michael Krychman, M. Don't do it dry. Vanessa Cullins, M. Don't forget to wash in between vaginal and anal play if you're not using condoms. If you're monogamous and not using condoms, penis going from the anus to the vagina could potentially increase risk of infection," Dr.

Dweck says.

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Do not take muscle relaxant drugs to help you loosen up. Boyle says.

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Don't assume your anus can't get herpes, or that STIs can't be transmitted during anal sex. Don't have anal sex if you have hemorrhoids or if you're going to, be extremely careful.

Do not use a numbing cream or jelly like lidocaine to help reduce pain during anal sex. Use plain, water-based or silicone lubricants only.

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